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Are you still thinking about whether to buy a height-adjustable smart desk? Don`t doubt anymore, these items are able to bring a lot of benefits. Some of them are related to work efficiency while others are directly connected with your health.

So, let us have a look at all the pros that you get with a new smart desk.

It is Beneficial For Health

First of all, the benefits to your health matter. And a smart sit stand desk in Canada can be highly beneficial in this regard.

Pains in the Back Can Be Eliminated

We start with the most bothersome issue of everybody who works at a desk: constant bothering pains and stiffness in the back. It happens because the entire day, you are sitting in the same or almost the same position. Needless to mention that at the end of every working day, you just want to have some rest.

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Of course, you know all the recommendations that you have to get up and walk, say, 15 minutes for a couple of hours of work. But you also know that sometimes, deadlines are so pressing that it becomes simply impossible. Every minute is valuable.

If you use a smart standing desk though, things change completely. You can get up or sit down, and you don`t need to interrupt your work or feel discomfort. Just lift the desk, and continue working.

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There are also a lot of exercises that you can do directly at the desk. They aren`t demanding but with them, you will be able to keep your health in a proper condition.

Migraines? Just Forget about Them!

When you are sitting, and moreover, if the desk isn`t too convenient, your neck is bent. It means that all the joints, muscles, blood vessels are not functioning as they should.

Because of the improper position of bones and joints, you feel pains in the neck. But issues with blood circulation lead to more long-lasting problems.

The blood isn`t able to supply your brain with sufficient oxygen. Thus, the brain reacts to the oxygen shortage with migraines. When you start working in a normal position which is pretty possible with a height-adjustable desk, the blood circulation recovers, the brain gets sufficient oxygen, and you get rid of migraines.

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Weight Gain and Obesity

Here, many people believe that changing from a standing to a sitting position and vice versa alone will save them from weight gain. It is not the truth though. Yes, you will burn a little bit more calories than if you were sitting only.

But indeed, the difference is too small to make any significant effect. You might be gaining weight slower but for sure you will not start losing it rapidly.

The benefit of a standing position is in something different. When you are standing, you can do some exercises even without interrupting your work. Even if you work in an office, not from home, and you are shy to exercise, there are some exercises that nobody can see when you are doing them. This is the main benefit of a smart standing desk.

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Handling and Preventing More Serious Diseases in the Future

This benefit is closely related to obesity prevention. Obesity is known to cause such serious medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and it is said that even some types of cancer can be prevented by preventing obesity! While the third position is arguable, the first two positions are undeniable.

So, using a smart standing desk properly, according to the instructions specialists give might prevent you from many health issues in the future. But this is not the only benefit. Along with your health, such a desk can take care of your productivity and efficiency during the entire working day.

Benefits Related to Work

When you are all in pain and feel discomfort, it is difficult to talk about work efficiency. But if you aren`t suffering from those recurring headaches, if your back doesn`t bother you constantly, if you aren`t overweight, you feel better. Your better health condition makes you more positive and this, you can concentrate on your work and enjoy it.

Needless to mention that you will be able to work faster and save your valuable time.

When you have more time free from work, you can have more rest or devote more time to your hobbies. Another option is to ask for more work and earn additional funds for a new car, renovating your house, or even for some more automated items.

It Looks Cool

A smart standing desk looks cool. No, it looks impressive. It is not surprising that many people wish to have these items in their offices. Imagine what your friends will tell you when they pass by and see the new item you are using for work!

Set It up Properly

To benefit from your new smart standing desk to a full extent, make sure you set it up properly. So, in both the sitting and the standing position, you shall feel comfortable. It means that:

  • Your feet shall rest on the floor.
  • Your hands shall rest on the keyboard.
  • Your arms shall be bent at 90 degrees.

If you still cannot achieve the needed position, consider adding some useful accessories such as an adjustable PC monitor, a good ergonomic chair. To avoid fatigue in the feet, get an ergonomic carpet. It distributes the weight of the body properly and prevents the feet from being excessively tired.

Bottom Line

A smart standing desk is not only a nice item. It is an item that takes care of you, your health, your work. With it, you will be able to get rid of many issues that usually accumulate within years and result in serious health conditions. A smart standing desk is a way to manage your work properly and to work more efficiently than you usually do.

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