Best Applications to Hack In-App Purchase for ANDROID

As all know the use of android phones is increasing by a huge margin every day, the liking of android games is additionally increasing at an incredible rate.

A lot of folks are involving and enjoying these games. In Android, most of the games will be downloaded from the Google play store. Currently, you all should remember the in-app purchase feature of the Google play store. On this very day, I’m going to tell you some wonderful apps for in-app purchase hack android online games.

Let’s hack the in-app purchase and then find everything free I mean, free in the in-app purchase. Here are some best applications which will help you to hack in-app purchase and how to hack online games and the offline android games, however, you have to keep in mind that the number of the apps that would like your phone to be rooted or either SuperUser installed, Take a glance below

These are some of the apps that are going to modify the game files in their root folder and then further manipulate the information. They are going to update those files and then unlock the barred content. Here are the few apps that are going to help you to get these things:




Lucky patcher is one of the foremost famous apps to urge free in-app purchases. Using the lucky patcher you’ll be able to modify the app permission, take away the ads from the application and many more such things.

Moreover, you’ll be able to additionally create a backup of any changed android app and then further find the new apk file. If you would like the previous app back, you’ll be able to even restore the app and thus the previous versions are going to be restored.

What i prefer concerning Lucky patcher is you’ll be able to download and use lucky patcher on the rooted and yet as on any non-rooted android mobile phones. Pretty Awesome! But, Lucky patcher works best and offers you the most effective result if you have got a rooted phone in your pocket.

I recommend you to not mode your play store using it as by this you won’t be getting everything for free of charge. Instead, it’s going to cause some hassle.

Pros of the apps:

Very easy interface

Very Simple menu

No additional files or any trash file is generated

The application does varieties of things simply.

In app purchase hack is removed.

Games can be changed in many ways.

Cons of this app are:

Root is needed

The paid version could be a bit better than free one.

There are few bugs in app.

2. TweakBox



This is one of the most amazing and efficient apps on this list. This app is very simple to use and very user friendly. You can also do many modifications to this app as per your preference. There are also a lot of features in this app which does not require any rooting.

Pros of this app:

Modifications could be done in this app.

Use is easy and simple.

Many features in this app are there which do not require any rooting access.

Best possible alternative present for play store.

Cons of this app:

It is not going to get any regular updates. I found this to be the only problem in it; overall it is a great application.

3. Leo Playcard


Leo Playcard

Leo play card is another application which helps you to induce paid resources at no cost. The paid version is a bit sensible then the free one however still, there’s the presence of a couple of bugs within this application.

Pros of this application:

No root needed for the in-app purchase hacks.

Most of the applications here are supported.

It is free of any price.

Very simple GUI

Cons of this application:

It does not support any on-line games.

4. CreeHACK



CreeHack is another smart application to urge the free in-app purchase of any of the game and update to the most level. Several of you might be curious that how CreeHack works and the apps it supports overall, Well, It works solely on the chosen games and not for any applications.

Most of the popular games are often cracked by CreeHack. However, the list of the games on that CreeHack is often applied is long and all the favored games are on this list.

Pros of this application:

All of the famous games can be easily cracked on CreeHack.

It does work only on some of the games and not for any of the applications. Overall, the list of games on CreeHack can be applied is very long and almost all of the famous games are on the list.

It is a very small application in size that is why it can be installed fast and easily.

It is capable to easily pass the purchase step.

It is open source software.

Cons of this application:

CreeHack makes available almost all the resources which make the game you play very less challenging and boring for you.

5. Game Guardian App


Game Guardian App

This is a kind of app that allows you to easily hack in-app purchase hack or alter the games on android in almost no time. Also, you can easily increase your SP, HP, money, gems, and then further change any other aspects of the game.

Pros of this application:

Very easy interface to use.

Allows you to work on any kind of functions.

Supports more than almost 90 languages.

Cost is free.

Cons of this application:

Requires root access.

This makes the game less challenging to play and this makes it very boring to use after some time.


So, These are a number of the apps that hack in-app purchase to offer you the paid apps options in the android, Now you’ll be able to hack any desired app, it is something like free credits to get rid of ads from an application you wish to pay further charges in the future.

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