Important Apple Watch Features That Always Come in Handy

A smartwatch is not just a stylish accessory on your wrist that shows time. This device can be rightfully considered a full-fledged substitute for a smartphone, with many functions that simplify a person’s life. Apple Watch is a high-tech gadget that the company is constantly improving. Against the background of the recent presentation of the brand’s new products, let’s see what features you might have missed and what innovative things have been added to the new models.

Allows Early Detection of Health Problems

We all know that Apple Watch can measure heart rate and track activity. But this feature is unlikely to surprise anyone since even the cheapest smart bracelets have it. However, if you go deeper, you will notice that Apple’s development has many more useful functions for taking care of health:

  • Cardio endurance levels: special sensors in the smartwatch analyze how much you move and do workouts, eventually providing a detailed MOU report. Moreover, the app provides users with recommendations for a healthier lifestyle according to their parameters
  • Detection of atrial fibrillation: the program regularly receives heart rate data and analyzes it. If any anomalies are detected, the application notifies the user. However, the company warns that this feature only works for those over 22 years old
  • Automatic creation of electrocardiogram: Apple Watch analyzes the heart rate and can show the graphics. If the program notices any problems, it sends a recommendation about visiting a doctor
  • Maintaining healthy sleep: it allows tracking of how much a user sleeps and aims to increase the quality. The app also sends notifications, recommending putting your gadgets aside and relaxing before going to bed

One more feature of the Apple Watch that the company announced during its latest presentation is the possibility to measure body temperature. Let’s see how this feature will work, but it sounds very promising!

Fantastic Entertainment: Playing Games on a Small Screen

Undoubtedly, you should not expect amazing quality and incredible stories from games for small screens. But Apple Watch applications are the real salvation when a laptop is not at hand, and there is no way to play on a smartphone. 

An exciting quest, sports match, or a strategy game – what will you choose? It is worth noting that even gambling sites adapt their platforms for smartwatches, so you can always spin the reel in new online slots on a small screen. Sounds like a good pastime, doesn’t it? If you want to have some fun while on a business meeting or driving, games for Apple Watch are a perfect solution.

Smartwatch in the Ecosystem of All Apple Devices

One of the most significant benefits of this brand’s developments is that they can easily connect and interact. This feature helps you to more productively and efficiently use all Apple products. Here are some examples:

  • Smartwatch allows managing music tracks on iPhone or Apple Home, which is convenient when you want to switch the song
  • You can make a screenshot, and the image will be automatically transferred to iPhone or iPad
  • It can quickly become a remote control for your Apple TV
  • You use Apple Watch as a remote camera control: zoom, adjust focus, and make a perfect photoshoot
  • Numerous valuable applications could be installed on smartwatches for increased productivity and better quality of life

Overall, this highly technological gadget is an excellent solution for active people with multiple functions, which are constantly improved. We wait for the company’s novelties with great impatience and are confident that the new developments will change the world.

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