Parkour Shoes – A Complete Guide

Besides the fact that Parkour is just a recreational adventure sport, it has slowly and gradually transformed to an incredible anaerobic training routine. These are also known as free runners consider it more than just a sport but an out of the box technique to stay in a fit and fine state.

On top of that, Parkour is a blend of numerous calisthenics movements and free running. That is the reason when the runners are able to burn a lot of calories due to the combination of body movements such as pulling, jumping, climbing etc. And also results in full body strength and overall sturdy development. Nevertheless the only one thing that enhances body strength, performance agility which is an unbelievable combination of Parkour shoes.

Best Parkour Shoes

Here are the best Parkour shoe reviews

1. ASICS GEL Venture 6

These provide a perfect fit for the ones who used just the old school shoes (sneakers). As the thick sole in the classic shoes limits the movements, whereas the enhanced grip of the shoes is a plus point.

Most of the ones who wear this shoe have a positive view about it as it has an overall sturdy built which is most needed when dealing with rough surfaces and tough terrains. In contrast with the other available alternatives, the ASICS GEL -Venture 6 can be both, a much comfortable and considerable Parkour shoe alternative. The below merits and demerits help it to stand out as good Parkour shoes.


1. Tight Fit

2. Stylish Designs

3. Depper Lugs

4. Cushioned Exterior

5. Rugged Enough For Parkour


1. Total heaviness

2. Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81

parkour shoes

Not just a trendy and fashionable one round the corner for Parkour and being efficient for the purpose. The feather weight of the shoe offers much comfortable movement. Whereas the Cush-hole absorption mechanism offers rough landings. The blend of the various components makes the shoe feel that it is made for Parkour. These helps in retaining the comfort ability in the overall training that can be sometimes very rough.


1. It is very lightweight

2. Affordable price

3. Excellent Absorption

4. Sturdy arch support


1. The colors that are light in shade will fade

2. It is not very good with the soft landings.

3. Adidas Energy Boost 3

parkour shoes

The shoes is crafted to meet the never ending demands of the numerous activities of the wearer. It hereby creates a perfect balance for protection, comfort and enhanced durability to make sure that you have a pair of shoe that lasts really long. A few of the customers have reviewed the shoe to be extremely comfortable. Ideal for a rough run for the really long travels.


1. Synthetic Mesh Exterior

2. All around Durability

3. Boost

4. Fits Perfectly On Feet

5. Reduces Foot Fatigue


1. The stripes are very rigid

2. Might not feel as a fully secure shoe

4. Merrell Vapor Glove 4

parkour shoes

It is not something that may leave you astonished that a shoe from Merrel always is near the top of the best Parkour shoes on shoe list for Parkour sport. Their Parkour friendly craftsmanship makes them the most considerable option for all the free movements.

It is designed that one will ever need for free run, quick climb and land safe and soft without hurting the feet at all. The Merrel Vapor will be able to cope up with almost any performance of Parkour.


1. An experience like you will feel you are running barefoot.

2. Able to cope up with any terrain.

3. Airy and ultra-durable design

4. Really lightweight


1. Limited color options

2. Insufficient arch support.

5. Nike Free RN Sense

parkour shoes

Nike is a shoe manufacturing company that manufactures shoe completely fit for a perfect run. The highlights of the Free RN is absolutely what you should be in search for in a Parkour shoe pair. An ideal pattern of the outsole that is no doubt offers great flexible to maximize each jump and gait.

The enhancements on the shoe rubber enhances heel and toe traction as well as retaining the sturdiness at great heights. Eventually, similar to majority of the Nike shoes out there in the market it is blessed with superior and extreme cool look. The most preferred Nike Parkour shoes for free running.


1. Optimized Natural Flex

2. Fly-Wire

3. Increased Traction

4. Fashionable Design


1. Not fit for the trails.

6. PUMA Narita V3

parkour shoes

The brand name Puma has a great reputation in the market for its best of the best shoe design whether sports or casual shoes. It even is applicable for the Parkour sport. They have come up with their aerobic designs, which appears to be a low-profile shoes.

Comes packed with enhancements on the sock liner outsole including the heel. The Narita v3 is something that you will need for Parkour. It retains both breathability and comfort ability at extreme, as it is designed for some serious running and continuous movement. This makes it the best shoes for Parkour.


1. HAR Outsole

2. Geo-pattern Mesh

3. Lightweight (7oz)

4. Minimalist

5. Eco Ortho Lite Sock liner


1. Support cannot be entirely dependent upon.

7. Vibram KSO EVO

parkour shoes

You must have heard about the five fingered shoe which is very suitable for free running sport. Despite the fact that the KSO EVO is authentically a perfect cross trainer, Parkour fits it right. The handcrafted outsole won’t allow any terrain irrespective of the terrain type to be an obstacle from Parkour.

The zero heel-to-toe drop which is lightweight in design allow the sport to be a perfect thing for the shoe itself. Finally, the blend of materials and padding allow a cozy fit while going through any movements or random and rough exercise.


1. Easy fit & Quick Lacing

2. Vegan Shoe

3. Multiple Uses

4. Ultra-Lightweight (4.9oz)


1. Perfect sizes are not available

8. Vibram Trek Ascent

parkour shoes

As mentioned above the five fingered shoe has been in the Parkour trend for a while now. The Trek Ascent comes with an outsole that any Parkour runner will be dreaming of. Does not matter if you run, jump high, climb dirt, grass, wood and nearly any surface or terrain with Vibram Trek Ascent when running freely with it.


1. Lightweight (6.34oz)

2. Easy Wash & Air Dry

3. Support On & Off Trail

4. Spandex & Polyester Upper


1. Lace Loops are not that sturdy.


Above mentioned are some of the best Parkour shoes in the market that happens to be the most considerable options when it comes to free running by the Parkour runners.

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