Mudita pure – your modern minimalist phone

You know now that you need to live more offline. It is a wise choice – you can reduce your stress level, save some time you normally spend on social or shopping applications and move your focus on things that are important to you

Where to buy a minimalist phone?

The market of minimalist phones is still a niche. As many people still prefer to be connected and some use mobile devices for work, companies that design and produce smartphones focus on improving them by adding new features, rather than on creating phones that do less. This is a benefit, as you can choose your minimalist mobile phone from companies. with a holistic approach, visionaries who want to ensure your overall life comfort.

What should a minimalist phone be like?

Do you remember times, when you used your phone only to call your friends, send a text message, set a clock alarm, and play Snake for a few minutes while waiting in the queue to the doctor? Phones have changed since then and they are stealing your time. You are aware of that surely, but do you know, which phone functionalities are indispensable? 

The whole concept of a minimalist phone is about returning to the idea that the phone is supposed to be a solution that enables communication, rather than a thing that distracts you from real life. Is that even possible anymore? 


Only essential applications

The first step of creating such a device was to reduce the number of applications on the phone. You get distracted by your phone because you seek distraction. Producers of smartphones taught you that your mobile can offer numerous entertaining applications. You do not use it when you have fun, but when there are some difficult tasks ahead of you. You feel a strong need to have a look on your social media app – five minutes turns into an hour, an hour may turn into half of a day. Do you need to check your mailbox or profile on social media every twenty minutes? These have been removed from minimalist phones. You can access them from your computer if you wish to do so.

Notifications are off

You do not log on to your mailbox or mail app on your own without a reason, but when you hear familiar beeping, you simply cannot resist – you check your business communication app or mail – and you are online again. Minimalist phones make you capable of staying in other people’s reach, but with notifications turned off. You can call or answer the phone in case someone needs to contact you, but you are not annoyed by notifications when you do not want to be distracted. By removing all notifications but phone calls and text messages you will finally be able to relax.

Simple screen design

Humans are visual creatures – colors, animations, interactive elements and lights attract us like a flame attracts a moth. The final step of making a phone minimalistic is to design it to be a simple tool. Yes, a tool – nowadays smartphones are more toys than practical tools. Calm colors and an empty screen – that is all you need.

What about Mudita Pure?

Mudita Pure is a minimalist phone of Polish production. Its retro design, low electromagnetic radiation (for minimizing radiation exposure) and essential features make it a great communication tool for those, who would like to live more “slow”, without stress and constant distractions. The design of the phone is simple – it is all about functionality. It is small, comfortable to hold, with traditional buttons. 

This minimalist mobile device enables users to call, text, and access the Internet, but only using a hotspot. It has no camera. Users can switch between customizable modes with a physical slider without even looking at the screen. Apart from the “connected” mode that allows you to stay in touch with everybody, you can also use the “Do not disturb” mode that switches off all the notifications. You may create a whitelist to define a group of contacts that will be able to reach you in your chosen mode or allow message notifications only. It has some interesting, additional solutions and features that help you relax more efficiently and even make using your phone healthier and less tiring. What features are those?

Mudita Pure uses e-ink technology you may know from a Kindle device. It produces a low-power, paper-like display – so you do not need to deal with unnatural light when you use your phone. Thanks to it, reading is easier for your eyes. This solution also reduces energy usage. Discover also meditation timer. It allows customizing the length and statistics of meditation or yoga sessions.  Choose a minimalistic approach and enjoy living in the real world.

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