Top 11 websites like MeetUp: Join To New Community

You may be the kind of person who is quite interested in the application meetup and there is a good chance that you are a member of it already. Well, let me tell you that there are also many other meetup alternatives which you can try. These apps will surely help you to get to meet new friends.

Here in this article today, we have got 11 websites that are very similar or even better than the application meetup.

1. GroupSpaces


Group space

This is a good alternative to the website meetup. This site does function as coordination between different groups and works as a website for planning of different events. You will be able to create any group here, you can also post forms for the membership online and you will also be able to collect the dues of the membership from those groups.

Here you can also create list of emails very easily and also you can manage all the subscriptions of yours. You can also archive anything that you want to from the groups.

2. Eventbrite



This is a good platform that can be used for registration and also hosting different events. This website is also a very popular and most worthy alternative for the website meetup. In few seconds and following just some easy steps, you will be able to start an event and then set the ticket prices with the seating arrangement. You will also be able to share it on any social media platform so that you can gather people in your event.

The people who use this website can even register for different events with the use of a search engine known as Eventbrite’s which will help them to find the events which are nearby them. This also helps users to sell their tickets easily and keep track on the fees sitting at home.

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This is a website which was designed for the purpose of bringing people at one place from all around the world with the use of internet for joining events for free and having some fun.

This is a website where you don’t need to pay any kind of membership fees because this place is completely run by the volunteers. Here you will have to pay a little bit of amount when you go for an event and that also is decided according to the type of event. You will be able to have a good look at all the events that are nearby you and you can choose any of the major cities which is close to you.

4. Smacktive


This is an application which you can download from the play store or even it is available for the people who use ios. This app is quite similar and good meetup alternative. Here you will be able to post anything about the activities that you like and you can do them whenever you want. This app will further connect your phone with any other user which is available in that area who is also interested in doing the similar kind of activity.

When we compare it with meetup, you will see that meet is more focused on planning meeting for groups and this is an app which will connect you to the people very quickly so that you can find people with common interests. This application is for those people who are not much interested in group meets ups but in finding people with common interests in same area.

5. Citysocializer



This is a type of a social media application which is available for both ios and android users. This app will help you in finding some of the good socio gathering which are happening near your area.

This app is quite similar to the app meetup as it does focus on the interactions that happen face to face and does not focus on the connections online. You will be able to grow your network with time as you go attend more and more events. This is a good way if you want to know what is actually happening in and around your city and also to find some good places that you never knew they existed.

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6. Foursquare



This is one another alternative for the Meetup. This is a type of website which will allow locating some of the good places that are there in your city to shop, eat and to visit. The god thing about this website is that all the information that is present on this app is given by the users of this website. You will also be able to select any category of whatever you want and after that you will be able to read all of the reviews which are given by the users for that place.

You just need to select any particular location and you will be able to know what is good around you.

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7. OpenSports



Opensports in available in both forms as a website also an app for both the ios and the android uses. This is a type of website which will allow you to help the organizers who do create groups for the sports for all the players and make it very easy for those players to easily handle all of the payments, RSVPs and help themselves to focus on the sports.

8. Meeting Star


Meeting Star

This is a kind of alternative for the meetup which is quite inexpensive and also very lightweight and easy to use.

This website does focus on all the features which are essential for the organizers of any group.

Here the good part is, there is no need to login or any kind of formalities for account such as registration is not required.

9. DownToMeet


This is a kind of platform for the users to easily organize or find any event. You will also be able to attend the group events that are organized nearby you.

If you are a kind of person who really want to meet new people in the area you live and want make new friends then this website is made for you.

10. Events from Facebook


Event on facebook

Events from the Facebook do help you to easily find things which are very entertaining nearby you. It located events which are happening nearby you and also notifies you if the events matches your interests.

It also notifies you if any other friend in your fb list is going to that event and you might get interested to go there too after getting that notification.

This is a great way if you want to know about what all events are going in your city.

11. Get Together

This is a place in which a source opens for the event managers for the communities which are local. Here the goal is of this website is to give good competition to the meetup.

Here the service is completely free and is open-source. It will allow you to easily search on the basis of the location. Overall it is a great alternative for free meetup sites.


So these were the top alternatives to meetup. If you are looking for apps like meetup or sites like meetup then you should look at these websites.

I hope you liked this article and it was helpful to you.

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