Later Alternative: Combin Scheduler Is Free Instagram Content Planner

For marketers, content creators, business owners and influencers it is essential to find the right tool that will streamline the content publishing process. 

If you’re not happy with the way Later works and looking for a robust alternative to this popular Instagram content scheduling tool, search no further. 

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In this article, we’re about to tell you about a free and handy alternative to Later – Combin Scheduler. 

What is Combin Scheduler? 

Combin Scheduler is a desktop application for Instagram content planning available for Windows, macOS and Linux. With Combin Scheduler, you can easily plan your posts and stories without having to worry that they won’t be published on time. 

Why is Combin Scheduler better than Later? 

Here are the main features of Combin Scheduler

Automatic Publishing 

Combin Scheduler automatically publishes your content for you down to the minute. The app doesn’t send you a notification warning you that you should publish the content; it actually publishes it for you, regardless of the content that is – post or a story. 

Unlike Later, which doesn’t publish some types of content for you; it just sends you the notif that you should log in to the mobile app and press the publish button by yourself.

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Posts and Stories Scheduling 

Combin Scheduler allows you to schedule and publish not just posts but stories alike. Simply upload posts or stories that you want to schedule in batch and press ‘Create’. Then just pick the required time you want them to go live. You can schedule the content ahead for hours, days, weeks and even months. 

If you want to share the content here and now, instant publishing is also supported by the tool.

After you’ve chosen the right time to publish your post, you can add hashtags, tag other users, add a link to be automatically added into your Instagram bio, add location, edit the image aspect ratio if you need and even change the font caption! 

Ability to Repost Instagram Content 

Combin Scheduler allows you to repost Instagram content of other users. But before doing so, remember that you should ask the original owner for permission and tag the original poster. 

With the repost feature, you can share user-generated content, reviews and testimonials, news and just any other content you found interesting. 

The media, hashtags and caption from the original publication will be added automatically but you can remove them before publishing if you feel like.

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The app also lets you move the repost badge to any corner of the image, change its colour or even hide it whatsoever. 

Ability to Add a Link to Instagram Bio 

Both Later and Combin Scheduler have this feature but their work is quite different. By Link in Bio, Later means shoppable posts which are quite useless if you don’t run an eCommerce business.

The similar function of Combin Scheduler lets you add custom trackable links leading traffic from your Instagram to any page on your site. While planning your post or story, you can add a link that will appear in Instagram bio after the media go live. 

It’s a helpful feature if you want to lead traffic from Instagram to your external resource such as site, blog, etc.

Intuitive User Interface

This parameter is very subjective since every user percepts the apps’ interfaces individually. But after trying out Later and rummaging through customers’ reviews saying that Later’s UI is not very clear and intuitive, our judgment is that if you’re not technically savvy, you’ll take more time to master the app’s functionality.

Combin Scheduler, in turn, has a very minimalistic design with nothing extra — just the features you need. There will be no trouble while working with the tool.

Ability to Visually Plan Instagram Feed 

Both Later and Combin Scheduler allow you to organise your content visually. The apps offer calendars that allow you to see when your posts will go live. You can track the scheduled content within a weekly calendar with thumbnails of the posts you’ve planned.

To check how your overall grid looks like, you can use a visual grid layout calendar.

But here’s a thing. With Combin Scheduler, you can clearly see the whole grid, including posts that you have already published. Later blurs the slots with your published Instagram posts, so you cannot fully evaluate the layout of the upcoming posts.

Hashtags Management 

In terms of hashtags, the tools function differently.

Later suggests the hashtags that seem to be relevant for your post. These hashtags may really match your publication but sometimes they’re not on point. The app doesn’t allow you to save different groups of hashtags for further use.

Combin Scheduler has proper hashtag management. It means that you can store packs of different hashtags in Templates and use them upon necessity.

Ability to Change Caption Fonts

Combin Scheduler lets you change the fonts in the Instagram caption you’re going to publish. Just enter the caption to the post, highlight it and press the fonts button. You will be able to change the font style and even mix several styles.

Note that this currently works for the Latin letters only.

Ability to Manage Multiple Accounts

Depending on different subscription plans, Later allows you to manage up to 5 accounts, meanwhile the free Combin Scheduler plan lets you manage up to 15 accounts. 


The best part of using Combin Scheduler is that it is completely free of charge! No hidden fees, trial periods or subscriptions – the app works on a totally free basis. 

Combin Scheduler doesn’t cost a penny for the features which were previously premium. For free, Combin Scheduler offers you 15 Instagram accounts management, Stories, posts and reposts support, the ability to schedule the first comment under the posts, bulk image uploading, Link in bio, location and users tagging.

Later offers 5 subscription plans — 2 for individuals and 3 for businesses. The plans vary from free to $49 a month.

Individual plans divide into 2 other plans — Free and Plus ($9).

Plans for business start from Premium for $19 a month and end with the Brand one for $49 which is designed for large agencies and teams.

Wrapping Up: Combin Scheduler or Later

The tools have similar functionality. Yet, there are distinctions like Stories auto-publishing, link in bio, and hashtags management that might influence your choice.

If you’re looking for an intuitive and powerful tool that will assume the role of all your content planning, Combin Scheduler is your better option. But all in all, the decision is up to you.

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