YouTube TV Channel List Information In Detail

Google is entertaining the audience with their services of YouTube and they have now launched their service which is new and it is called as YouTube TV. I am pretty much sure that this service provided by the Google is going to compare streaming services and give a good competition to Sling TV, Hulu TV and many more providers.  Competition is always good also for the streaming TV commparision and more the competition increases between the companies, more the good be there for the customers.

The YouTube TV is offering almost the entire TV network that you would want to watch. The people who will subscribe to this service are going to have an access to some of the channels like the Bravo, USA, AMC and many more. To get the service provided by the YouTube TV, you just need to get an internet connection and that’s it. You will be able to enjoy the service after that.

compare streaming services

Also all of the subscribers are going to get the complete access to some of the big broadcasting networks and their live service such as FOX, CBS, ABC and many more. There are some of the locations which might offer some of the networks when you demand for them from the providers. You can check the Page of help of Google if you want to check what all channels will be provided in your particular area.

YouTube TV will also include a Cloud DVR which will be your personal and also the original series made by the YouTube Red. If you want to get all of these services that you will have to pay $40 for a month for around 6 accounts and you will get the subscription to them after that.

If you get 1 subscription for yourself then you can use that subscription in 6 different accounts of Google. But you should also note one thing that you will be able to stream only 3 accounts at the same time and not more than that. This will actually help you to easily hide the habits of your viewing from the other people who try to share the subscription which is taken by you.

A single subscription can be used by six Google accounts, but will only provide three simultaneous streams. This comes with the benefit of hiding your viewing habits from others that share your subscription.

If you want to know about the list of the channels that are provided by the YouTube TV than you can look at this image below and see what all channels are provided by them.

You should also note that this list can differ in certain circumstances such as, if you live in an area where the providers is not providing the service of their channel than you will not get to watch that channel.

youtube tv channel list

Availability of the YouTube TV

You should note that the services provided by the YouTube TV are not available in all the places. There is still a lot work is in working stages in case of providing the availability in all of the areas, but at this point of time it is available only in some of the places.

If you want to find out that YouTube TV is right not available or not available in the area you live, then you can try to get the free trail which you can get by signing up on their website. This complete process is also going to give you the answer to the question whether it is available in your area or not.

Other Services

youtube tv channel lineup

We all know that the YouTube has been providing us videos to all of its users on the internet for a very long time, so it is obvious that YouTube TV is going to provide us some quality content for sure.  The overall support and services are going to be good and for sure you are going to get an app for the YouTube TV.

All the subscribers who will use YouTube TV will also get to watch 3 different streams at the same time which is amazing. Also, as I told you earlier that you will be able to get a personal DVR which will be cloud based and also for 1 subscription you will get to use 6 different profiles. Also let me tell you that the DVR you will get will also feature storage which is unlimited and also the recordings. And you will also be glad to know that the recordings you are going to get will be available to you for 9 months.


youtube tv channel list

So this was the detailed information about the YouTube TV channel lineup. We hope YouTube is going to provide a good service you their YouTube TV line.

I hope you liked the article and it was helpful to you and please let us know about your thoughts about YouTube TV in the comments down below.

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