Top 10+ Best Alternatives Websites For MP3Boo

Procuring Music is the best way an individual can safeguard the cognitive qualities of singers. There is always a way out to get good music and that also free of cost.

So below will be mentioned some of the websites where not only online streaming can be done. And on the brighter side, the music could be downloaded for much more convenient with regards to entertainment in musical form.

These websites and the downloading songs from these websites are 100% legal. There are ample causes for the author’s grant or acceptance and holding of ownership or might be something else.

Music these days

All the music available on the internet today is not free. Neither the websites are so strong in all the aspects when the website was designed. Hence it is quite self-explanatory that some issues might arise. However, the websites may not help in downloading the songs as the site mp3boo

About MP3Boo

MP3Boo was seen as one of the largest music sites to download mp3. Also to deliver the best and trending songs of all the time in a convenient manner. According to the stats, there are roughly around 28500 music albums, 372000 songs, 20600 artists on

The result with the highest frequency of searches is which is blocked too. So any attempt opening the page will automatically face a loading error. Now that’s something upsetting.

As stated by MP3boo proxy, that’s the cause of Mp3boo has accumulated much-updated music hence it being the reason behind the website getting blocked years back.

There is always a way out for the people or in the least case the organizations make a way for the users to keep going and hence there are some other ways to get what is required. Let’s not forget the endeavors Mp3boo has made to provide free of cost music to everyone

1. Loudtronix



Just similar to loudtronix can avail the users with any sort of music he’d like to hear to. Besides this, the Loudtronixs website is very convenient to hover.

All needed to be done is to search for the songs. no promotionals, no hassle, just your song and that is it. Additionally loudtronix not only allows the user to download the song, but it also has something more than that. Loudtronix is able to permit the user to play, watch music videos as well.

2. MP3Juices



Just like loudtronix Mp3 juices is a music downloading website similar to Largely it is a common choice of the net surfers.

By entering this website the user will have access to millions of songs without any issues. Just one thing required to do is that the user needs to reach out to the website and just additionally type in the name of the song the visitor wishes to listen to.

The thing which makes this site a bit different from others is that it is able to provide accurate songs and on the other hand the songs which stand nearest to the search will appear as suggestions.

Similar to loudtronix it avails the user to play, watch music videos as well.

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The most basic reason for MP3int being in the list is intelligibility and clarity in its design. Being intelligent and clear in design means that the layout of the site is really simple to understand.

Hence being simple to understand, a visitor coming to the site makes him be there for a while. As the site is packed with a tagline of “We’re back” and their trademark on social media channels, search engine giants and that’s that.

No problem with the home page is different, so creating accounts and no promotions. Come, enjoy your favorite mood and disappear. Isn’t that simple? Just in case you never knew about this site earlier.

As for now, you are aware of it, just pay a little visit and have a look at what simplicity what really means?




Talking about EMUSIC, it is a very irresistible website. And in the first place, the user may go through the site because of the promising page.

Later the user gets carried away by the features of the website. The other thing about the Emusic is not just the tempting page but also on the brighter side, the attributes of the websites are so good that they are able to withhold the users.

As any sort of music can be fetched on the site on a global scale with top of the line suggested videos. The first thing to meet the eye of the user is the signup button right on top of the page but signing up and creating an account with the website is worth a doing act.

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5. SoundCloud



Soundcloud can be seen as the monstrous website for free music and audio juncture. Soundcloud allows the users to come across and relish the widest range of music from the most multiple music creating community on a global scale.

Ever since its introduction in 2008, Soundcloud is seen as a platform that has a promising quality on the services provided and also a one of a kind attribute to keep the visitors engaged. The features so include just as the capacity to connect and share music independently along with the artists.

Also, it allows the user to rediscover songs, old songs, and various podcasts accumulated and released over a period of time. This was all possible due to the open platform which independently bridges producers and authors to admirers anywhere in the world.

Audio and music producers make use of Soundcloud to earn and share the created content along with the worldwide audience. Besides that, they get a highly detailed report on the content from the Soundcloud team.

6Free Music Archive
12Google Play Music


The above websites are a bunch or handful of the preferred websites to go for when looking for quality song downloads over the internet. As the acknowledged websites hold the content with a wide variety of songs.

And a lot of attributes of these websites contribute to making these websites the ideal choice for music downloads. Therefore they are the best alternatives to

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