Web Development vs Web App Development: A Few Things to Understand

Are web development and web application development two very different things? We answer them in this article. Whether you are an aspiring developer or just a “regular user”, reading this article might be helpful. Curious? Keep reading to the end!

There are many misconceptions regarding web development and mobile application development. Many people can’t tell the difference between the two! However, the two have significant differences. Both may have similarities in the basic code design and implementation on the targeted projects but in certain aspects, they are completely different from each other. But to emphasize, there are two kinds of differences that stand out the most; how they are distributed and how they are accessible to users.

Basically, web developers focus on creating websites whereas mobile app developers focus on creating apps that can be used comfortably on smartphones. The mobile application must be downloaded whereas the web can be accessed directly as long as an Internet connection is available. In the context of storage, the web cannot be saved whereas the application can be stored locally.

How can they be separated from each other?

Custom web app development tends to be more complicated as it requires more adaptation on the device. While web development tends to be simpler because it does not require adaptation on the device. However, it must be realized that although the scope of web responsibilities tends to be smaller, the job duties of a web developer can vary widely. Why is the scope of responsibility for web development smaller? Because some web developments only focus on the “front end and back end.”

Mobile application development is closely related to

– Interesting fields that are currently popular and growing rapidly.

– learning about various design sciences such as application design, UX&UI design, back-end computing, and of course application programming interfaces (APIs).

– functionality. No matter how attractive the products are offered, if the mobile application is inconvenient to access and the functionality is low, it will prevent potential buyers from making a purchase transaction.

– creativity. Mobile application development tends to be related to creativity. Applications with a creative appearance tend to be better able to maintain user loyalty. We can compare two different applications but offer something in common. For example two ticket booking applications. The products offered to tend to be the same but if the user experience offered is different, a better application tends to be able to maintain user loyalty.

Web development, on the other hand, doesn’t put too much emphasis on creativity. Perhaps the most crucial issue is how to keep access fast across various “connection strengths.” If your website is difficult to access except with a super fast Internet connection then your website development can be said to have failed. Web application development can be said to be more complicated than web development itself. The app is actually an “extension” of the website and when it comes personally to each user, the design, functionality, access speed, and device compatibility are points that cannot be ignored.

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