15+ Craigslist Alternatives: For Jobs, Sell, Housing & Services

Just in case you like selling or buying used stuff locally, the first place to go is Craigslist. It has a lot to offer to its users. It is a place where the users get an option to put up their belongings on the website which is free of cost.

And as we all know that the transactions are done locally. Get it sold quickly & earn money instantly. Nevertheless one may not be comfortable with this option while selling, trading, or buying online if in case you’re looking for alternatives to craigslist then find a list below.

List of 15+ Alternatives to Craigslist for Selling

1. Facebook Marketplace

Website: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/

facebook marketplace sell services

All of us know Facebook as a social media platform. It is used to share recent updates with family, friends, colleagues, and see viral videos. What’s new to our ears is that it lets a Facebook user sell and buy items locally.

The majority of the people do have a Facebook account, we use it but sometimes we miss out on some small but significant updates that the platform has implemented.

Once you click on local listings. There are dozens of items listed and available for sale locally. Just in case you are having any trouble buying or selling on sites like craigslist personal you can switch to Facebook Listing for more convenience.

2. Letgo

Website: https://www.letgo.com/

letgo website

You may have come across the usual “Cliffhanger” TV advertisements for Letgo. Including Facebook, it is possibly one of the most used, preferred, and trusted alternatives.

It, however, is more powerful than Facebook listings. You can look for products with specific keywords that fall in the general category such as accessories and fashion. Hence making Letgo much more convenient to use in some or the other way.

On the contrary, Letgo is made in a much lucrative and creative way and looks far more attractive. Especially in terms of the products listed and product photos. Also while viewing the products you can have some relevant search options from similar sellers whenever you click on any specific listing.

3. Swappa

Website: https://swappa.com/

selling on swappa

Swappa is an absolute option when you are on the hunt to buy specific electronic products like

And so on. The site has a green layout with the above-mentioned tabs. Hence easing the search process of any product which you wish to buy or sell. But for that, you need to create an account that will help you in doing so. There is no need to pay anything for using the platform for getting rid of stuff that you don’t use or wish to buy some products.

Just a little twist here as it assists in selling it will charge a meager amount when selling something but not while buying. If the seller is buying something and unhappy with it the amount can be refunded after the product has been received.

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4. Recycler

Website: https://www.recycler.com/

Perfect for the ones who reside in huge cities like the USA, yet another alternative for hookup sites like craigslist. This website in its initial phase began as a local classified in California. And by the time it was 2010 it became a national market space and has over 18 million active monthly users.

Recycler websites could be used to sell or buy pets, come across perfect houses that could be rented or anything available on sites like craigslist personals. The other major feature of the site is that it lets you instantly share the same on Twitter and Facebook. One can also use paid ads to get better results.

5. Offerup

Website: https://offerup.com/

Buy & Sell Locally on OfferUp

The other sites like craigslist alternatives go up to a certain extent, but this one is small. Nevertheless, it has tons of products listed which over time has been the primary reason for it being popular among the users.

On the Google Play Store, the app has more than 22 million application downloads. Geekwire awarded the app as the application of the year wherein the sellers and potential buyers can use the site while creating the list on Facebook too.

Sellers and buyers both can get ratings that help make the selling process a bit easier. Hence averting any kind of fraudulent activities and minimizing the risk to the maximum. Hence living up to the expectations it lets a user accept the seller’s price that’s listed where he can make his offer.

6. Oodle

Website: https://www.oodle.com/

oodle marketplace

This site has a completely different approach when assisting selling or buying locally. In comparison with other websites, the only listings which you will be able to see are originally posted by the website itself. With the help of Oodle, some are visible on the platform directly however it stands as one of the best alternatives when talking about the extensive listings it has.

As an instance, you can see several automobiles that have been listed from various sites such as Cars.com. On the other hand, it is a greater help for those who are keen on buying and selling antiques. It lets its users sell while advertising on Facebook as well. It has an extensive variety of product categories like personal items, services, pets, etc.

7. Bookoo

Website: http://www.bookoo.com/

buy & sell on bookoo

It is one of the best alternatives to be used as Craiglist with which you can list items to sell or share information regarding a garage clearing sale in a yard. The Bookoo outlet locations are present in every nook and corner of the nation.

The majority of the locations are in towns which makes it easier for one and all to get rid of their stuff which they don’t wish to use more while letting others use it and get money in exchange for it.

The site has more than 2.5 million active members who use and browse the site which makes it one of the major platforms for buying and selling stuff. Also, the site is ready to assist with live chat support and a social media vibe which makes it family-friendly too.

8. Geebo

Website: https://geebo.com/

geebo classified ads

It started back in the late 90s. Geebo lets you sell and buy automobiles, heavy machinery, merchandise along with other products in more than 150 communities. Using Geebo is a must and worth a shot if you reside in huge cities like Chicago or LA.

It can be a good enough choice to win when you live in the busiest cities like Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, or Tulsa. In an attempt to make selling and buying much safer in comparison with other alike websites it has “SafeTrade” transactions that take place only when sellers and buyers agree to meet at a local police station/department. Just in case you find it unsafe to meet in another place, this can be a good enough Craiglist alternative.

9. Hoobly

Website: https://www.hoobly.com/

hoobly classifieds

As against the best of the Craigslist alternatives mentioned in this article, Hoobly possibly has the most similar look and view of Craigslist. A user can look for any item on the website.

Moreover, there are more than 100 product listings in Europe and Canada. You can get the most of it by buying or selling pets or any animal or your preference.

However, it can be one of the major reasons why it is preferred even more as it has the most number of listings. On the other hand, it takes nothing at all to shop or post on Hoobly which means it’s free to use.

10. PennySaver USA

Website: https://www.pennysaverusa.com/

pennysaver online

Possibly back in the old days, anyone would pick up a free PennySaver newspaper from the stands located on the grocery store or street corner. As the world moved to the digital era even the company did too.

They are online and good to go. As you can have the best deals by feeding in the zip code for precise results and assistance. Nevertheless, there is a print edition that still is rolled out daily.

As it is something from where the company started. Publishing paid ads on PennySaver is possible as they allow it. It is similar to the print edition that they publish which you can see in the newspaper.

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There are many reasons Craigslist can be a favored choice for everyone. For some of the other reasons such as security and privacy, most may not use it. But the above-mentioned options might be a perfect fit while selling or buying items and make some money out of that stuff which you don’t use at all.

It entirely depends upon where you stay some of the Craigslist alternatives are good enough options to switch to.

The only thing that can help you is time and your personal experience while using those options. Next time when you want to buy or sell and find yourself in a confusing state you can use these options.

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