Is the Cricket wireless network worth switching to? Complete review in details

If you are not familiar with the cricket wireless network than let me tell you that it is a service for mobile phones network provided by the company at a low cost as compared to other big companies which can help you if you want to save some of your money on the bill that you pay to your mobile network service providers.

cricket wireless reviews

This is a type of carried which works in the budget segment and also provide it’s users AT and T services in high quality. The network coverage provided by them is also great and the price at which they offers these services are also very less if you compare it to big companies.

Here today in this article despite the great plans at low services, we are going to tell you, is it worth to switch to their network and change your carrier?

First of all we are going to divide and show you both the pros and the cons of this carrier.

The company owns AT and T coverage, they do offer the exact same service to their users, they have the same towers and they have almost everything same what you are using in your current AT and T.

According to me, it is an option you can look at if you want to save some bucks and if you are tired of paying those highly priced bills that are provided by the big network providers.

One thing I would like to tell you that you might get the speed of data to be a bit slower due to the low price that you pay and this is a thing that might bother you.

cricket reviews

Now let us tell you about the pros and the cons of cricket wireless network


  • The service provided by this is very reliable on the AT and T’s network dependency.
  • The contracts here are not for long term.
  • You don’t need to check for credit when you switch from any of the other network carrier.
  • The cost of the plans here is a lot cheaper as compared to the big providers of AT and T providers.
  • The cost of the plan is flat and it the package include all of the fees and taxes with no hidden charges.


  • The data speed that you get here is a bit slower.
  • It is not at all necessary that the cost of their plans is competitive with all the other AT and T sub brands.
  • The section for the free phone is limited.

It’s been a while when I bought Cricket and testing for cricket reviews. When I got this network, there was an offer that you can get unlimited calls, unlimited data, and unlimited text all at $40 for a month with also a feature of auto pay. But for now, they have discontinued this offer.

Form my experience I can tell that the overall service provided by them is kind of good, but there were some times when i noticed some call drops. In the case of texting there was not at all any problem that I faced. Now let me tell you about the data services and I found it to be really good and reliable. It is good enough but don’t expect the data to be as fast as the data provided by the big network providers. I am a kind of a person who uses cellular data very less and most of the times I use Wi-Fi.

In my case, I do have a store of Cricket near me in my area and I found it to be a really good thing. If any kind of problem occurs with the network, than I can easily go to their store and ask them to resolve the issue. But that was my experience; in your case you might not have a store in your locality.

Not let me tell you about the billing. I did put it on the auto pay mode from my debit card and I had not been worried about it. So overall if you ask me, my experience was really good.

Now you would ask me about the plans that the company provides.

The company does offer its customers a huge range of different type of plans and cricket wireless plans review from which you can choose from. They have something for everyone, from the people who want everything to be unlimited to the guy who wants to spend as little as possible. They have 2 plans which are unlimited and they call them the unlimited plan and the unlimited extra plan.

If you want to go for the limited plans, then let me tell you that you might experience speeds that could be lower than the other customers who have unlimited plans due to the fact that once you are done with using 22GB of data in a month, you will experience the speed to be reduced because of the plan that you selected.

If you want to know more about the plans that they offer, you can go to their center as the plans do change from time to time.

cricket wireless review

Process of activation

If you want to go for the Cricket wireless network, than you will have to go to the store physically so that you can sign up to them.  If you want to get your current number ported the you will have to go to 2 stores, at one whose service you are already using and other one if of course Cricket wireless network. Overall you might have to face a little bit of difficulty in porting your number to a new carrier but both the providers will help you in that for sure.

One good thing about the company Cricket wireless network we got to know about when we were doing cricket wireless reviews is that they have a good amount of stores that are spread in the country and you will not have much of a problem in finding one.

Customer service provided by the Cricket wireless network

I have been using their services from quite a long time as I told you earlier and to be honest I did not find any need to contact the service center because the overall service they provided me was pretty good and I was completely satisfied. And what’s better than if you don’t even need to contact the service center.

Still if you face any problem there are a good amount of stores that are present all over the country where you can go and ask for the solution to your problem. It is always better when you can talk to any executive in person regarding the issue that you are facing.

There is another option you can go for and that is, you can go to your account of Cricket wireless network and from there also the issue that you are facing can be resolved.

There is a question that arises in many of the users head and that is there any additional fees with all of these services? And I would like to clear it once in for all.

Look the answer is no, here you will get what you pay for and their and there are no hidden charges at all from what they offer. But let me tell you one thing, if you want to get any of the extra features like you want mobile hotspots or you might want to get the international calling then you will have to pay a little bit extra and all the information about this you will be able to get on their website. I also mentioned it above and I am telling you this again here that all of the fees and the tax you have to pay are included in the amount you will have to pay for the plan that you are using. The amount you pay for your plan is the only amount you pay here and in this way you know what are you paying for.

I wanted to answer this question because I saw many people had drought’s regarding this and I hope I have made this pretty clear now.

cricket wireless reviews

Final Thoughts

Cricket wireless network offers really good plans at cheaper and affordable price and you can go for it without any second thought. Only issue is with the data speed and this might bother some of the users.

So this was the complete cricket wireless review and we hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any thoughts on cricket wireless then please let in know in the comments below.

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