Top 23 Product Review Sites

Whenever we think of buying some product, the first thing that strikes our mind is to check the reviews of that product first. But have you ever thought about which website is the best in case of the best product review sites?

There are almost infinite no. of websites nowadays from you can shop online for a variety of products, some are famous and really trustworthy and some of them are not at all popular and there won’t even get a single review on their products.

Reviews are important because it helps you to know the real quality of the product by the customers. Suppose a product has almost 2000 reviews and it has most of them on the positive side. You don’t even need to think twice about the quality of that product before buying it and you can add it in your cart with a blink of an eye.

There are some websites that don’t allow their customers to post any reviews. You don’t have to worry because this article will help you to know some of the websites which are made to review products.

These are some websites that help you to know the real reviews by the customers and you can easily check out any product review. Most of the websites that are listed below are made specifically for the product review. So check out this article if you want to know more.

So here is the list of top product review sites –



This website on this list is one of the oldest organizations which help customers to know a product better. Their main focus is to get unbiased reviews on their website.

This website does not focus on making money and is a complete nonprofitable website

But there is only one problem here. All of these good and honest reviews come with a price tag of 30$ per year. So finally it is your call if you want to invest in it or not.



Amazon is like a sea filled with customer reviews. When we buy a product, the first thing we do is check the product if it is listed on the Amazon website.

Well if you find a product at a better price on any other website and you are thinking to buy it from there, one thing you can do is, check the reviews of the same product on Amazon and confirm the quality of that product.

This will help you for sure and know much better about the product as you can even see the photos of those products that are posted by the customers.



Viewpoints is a type of website where you can get reviews for house appliances and other things that are used at home. You can easily find reviews of products which are used daily in your house such as blankets, pillows, mats, microwaves, washing machines, etc.

So whenever you see a product in the market and you think it’s a good household appliance, you can first check it’s reviewed on this website.



This is a website where the editors of this website take all the reviews of a product that are present all over the internet and compiles them in one place, which is

This is the best website if you want to see reviews from all over the internet of a product in one place.



This website is best when it comes to the most frequent and latest articles related to reviews of any product.

They have a really nice interface and the quality of their articles is really good. If you are really into buying a gadget then I think you must check this website as they have one of the best reviews of any gadget.



This website was earlier a magazine called Which?

Now they do product reviews. Not like other websites, they have a team of experts who first test the product themselves and once they are satisfied with the product then only they post a review for their product with its pros and cons all along. You should check their website if you are into quality reviews.



TestFreaks is one of the biggest websites that you can find on the internet when it comes to product reviews. This website doesn’t focus on quality reviews if you are into it.

But, you can find a review for almost anything you can think of. From a pin to a multitasking robot you can find a review for almost anything.

This website compiles more than 100 reviews on each and every product they have reviewed on their website. At this point in time, they have nearly 30 million product reviews on their website! Isn’t it really amazing?




This website specializes in reviews all the products related to photography. You can find reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods and much more.

You can also find articles related to tips and tricks regarding photography. It is one of the most amazing websites if you want to get some reviews of products related to photography.




As the name suggests this website is particularly for the review of products related to the kitchen. Anyone who cooks in the kitchen knows how important it is to get good quality products in their kitchen for cooking.

This website though needs membership to assess their content, but if you are really into cooking then I think you can consider it.




This website is one of the best websites if you want to see reviews related to bikes. If you an in a search of a good bike and going showroom to showroom for the test ride, I would suggest that you should check out the reviews of that bike you are thinking to buy from the experts and its long term performance.




As we all know YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to surf content. If you are looking for reviews of any product then you can also find it on YouTube as there are so many different channels who review products.

You can see what comes in the box with it, how it performs, its long term review and almost everything you want to know about that product. These channels provide video reviews of that product which according to me is the best part about it.

You should defiantly check out some review channels if you are really want to see the video demonstration of it.




This website is for golfers as the name suggests. You can find a review of any product related to golfing on this website. A good product is much important in golfing. This website is run by only a single person but still, the content overall on his website is amazing.




This is also a gadget review website, but it is not as good as cnet. They do provide the complete inside review of the product they review. If you are looking for a second opinion from any other website related to gadgets, then you can check out this website.




They have been publishing magazines for a very long time and were really good at it. The same goes for their website. They test a wide range of products on their website related to household items and give you a brief review and opinions about it.

Their reviews are really informative and also entertaining at the same point in time. You should definitely check out their website once.




This is not just a regular website to review a product with just its pros and cons. This website takes a bit of different approach towards the review of any product. They look at many other aspects such as the impact it can put on any one’s heath, how it can impact the environment and what all social responsibility does it takes.

It does check out the type of material the company is using in their products, the type of chemicals they are using and are they harmful to you or the environment.

This is a very good concept and I would defiantly appreciate what they are trying to do their website and I would suggest you check them out once.




This website is specially created for employees so that they can review their company and anyone who is thinking to give an interview in that company can look for a review by the employees on this website.

17. Facebook Reviews and Ratings

Facebook Reviews and Ratings

If you don’t know, they’re a place on Facebook where people can leave their feedback, it’s named as aptly.

Here people can leave a review and rating of any place that they visited and can also look for the ratings and reviews if they are thinking to visit any place.

Most people don’t know about this, but still, it’s a good way to look for reviews.




It is one of the biggest platforms on you can leave review and rating. There are more than 55 million users in this place.

This place is basically for the people who are looking for quality places for having food, coffee, etc. Here you can leave a rating and a review too. You should definitely check this out if you love food.




This is a website that helps you to get reviews and ratings for hostel, resorts, etc.  Here the listings are according to the customer reviews and ratings. If you want a good hotel during your holiday and you want to check if the hotel is good or not, you can easily look at the customer reviews and decide if you want to stay there or not.

20. Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Google also provides you ratings and reviews of customs of any place you want to go. You just need to search the name of the place and Google will show you the customer ratings and reviews to you.

If you are searching for any product, you can type its name on Google and will show the places where you can find it with the rating and review of that place.

21 Angie’s List


Angies list

This is a website more towards the high end. You will have to pay for the membership here. But you will get quality reviews over quantity on this website.




This is also a good website if you want to see more reviews by customers. This website is based on Denmark and now has grown in more than 65 countries. You can check them out if you are looking for some more reviews.




This is also similar to Google ratings. Here also you can rate a product on a 5-star scale. You can also list your business on this website too for free.


Product reviews are a must for most of us to get an idea of how the product is really performing. Overall these were the best websites for reviews of any product. If you have more websites that are really good then you can mention them in the comments below.

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