Top 10+ Soundcloud Alternatives 2024 (Updated)

Are you bored of using SoundCloud as your digital music platform? Want to try something new yet similar?

If you are looking for SoundCloud alternative websites, here is the list of top 12 apps that work the same a SoundCloud and are popular among people.

But before we discuss the alternatives, lets first get clarity on the features to look for on a website similar to SoundCloud.

What do you understand by SoundCloud?

SoundCloud can be described as a European company providing a platform for digital music distribution to the world. This is the platform that is widely used in Germany to promote, share audio clippings, and upload songs.

It is appreciated worldwide because of its key attributes that give it the chance to get access to uploaded music files from distinctive URLs. This feature again lets the music file to get embedded in the posts of Facebook and Twitter.

The website is totally into music distribution with the use of applications and widgets. If a user is using a widget along with their personal blog or website, it gives them direct access to the music that is being uploaded in SoundCloud via social media.

As a user of SoundCloud, you get access to create a music playlist, “Like” specific music tracks, Share the music, repost tracks if interested or follow any other user.

According to Canadian music lovers, SoundCloud has successfully secured its place in the top 4 list of all of Canada’s music distribution app.

About SoundCloud

If you want to find a site like SoundCloud, below are few features of this app that you need to look out for. The alternative app you choose should have similar features as SoundCloud-

  • The app enables users to uncover music with one catalog to another searching.
  • The app provides the user with the option to create a customized playlist.
  • Depending on the subscription package you choose with SoundCloud, you get unlimited or fixed access to app music, both offline and online.
  • This is a great way to build a connection with your friends and keep your integration with social media platforms strong enough.
  • SoundCloud gives you an opportunity to upload music of your choice, even from remote locations.
  • You can use this app for sharing music and downloading them.
  • You can follow other app users and access their playlist.
  • The app comes with a good analytical tool that helps you to maintain your upload stats
  • The app works with smartness in identifying your music preference and suggesting songs accordingly.

That’s a lot of points to match when you look for an alternative one. But if you need a replacement for SoundCloud, you will need an app that matches these features. Now that you are used to high-quality music streaming, you will need the substitute app to keep to that standard.

Music Streaming on SoundCloud:

When you access music sites like SoundCloud, you come across subscription plans for unlimited streaming of music and tracks. There are three major levels of subscription available here:

  • First, the account for a free option for beginners who are in a trial period for the app.

This will give you access to music uploading for 120 minutes only and only a few stats.

  • To get more you can refer to the 2nd level of SoundCloud you can try SoundCloud Pro subscription.
  • The premium subscription level is called the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited. As the name says, get unlimited access to uploading sound

12 Music distribution platforms alternative to SoundCloud:

If we look into the digital music distribution market, there are many sites that can work as an alternative to SoundCloud. They possess similar features and many of them have gained popularity on the internet.

1. Spotify


Apps:- Android , IOS

This is a Swedish company that allows users to stream audio files directly into the user device. This is app is preferred by people because –

  • Wide collection of audio files or music from all across the globe.
  • Easy access to songs that are newly released in the market.
  • Spotify has a version that offers free music.
  • You can identify artists who are new and whose work matches your previous searches.
  • Superb algorithms are used for weekly discovering new playlists.
  • Third-party applications help in extending the user’s functionality.
  • Suitable for every device be it Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, or similar.

2. Bandcamp


Apps:- Android , IOS

This website earned its fame because –

  • It provides advanced multiple filtering options.
  • Audio accuracy is another name for Bandcamp.
  • The music trade here is fair, you get 15% share on digital music and 10% on goods you accept physically.

3. Google Play Music Application


Apps:- Android , IOS

This is a highly appreciated app as it integrates its music services with other service apps on google like that of YouTube. They are preferred because –

  • The music is free and devoid of any advertisements.
  • You can use a web browser to upload your music library here.
  • Get smart and instant music mix.
  • You can get an online music streaming option here as well.

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Apps:- Android , IOS

Here you are allowed to stream and listen to music through a playlist that is curated. The key characteristics of this app are –

  • Get access to music from a wide range of browsers, music players, and audio platforms.
  • They scrobble your frequent searches and suggest music accordingly.
  • You get music tagged music from radio artists.

5. YouTube


Apps:- Android , IOS

Probably one of the most widely used audio and video platforms in the world. Why this is so much in demand?

  • Get access to a big music catalog.
  • Get access to all remixes and music mixes created by the online community.
  • The music suggestions you get here are really appreciable.
  • Get access to different frontends and browser extensions.
  • Offers free music tiers
  • Get partial access to offline music downloads.

6. Pandora


Apps:- Android , IOS

If you have a favorite music playlist or artist or genre of songs, Pandora is the digital distribution platform for you. The features you experience here are –

  • If you are using a Pandora website or mobile app, you will have experienced a highly personalized service of radio here.
  • This is a smart app that learns your dislikes and likings easily.
  • The stations on Pandora are highly versatile in nature.
  • The music here is absolutely free.
  • You can get this app both on your car sound systems and mobiles.
  • Studies your choice and makes accurate predictions of songs that you would like to hear.
  • For an additional subscription, you can get access to premium music streaming.

7. Podcast Addict


Apps:- Android , IOS

Podcast addict provides an option for 5 million downloads to a user. Download 1 billion music episodes with podcasts. The features appreciable here are-

  • You can get a free supported application version on your mobile.
  • Several features and easily adjustable settings.
  • OPML import functions.
  • Get to shuffle the music playlist built-in the website.
  • Smooth streaming of radio.

8. Tidal


Apps:- Android , IOS

This is a digital music platform that is supported by the pioneer artists of the world for streaming music. Why is this preferred?

  • The quality of music is simply amazing.
  • The music artists get better pay here.
  • The app has a built-in searching system for audio files.
  • Students, when they subscribe to Tidal, get about a 50% discount on a monthly basis.
  • The audio quality of the music from this site is premium to HiFi i.e. from 320 Kbps to 1411 Kbps.

9. Apple Music


Apps:- Android , IOS

This is an application that provides a combined music library from both Apple Music and iTunes tracks present. This is widely used because –

  • This app can be synchronized with any operational device.
  • The interface is sleek.
  • The library or music store of iTunes contains a big list of media files.
  • The playlist here is created by curators.
  • You can share the app with your family to a maximum of 6 members.
  • Get built-in protective control.
  • Connect with the radio through the internet.

There are more features to than the above.

10. Radio4000


Apps:- Android , IOS

Get access to all radios across the glob curated together here. Some important features here are-

  • This app is anonymous and calm as it doesn’t send notification alert.
  • You get free access.
  • Listen to audio files from the globe.
  • The API and software are free.

11. MixCloud


Apps:- Android , IOS

You need a browser that supports this website first then experience-

  • Varied and wide music contents.
  • 100% free gateway to music.
  • The crisp quality of sound.
  • The interface is friendly.

12. Deezer


Apps:- Android , IOS

This is an audio platform from France catering to below services-

  • This music platform is available for users from 182 countries.
  • Wide music collection.
  • The lyrics of each song are built-in.
  • Get access to customized radio.


If you want to have your own playlist of songs or if you want to easily upload your music, connect with any of the digital audio distribution platforms. Get songs of your preferred genre, explore music from every corner of the world and connect with more people.

If you have a website similar to SoundCloud, your issues are going to be resolved with technically improved quality of songs, easy music searching platform, etc. Match the features of the alternative chosen with that of SoundCloud before you conclude on any particular website.

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