41 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube

The YouTube is overflowing with video content. To be precise it is overflowing with content like funny stage performance, funny pranks, and informational content, cute pet videos babies crying this and that all sort of things stacked up properly at a place called YouTube. This is what the Youtube is made up of. The video sharing giant is gushing with such engaging content where people spend countless hours without the blink of an eye. Without these best youtube videos that is spread all over youtube life would have been boring to some extent.


best youtube videos

So without waiting for any longer let us take a peak on best videos ever that took YouTube down with a storm. In simpler words, was present at every single internet enabled device around the globe scooping millions and millions of views.

The most viral or trending videos which ever rolled out are

1. Charlie Bit My Finger (2007)

A small baby who was not even able to work properly accidently bites his finger. This video went viral as the video was literally an amused statement in itself. As what would you expect from a toddler when a finger is put in his mouth.

2. Tillman- The only bulldog that could skate (2007)

A French dog of the bulldog breed comes into the picture and became famous when a video where he was skating was uploaded to the classic YouTube videos. As seen in the video, the bulldog just loves to skate.

3. Daft Hands – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (2007)

The video features a girls hands that are drafting which is shot closely while it is opening and closing continuously. The video is quite hypnotizing, every time paid attention to the person who is viewing the video may actually flip off.

4. Robert Kelly’s children disturbed His BBC Interview

The well renowned educator Robert Kelly whose interview was going on the BBC right when the baby actually to get in the room and disturbed him being filmed which was accidently. On top of that even his wife entered the room behind the baby. It is seen as the best of YouTube at the time being

5. Will it Blend (2010)

The founders of the Blended blender approvals various different things to see if they can be blended. As seen in the most of the best videos the views were incredible, but the video view count is really promising which featured the Dickinson Tom who tried to blend an iPad has topped the chart with respect to view count.

6. Shoes (2007)

This is possibly one of the most related growing best videos on YouTube, an all-time hit. To be precise it is and will be liked by anyone who is mad behind the 5 lettered word “SHOES”. Well shoes what is so great about them anyways? But shoes which are featured on this YouTube will tempt you to the statement “Let’s grab a pair of shoe”

7. “Friday” Rebecca Black (2011)

Sing along as the chorus goes on, “Friday, Friday, got to get down on Friday.”

We apologies for that we cannot get through it when Rebecca Black comes to the mind. With no respect to the emotions about the specified song we need to accept that it’s actually very attention snagging song. However, the latest video that recently rolled out from Rebecca black is another awesome one from her.

8. Linda, Honey, Just Listen (2014)

Here in this video clip another baby just like the Charlie who’s a toddler refuses to share his cupcakes when her mom asks for some.

9.  Henri 2, Paw de Deux (2012)

Configured to substantial piano, recounted in French and interpreted into English, best internet videos of Henri on YouTube mark a fleecy white and black cat which is actually very funny. The following video which rolled out after this was the ones that has the highest view count and brings about tears from laughing, it is so funny.

10. A Bad Lip Reading of Donald Trump’s Inauguration (2017)

Something messy takes place when the lips are misinterpreted. Especially this applies when it comes to misinterpreting a well-known political personality. As he was in the controversies already before the video was featured, it resulted into great view counts. The misinterpretation was actually the politicians and the wives were saying in reality.

11. Laughing Chewbacca Mask Lady

A mom from Texas named Candace Payne set off for shopping at Kohl’s and ended up buying a Chewbacca mask. She shot herself or filmed it on a tape while she was rolling on the floor laughing. The laugh broke in a parking lot and it was really a hilarious one. There is hardly anyone that could say a no to giggle that forces itself on the viewer’s face. It was authentically uploaded on YouTube with a jaw dropping views of 10 million.

12. Beauty and the Beat by Todrick Hall

Buckle of Todrick Hall’s with regards to the Beauty and the beast showcased right when Belle discovers herself in a completely strange place.

13. Crush on Obama

Okay let’s be straightforward with this, is it not ever happened that we all did had a crush on Barack Obama? Is it not possible to bring him back to the Washington D.C, White House? He was one of the most liked personality of his time and this video features about the very same subject. This video was viewed countless times over the YouTube. As was one of the most viewed video on YouTube.

14. 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman (2014)

A women from New York woman was shot secretly for nearly or say about 10 hours to take a close look of how it feels to be a woman who is harassed around every nook and corner. It was really a video that showed what it really felt like to be woman in the worlds biggest metropolitan city. And which was not something to be happy about. The video was however a viral one that flew tremendously across the entire Globe.

15. 10 Hours of Walking but this Time She Talks Back (Take Off)-2014

Another still or video film shot of the woman that takes off the Original Yankees, and the earlier version had this as a woman walking around and being teased, this time it was a strike back.

16. Homeless Man with a Golden Voice (2011)

The news segment narrates the tale of a homeless person who had a deep or can say a golden voice, which people thought was perfect for the radio. The video was spreading like anything, being viewed on numerous people’s devices until he got a lot of job where he could fill in.

17. Evolution of Dance (2006)

The humorist Judson Laipply enacts the well renowned style of dance forms right from the 60’s so called and well famed classic boy and gets it done in a short span of mere 6 minutes

18. Where the Hell is Matt (2006)

American globetrotter Harding Matt stood the YouTube stardom as soon as he got taped himself dancing on the beat at the various global destinations.

19. Kyle Hanagami Choreography to “Shape of You” (2017)

The Hoofers at the Dance Complex at Millennium based in Hollywood featured the Hanagami performance in producing a dance video that was once the most viewed video on YouTube

20. The Free hug campaign (2006)

The people from a well renowned filmed a music video and uploaded that to the YouTube of men who were walking around with a huge sign that indicated “Free Hugs” to one and all and what the response that was obtained, was off the hook.

