How Virtual Reality in Changing Gaming Industry

Gaming is a big part of daily life for many people, mostly on their teenage. People are pursuing gaming as a career being an esports player or a streamer. In case you are one of them you should know how to create a gaming website for free to engage more people on your channel.

But now there is a new way of gaming, which is virtual reality. It has been a science fiction concept for many years, but now it is possible to play immersing into the 3D virtual world even with other players in a budget. This changes the scenario a lot.

Gamers are always waiting for the new cutting edge technology to enjoy the gameplay, through new mechanics, breath-taking graphics and now VR. So today we will have a look at how virtual reality is creating a new path for many gamers to follow along.

VR is Offering Unrivaled Experience

  • No matter which one you choose all of the games has to be played sitting on a chair, with mouse and keyboard, or a joystick. VR just crashed this system all along. There are many reasons people love VR.
  • First of all, as mentioned, you do not need to sit in one place while playing. There are many games that dedicate you to move and thus obesity problem is not an issue anymore.
  • Players get a whole new experience with the VR objects around them, not just on a screen.
  • Old titles are making a comeback with their own VR version, giving the chance to relive the moments with more engagement.
  • Another unique feature is gamers can communicate and play with others in multiplayer games on the virtual world in real-time.
  • There are games where you can experience the scenic beauty of real places which are hard to visit or maybe too expensive. Thus giving us the option to get a better understanding of the Earth.

So as we can see, VR is giving us the opportunity to blur the line between reality and gaming world. We can move and experience the virtual world and move objects, jump over obstacles, communicate with others in a whole new way. Not only the environment, but the sound also plays great importance in the VR world. Although we can experience it in normal games, when mixed together, the level of experience is unprecedented.

Not only in gaming, VR is also being used in many other sectors. Medical students can learn about human autonomy and go through operations without any real patient. On the other hand, VR is also used in the military. Soldiers can learn how to survive a firefight and save lives.

Altogether, it is expected that the VR market will be valued more than $100 billion and 1 out of 4 households will have at least 1 VR headset by 2021. Currently, these devices cost roughly $1000 but the major companies like Microsoft and Google are relentlessly trying to cut the cost while giving a better user experience to the people.

virtual reality in gaming

VR in Esports

Not only for casual games, but VR is also having a fare part in the esports industry. Recently Oculus added 4 VR games into their annual Connect 5 Esports Tournament. In September many professional gamers competed in titles like Onward, The Unspoken, Echo Arena and Sprint Vector. These are extremely popular in the gaming community.

HTC has also launched their new VR headset called Vive VR mentioning they will support the new VR esports league which is initiated by Virtual Athletics League. They organize many esports tournaments all around the world. The first competition run by them was in Salt Lake City, a few years ago.

Virtual Athletics League claims that the potential is higher for VR tournaments as the retention rate is 30% better than other esports tournaments till now and all we have seen is just the tip of an iceberg. In future, there will be better and greater hardware and software to give far more realistic experience to the users.


Although virtual reality is not mainstream yet, for a gamer VR is the future. We can expect a cheaper price and better gaming in the future. If you are a gamer, you should keep your eyes on the latest updates about VR and we will make sure to never miss any updates on our blog.

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