Top 7 Jungle Scout Alternatives (2024) Easily Identify Your Niche

About Jungle Scout

One of the first things you need to identify is your niche as an Amazon seller. It is obvious that you will sell something better if you are interested in that product. One more thing you need to focus is on to sell a product is to try to source the product.

Whenever we decide to research product niche, the first thing that will strike on a seller’s mind is Jungle Scout. Good thing is, it is now also available as an extension and a web app. This helps the sellers to easily browse through 1000’s of products in almost no time.

Jungle scout comes in 3 packages starting from $29 to $69 per month if you want to buy a business package.

Also, there is no jungle scout free trail.

Officiel Website:

We all know that everyone has a different preference and not everyone will prefer jungle scout irreverent of the fact that how good it is. So here we are with a list of top alternatives for jungle scout out of which some of them are jungle scout free alternatives.

The websites we have mentioned are really good and some of them are even better than jungle scout. And the good thing is some of them are even absolutely free.

Top 7 Jungle Scout Alternatives




Amzscout is loved by the sellers due to a fact that it is one of the most reliable tools that are present in the market for the sellers and it is also one of the best alternatives for jungle scout.

If you want to try AMZscout then you can get a trail version for 7 weeks and if you like their service then you can buy their basic package for just $19.99, their starter package for just $29.99 and you want the business package then you will have to pay $39.99.

All of the packages that I have mentioned here consist of keyword tracker, product database and also the analysis of the competitors. You have 20 product trackers for the basic package, 40 for the starter package and 80 for the business package.

You can also log in to the AMZ scout website for FBA calculators and the free estimators.

People who are using this website love their service and also the reliability of them; they are available 24/7 if you have any quarry. Reviewers are also praising their website for the quality service that they provide.

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Scope is a 100% free and genuine platform for the keyword research, the product research and also the analysis of it. If you want to start the product niche research it is the perfect platform for you. This website is a little more basic than the other websites but it is free of cost which makes it a perfect platform for beginners.

It also includes some very useful feature like ASIN look up on some of the selected products so they you can easily find which keywords are successful products using. If you want to know more about the website scope then you will have to visit their website. You can browse through their website to know more about them.




This free completely free, so you can download it for doing the product research. People here can easily go through this website and can quickly navigate between the product niches so that they can find the insights for the ranking of the product, the rating and also the reviews for that product.

Here all of the features that are mentioned about this website and also the tool which is available to check the optimization of the conical URL can also integrate Unicorn Smasher with the AMZ tracker by the people who are using it for a supercharged tool for selling. But you have to know that you will have to play to use the AMZ tracker.

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It was created so that both the sellers and the buyers get equally benefited by it.  Amachete is one such website which will offer you profit estimators, competition analysis and also the tracking for both rank and inventory. It also comes as a chrome extension.

One of the most beneficial features that I found of this website was the Hijack monitoring. This website will easily monitor all of your listings consistently. If the website detects any kind of hijacking then you will be contacted by the website as soon as possible and they will shut down the hijacker in no time. They will not have a single chance to gain your sales.

This website will provide you a 14 days trial for free. If you get interested in the website then you can their paid services. The packages start with $39 on their website for a simple product tracker option.

Many people who use this website find it even more reliable as compared to Jungle Scout. It is a free jungle scout alternative for 14 days.  People also love the easy use of this website. You can easily switch between the plans also the customer support is very much active.

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It is a very good website as it is kind of a little detective present in your pocket. It is one of the best tools for the experienced sellers as well as the new sellers. There is a feature present in this website called as open in store which will allow you to seek out any of the listings on Ebay, AliExpress, Alibala and also Walmart. This website will also offer you few more features thst you will not get on the Jungle Scout which will include very good product and amazing niche ideas.

This website will also provide you the list of the keywords on the basis of their ranking and will also show you its ranking. With all of these features, users can also use profile calculator. Some of the people who take advantage of this feature are the wholesale sellers. This is one of the most amazing features which might help you to get a good estimation of the profit and the values of the good buys on the Amazon.

People who are using this website love it and you can try this website too.

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This is a website which is linked with ASINspector. This tool is a very pleasing visually and for the people who want a result as soon as possible and also a good alternative for the website Jungle Scout free.

This website has graphs which are easy to read and they show the sales monthly and also the no. of reviews which are being added daily. There is also an option if you want to view the sellers or you want to know about the negative keywords.

This website is a bit different from the other entire website. The price if you want to buy their service works a lot different. You will have to buy credits for some of the features which can only be renewed once they have been completely used. Due to this many of the people who are using their service are finding it a bit over expensive.

This website has also been reported to be very slow which is a lot frustrating. This website is not an ideal one for the people who want to see the result as soon as possible.




This website is quite basic with simple tools but it is quite reasonable for a reasonable price. There is also a chrome extension provided by the website for free. One problem I found with the website is that it doesn’t give you the option to filter the product list. Other than that you have almost all the other features that you need to grow your business.

This website also provides you an option to search by both either the no. of the sellers or even by the keyword. This makes features is very useful and easy to use but here the problem is you cannot keep any of the deleted products from the lists.

Cash Cow Pro is quite expensive and you do have to pay an amount ranging from $49.97 for a month to $997 for a year according to the services that you choose. Overall it is a good alternative for the Jungle Scout.


So these were some of the top alternatives for the Jungle Scout. If you are already using Jungle scout and are looking for a good alternative than you can give any one of these a try. Most of them come with a free trial so you don’t need to worry.

Overall once you start using any including the Jungle Scout, it is quite difficult to leave them because you get an ease of them

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