7 Ways to [Fix] Hulu Error Code P-TS207

Hulu is the new-age American subscription service that offers video on demand at a very reasonable price.

Owned by the entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company with NBCUniversal, this is one of the finest and most-friendly services to choose from.

Streaming videos on Hulu is easy and swift, but still, there are a few Hulu error codes that are not quite easy to understand.

Some of them reflect the error with the device, while others are linked to network issues.

Let us have a look at the Hulu error code p-ts207 in this article.

About Hulu Error code P-TS207

The Hulu error code pts207 is displayed when the user faces some issues linked to the playback.

The playback error Hulu occurs when the device linked for networking like an Amazon fire stick, or Roku faces any streaming issue.

The Hulu error p-ts207 is most commonly reported by the people using Roku. If one is facing a p-ts207 error, it is important to find the reason and know how to fix it.

Reason For Hulu Error Code PTS207

If the user faces the Hulu error p-ts207, the main reasons behind this are:

  • This is the Hulu network error, mainly when the server fails to create a strong and consistent connection with the device for streaming. 
  • Some internal issues with Hulu itself can cause the p-ts207. If this is the reason, you will find issues like improper syncing of Hulu, uneven playback, and high buffer issues while playing the video that hampers the viewing experience.
  • This is also the code for the device id error on Hulu. It means that if the device itself is facing issues with the physical conditions or due to a not updated version of the software, then this error code is displayed.

How to Fix Hulu Error Code P-TS207?

When you encounter the Hulu error code pts207 on your system, you need to follow a simple method to resolve it before you get back to streaming.

One of the most common errors, the best thing about p-ts207 is that One can easily resolve it in various ways.

The most common solutions are:

1. Check Internet Connection


Since this is the Hulu network error, one of the main causes is the network. Check for the internet connection status like the speed of the internet.

If the issue persists, try to change the modem’s location to an elevated base or near the device.

If multiple applications are running in the background, then close them and recheck the Hulu.

Also, if nothing works, try running your device by directly connecting it to the ethernet via a cable and experience seamless connectivity.

2. Restart Hulu App


Sometimes the Hulu error p-ts207 occurs if there is some problem with the application.

Try restarting the application from the very beginning as it can help. If the error persists, look for other options.

3. Conduct Power Cycle


The power cycle process assists in enhancing the streaming conditions. The process is quite simple.

Just turn off the connected device like modem and unplug the cable wait for a while and reconnect back again after rebooting.

Launch the Hulu application, and one can enjoy the seamless streaming experience as the playback error Hulu is solved now.

4. Disable or Change VPN


If the internet connection and Hulu are both working perfectly, but still you face the Hulu error code p-ts207, then there are chances that it might be due to the location.

Try to change the VPN by going to the Network and Internet option in the settings menu. 

5. Deactivate Current Device


One can connect multiple devices to the Hulu account. If there are too many devices connected, then there are chances that the device id error on Hulu will appear.

To rectify, visit the Hulu account page from the official ID and limit the number of devices connected. This will offer a better video streaming quality.

6. Update the App


This is one of the solutions that come in as a last resort. There might be some of the updates that are waiting to be installed.

These can be linked to enhancing the speed or fixing the playback error Hulu. Look for them and fix the updates, if any. If required, go for reinstalling Hulu.

7. Clear Cache and Data:


The user should also run the Hulu service and check whether the content is running on Google Chrome’s Incognito mode or Private Browsing on any other browsers.

If the site is playable, then there may be temporary data or cache problems with your browser to try to clear them from the History tab.

P-TS207 is a problem that is usually caused by corrupt data, so clearing the application cache and data might solve them.

Clearing cache might have different steps in different sources.

For example:

On Android: Settings>Apps>See all apps>Storage and cache >Clear storage and clear cache.

On iOS (iPhone/iPads): Here you need to uninstall the application and then reinstall it to clear the app data and cache.

On Apple TV: Option of clearing Hulu cache is not available on Apple TV. Although, restarting the device by pressing the menu and home buttons together might help.

On Fire TV: Settings>Applications>Manage Installed Applications>Hulu>Clear cache>Clear data.

If your device is not listed above then here find a solution for your device to Clear Cache and Data on Hulu.


Are you facing Hulu error code p-ts207 while streaming on Hulu?

While the most common reason is the low internet connection speed, the issue remains, then use any of the solutions to resolve it.

Connect back to Hulu within minutes and enjoy streaming the videos seamlessly.

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