Extract Vocals and Audio from Music with LALAL.AI’s Cassiopeia AI

Separating the different parts of a song without an actual stem might be a tricky task, but there is a tool called LALAL.AI that is quite capable of doing the job. 

LALAL.AI is an online service for dividing tracks of any audio format into vocals and instrumentals. With its superior Cassiopeia AI, you can unleash your creativity and imagination: karaoke, remixes, soundtracks from films – you can cut out vocals and backtracks from them in one click with no effort nor sound engineering skills from your side. And the process takes several minutes.

Even if LALAL.AI previous network Rocknet was quite solid too, the tool has introduced a new neural network architecture called Cassiopeia. It’s a next-generation solution relative to Rocknet, the original LALAL.AI neural network, but with new architecture and more advanced capabilities. All of that makes for improved splitting results with significantly fewer audio artefacts and unnatural sounds.

How Is LALAL.AI Cassiopeia Different From Rocknet?

Cassiopeia gives better separation results with significantly fewer audio artefacts. 

With the new LALAL.AI neural network, it will take a little longer to create split tracks, but this is a small sacrifice for a significant improvement in quality.

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So what’s different, exactly? 

Basically, Rocknet, which can still be used on LALAL.AI, only takes into account the amplitude component, ignoring the phase component. This can sometimes lead to a dry, plastic sound in some tracks. 

The newer Cassiopeia neural network considers the phase component of the input signal and generates a phase for the output signal. This process allows the split tracks to contain fewer audio artefacts.

Thus, the new algorithm goes deeper into song analysis to create the best splitting results.

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To prove that its service works more efficiently, LALAL.AI compared it with Spleeter, OpenUnmix, Extended Unmix, and Rocknet’s own neural network. Basically, Cassiopeia outperformed everyone else in most categories in various randomly selected genres such as jazz, soft rock, pop, and so on.

But what interesting is that Rocknet still works better on the vocal channel. Cassiopeia has a little more instrumental penetration into the vocals. 

Cassiopeia neural network does indeed result in cleaner sound separation. The vocal track had almost no appreciable penetration from the instrumentals, which is exactly what you want from an instrument like LALAL.AI

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That said, Rocknet’s results were still pretty good and could be used to separate the vocal track from the instrumental track.

Try the New LALAL.AI Cassiopeia Feature for Free Now

If you want to try out a new neural network, you can go to the LALAL.AI website and make sure that the “Use new algorithm” checkbox at the bottom of the screen is enabled when loading the song.

You can also select the level of aggression used by the algorithm to split the tracks. Normal works for most tracks, but you can experiment with soft and aggressive to see what works best for you.

So to split a track or a video into instrumental and vocal parts, do the following: 

  1. Open the Lalal.ai website and check the “Use the new algorithm” box. 
  2. Choose a progressing level. 

Mild is the minimum processing level. You can hear both the errors of the original track and the interpenetration of the separated tracks.

Normal is the default processing level, with moderate filtration applied. Most of the errors are corrected but some tracks may contain artificial elements and high frequencies blurring.

Aggressive is the maximum processing level. The filtering algorithms react to possible errors in the most sensitive way. It may result in some tracks’ natural mixing peculiarities being perceived as errors and thus removed. This level of processing can lead to even more noticeable artefacts.

  1. Upload a track or a video from your computer.
  2. Wait a few moments until the track is processed.
  3. Playback or download the separated stems.
  4. Enjoy! 

Test the Lalal.ai functionality for free now. 

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