Best 11 StubHub Alternatives for Cheap Tickets

You might be tired of high prices and also the verification of the tickets on StubHub because of the fact that you are looking for alternatives for this website.

If that is the case then we are here with 11  alternatives which will offer you tickets for concerts, tickets for the sports events, or even for admission that is your favorite.

These alternatives do provide better service to their customers, tickets at a cheaper rate and also some ways which are better to verify the sale.

The biggest issue that is faced by the users is that anyone here can easily turn into a seller, these sellers are able to easily list the tickets for almost at any price as they wish and also some of the tickets here need to be delivered by the means of courier service or maybe email, the reason for this might be due to the fact that the seller might not even have the tickets with them at that point of time; this is a big reason because of which the users are cutting down on the reliability of StubHub’s a bit and looking for an alternative to stubhub.

Here are the top alternatives to stubhub –

1. Ebay



Well, you might be surprised to know that the owner of StubHub is actually eBay. Then why I am suggesting you this website? Actually eBay does have a similar approach to sell tickets but here you are able to bid on them and you might be able to get the tickets at a lower price.

The only problem that you will face here is that you won’t be able to get your tickets electronically.  You will have to wait until the seller of those tickets does courier you the tickets or email you and this is a bit less reliable but it is cheaper.

2. SeatGeak


This is a website that does act as a search engine for tickets from where you will be able to search for the tickets and a list of different vendors selling tickets will appear on your screen from different websites.

You can select the one which you prefer the most. This one is actually the fastest growing and popular StubHub competitors.

3. TicketNetwork


This website is actually the parent company of a website which is known as ticket liquidator.

Here the vendors which form the United States of America can only operate which does mean that it is quite reliable. The good part Is your money will be refunded if any kind of problem occurs without any problem.

4. Ticket Liquidator


Ticket Liquidator

As I told you that the parent company of this website is TicketNetwork and here they took a different and unique aspect to work on. What they do is, connect both the seller and the buyer with each other by providing all the necessary tools which are needed to sell to the seller.

The only downside of this website is that it is quite difficult to turn a seller on their website but for the buyers, there are many benefits here such as tickets on a cheaper rate and reliable transaction.

5. TicketMaster



It is one such website which is one of the biggest distributors of the tickets online in all of North America. There are no resellers on their website and they buy tickets directly from the event organizers and sell them to the users. This one is also the best ticket websites like StubHub.

6. TicketsNow


It is a sub-website of the website TicketMaster. When you try to buy any type of tickets from the website TicketsNow, they are going to verify the bar code of the existing ticket, and further, they are going to replace it with a bar code which is new and also valid.

This type of system will allow you to make sure that the tickets you buy are really legitimate. They will also refund all of your money if anything goes wrong.

7. Seatwave

Website:- N/A

Parent Website:-


It is also a sub website of TicketMaster and is very popular in Europe. Here it is completely safe and reliable to buy tickets and you can be sure that the tickets you will buy will arrive on time and will not be late. They will also refund all of your money if anything goes wrong here also.

8. Razorgator



It is also a very reliable and good website to buy tickets online. You can be sure here also that the tickets you will buy will arrive on time and will not be late. People who use this website really love it and you should give it a try too.

9. Vivid Seats


Vivid Seats

This one is also a well-reputed and a very good brand website from where you can buy your tickets. They do believe in customer satisfaction and really good service so that their customers return to them to buy tickets. This one is a must-try if you want a safe and reliable transaction.

10. Goldstar Events


Goldstar Events

With the help of Goldstar, you will be able to discover tickets which are often at some discount to the concerts, comedy, theater, Broadway, sports, food fests nightlife, and many more events. This website does make it very easy to fall for it with all of the live entertainment happening again and again.

11. A View From My Seat


A View From My Seat

You will be able to get the seats which are having the best views for any kind of events. You will be able to use A View from My Seat so that you can find the photos and also the reviews before you think about buying the tickets.


So these were the top websites like StubHub and you can try any one of there and select the one which suits you the most.

If you have any other website similar to StubHub or better than it then please let us know in the comments down below. I hope this article was helpful to you.

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