21. ‘Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That’ with Sweet Brown (2012)

Succeeding the Sweet Brown’s flat (residing place/home) compound which was surrounded by a wildfire which was hard to get a control on, the Sweet Brown was questioned by the reporters. She was able to explain it as being impacted greatly by the emission from the fire. Because of the smoke she stated “ain’t nobody got time for that” and that was the sentence which was caught right on like no other.

22. ‘Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wife’ with Antoine Dodson (2012)

An additional new segment which went as viral videos of all time, Antoine Dodson who broke his silence as an intruder gets into his house and makes an attempt to strike on his sister. Then is the time when Antoine Dodson when he yelled “You all need to hide kids, wife go hide.

23. Nora the Piano Cat (2007)

The video features a cat whose name’s Nora who has the potential to play piano as compared to some humans. She folds (press) the piano keys as the owner plays it along. It is very clear that the cat is trying to cope up with the musical pattern.

24. Wedding Entrance to “Forever” (2009)

As convinced the most remarkable wedding entrance that a human eye could ever have witnessed,

the groomsmen, bridesmaids and the groom and bride move along the aisle on the rhythm of “Forever” which was performed by Chris Brown. Considered as one of the famous YouTube video.

25. Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend? (2014)

In a run of the Frozen channels Do You want to build a snowman, “this girl moves down the streets about various guys related to some weird question which was Will you be my boyfriend? This was a question which received some very funny answers is the reason why it is listed among the most viewed video among the global population.

26. Do You Wanna Go to Starbucks? 2014

This was another video that featured a frozen chaos which went viral as a student’s starts singing about caffeine and dances while studying in library itself.

27. Dramatic chipmunk

Damn sure that the video mentioned above and rolled out in 2007 is one of the best videos that went viral. It won’t be surprising if you viewed the video at least 10 times in a row.

28. Michelle Phan’s Early Makeup Tutorials: 2009

Michelle Phan begun with his YouTube journey with this makeup tutorial which he calls Xanga better known as throwback as a slang for it. She then continued her journey to success with shooting more videos on how to make an elegantly. It is not surprise to know that she made her way to Forbes 30 magazine. And no doubt she turned into an internet sensation overnight.

29. Otters Holding Hands: 2007

The video features two adorable otters holding hands together. It’s a video that could really melt a person’s heart on the other hand the video created back then still has got the thing to be called ‘awesome’

30. Ultimate Dog Tease: 2011

It is hard to admit, someone has no love for any kind of pets. How adorable they are? No matter how old you grow. Pets are something that could never roll out of the list of being adorable and funny at the same time.

31. x: 2011

Similar to the hoots, Alessia Cara got her set started at YouTube. Guessing what made her famous on YouTube? It is her acoustic voice that helped her get big on the most renowned video sharing platform. That’s how her video went viral on YouTube.

32. Moonwalk at Walmart: 2009

Its a mere 8 second video, that took the YouTube by a storm. Accumulating a total of around 3 million views, the video is fun to watch and someone Simply cant get bored by watching it over and over again. Other funny thing about this video is that the video was shot at a place where anyone would wake in with a motive of shopping. But this person however managed to go otherwise.

33. “Uptown Funk” Flash Mob: 2015

The flash mobs are something Which is not going to ge old so soon. Shot in Australia, Sydney was a big hit as being viral over the YouTube. Flashing mobs are awesome!!!

34. The Sneezing Baby Panda: 2007

The video features a baby panda who successfully pounded 200 million views and still counting. The baby panda who cries for her mama in such a way, that whenever watched the video will never be too old to laugh at.

35. Justin Bieber’s Early Days: 2008

YouTube is the platform that resulted into creating a Justin Bieber. Otherwise it was just a Justin, young teenager from somewhere around. The video features old days wherein JB was just a normal kid and nothing more than that. The fans all over the world made the teenager a surprising internet sensation overnight.

36. Diet Coke and Mentos: 2006

The video shows the incredible reaction or can say an awesome explosion when tiny Mentos are all added to the coke. The video had a great view count.  There are numerous videos with somewhat the same video title and description. But no other video could bag a heavy view count like this one did. Till date it is able to get some increasing number of views.

37. Trololo: 2009

Eduard Khil who was a Russian singer who had this video recorded back in 1976 went viral when uploaded to YouTube in 2009. A video being created such a great time back almost over 3 decades however managed to take down the new ones by a storm. Still the video is one of the most  viewed video on the YouTube.

38. Zombie Kid Likes Turtles: 2007

A little boy when interviewed about his Zombie makeup, boy said he likes turtles and the video was none other than a viral video which bagged about 50+ million views. The funny thing is that the boy was asked something different and what he delivered was completely off the ramp. As being completely irrelevant to the question. The video is something everyone should at least give a look at.  A hilarious one though.

39. The Universal Hot vs. Crazy Matrix: 2014

A lawyer from Nashville in this video was seen with a whiteboard trying o correlate hotness and craziness, as a matter of fact it not something that works actually in reality, but was a hilarious one. The video is made with a funny intention and not something that could possibly send wrong messages to the entire society. As a matter of fact it will never work in the real world.

40. Chocolate Rain: 2007

The ideal thing about the video is no doubt the caption which says to everyone “I move away from the mic in order to breathe in.” which broke into a laughing overnight sensation. The video however does not relate to the content which lies inside, still manages to bag a huge count of views at that point of time.

41. Nick Offerman’s Yule Log: 2015

A crazy man named Nick seated in a leather chair whose having some whiskee along a yule log for more than 30+ minutes without a word uttered. The video had a view count of 3.2+ million views to be exact.


Above mentioned are some of the best viral videos over the frequently used video sharing platform. These good YouTube videos were the ones that were able to get the most possible views on the YouTube.

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