Old School Board Games You Can Still Play Online

Looking at your kids, you can clearly see how the way they play is completely different than what you’re used to when you were their age. Back in the day summer vacation meant spending every waking moment outdoors.

Winter holiday, on the other hand, was all about spending cozy time indoors, sipping on hot cocoa, and playing board games with your family. However, nowadays you probably don’t have enough time to spare to recreate these beautiful memories from your childhood.

And even if you do, it’ll be a challenge to convince your tech-obsessed kids to sit through a round of monopoly. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your favorite onboard games all by yourself!

Below you’ll find a list of old school board games that you can play online anywhere and anytime.


Monopoly is one of these classic games that you can never get enough of. Every round is a  whole new experience that you can keep playing for hours on end. The online version makes it more addictive if that’s even possible because you don’t waste time trying to convince other players to stay up for one more game.

Online Monopoly gives you the option to either play online against friends or via Bluetooth or you can choose to play against robots. The multiplayer game has the exact same rules as your old school monopoly board however, there are multiple cool editions that you can alternate between.

You can use the junior version if you succeeded to tail your kids in for a few rounds. Or, you can go for the cheater’s edition if you are playing against your talented friends. Another cool feature is that you get to customize your pawns and dice based on any theme that you like.


Scrabble is the definition of educational fun. If the infamous word game used to be your favorite, you will love the online version. Online scrabble is available on many sites, some official and some not. If you are used to the original scrabble board design and rules, then stick with the official ones.

Like a monopoly, you can play against your friend or against robots offline. If you choose the latter, you will probably need some help from a word unscramble website because these robots can be tough contestants. The word unscrambler tool will instantly show you the list of words that you can relate with your letter tiles as well as the corresponding scores of each.

It’s a brilliant tool to boost your confidence until you can get your mind back in the game. Make use of the special online features and try to break world records by playing against some of the best Scrabble players from around the world.



Cluedo was the main reason behind generations’ obsession with mystery and crime-solving. You probably believed that you would grow up to become an investigator given how good you were at playing Cluedo. If you need an escape from the humdrum of your real life, then you should try online Cluedo.

Online Cluedo follows the same original setup of ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’ to identify the criminal, location, and weapon. You can create a private group by connecting with your friends online, or play against other Cluedo fans from around the world. Each one will be taking turns rolling the dice and taking a virtual tour around the mansion to collect their clues.

You also get a virtual note-taking sheet to help you keep track of the game’s progression. Once you have a suspect in mind, you can submit your answer and like the board game, you win if you get it right.

Ticket to Ride

This strategy game used to be a great hit back in the day. The online version brought it back to life and made it available for everyone. What’s really impressive is that digital adaptation is an exact replica of the physical board version.

The same instructions apply with the online Ticket to Ride, you earn points by collecting the most railway routes and forming the longest uninterrupted railway. Whether you play against friends or the computer, your mission to connect cities and claim railways will be as exciting as you remember it to be.

It is truly fascinating to see how the old board games have held their own and survived the test of time. If anything, it is clear evidence that good ideas never go out of style. If reading this article made you nostalgic for happier times, then go online now and find these games. You know you won’t be disappointed.

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