Solve problem of Wacom Tablet Driver not found on Windows 10

wacom tablet driver not found

Times have changed and with that our lives have also changed. We all people have become more advanced and it is evident from the fact that we have been using a lot of technological and advanced gadgets lately. This has all become possible because of technology. Not matter what these gadgets are really helpful in many different ways.

wacom tablet driver not found

We all use personal computers and one thing that is used by a lot of people on personal computers is Wacom tablet which uses the wacom tablet driver. This device is used by a lot of people.

The wacom tablet is one of the most popular and famous devices which is used for drawing.

The issue

Now the thing is that if you start your personal computer and then start the wacom tablet and then suddenly the tablet driver was not found error occurs then there is a problem. This kind of happens with a lot of people and in such a scenario you are not able to open up the options of the wacom tablet of yours. This is a issue and it is needed to be resolved at the earliest. The error is wacom tablet driver not found error in general.

wacom tablet driver

This error is a kind of real problem as because of this you won’t be able to use Wacom pen displays or pen tablets.

This error may be occurring on your personal computer because of the main reasons. The main reasons are that may be your wacom professional service is disabled or other reason may be that the tablet driver is not working that is wacom tablet not responding.

This error is a lot of confounding and can create sense of confusion among the users. But there is no need to worry as we have got solutions for this problem in this article. So here are the ways to how to deal with this tablet driver not found issue.

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  • Restart wacom tablet service

So this is the most basic and easy method to get out of this trouble instantly. So if the wacom tablet properties not working properly then trying using this method of restarting the wacom tablet service. This thing is really easy to perform without any real hiccups. These are the steps to perform this method.

  1. Press windows key + R and then type services.msc in the dialog box of run window which appears and click ok.
  2. The services window will open and under this find your wacom tablet service. Note that it is to be made sure that your wacom tablet service has running status. Also note that the wacom tablet service can vary from device to device and can have different names. The names can be tabletserviceWacom, Wacom profession service, Wacom consumer service, touch keyboard and handwriting panel service.
  3. Now right click on your wacom tablet service accordingly and then click restart in the window.
  4. Now you can restart the computer and then check if the tablet options are working or just directly check them.

wacom tablet driver not responding

So this is the first and most important method to solve the wacom driver not found problem.

  • Reinstall your wacom tablet driver

This is the second method and also is a very important one as well as this can solve your issue instantly. Sometimes this problem is caused by the old, missing or corrupt tablet driver on the device. In such a situation uninstallation of the tablet driver method can be used or tried. Following are the steps to do it.

  1. Unplug the wacom tablet from your personal computer.
  2. Then install the wacom tablet driver.
  3. Then go to the wacom website and find the most recent and updated correct driver for your wacom tablet. The correct driver must be compatible with the windows 10.
  4. Download the correct Wacom tablet driver and install it.
  5. Then in the end restart the personal computer and re-plug the wacom tablet with your computer.

These steps can also be performed with the help of Driver talent tool. So this is the second and last method to solve this problem easily.

Try using these methods. With these you can easily resolve the issues you are facing.