7 Simple Ways to Boost Player Engagement with Real-Time Data

Digital publishers are constantly looking for new ways to increase their audience size and revenue as the battle for viewers’ attention grows more cutthroat with the proliferation of online video and the influx of new producers, publishers, and artists. Since almost every business today produces video content, online publishers must discover scalable and long-term methods to boost viewership and user interaction.

Regarding internet material, publishers are in a rare position to have complete creative control over its presentation and distribution. Traditional media editors and publishers have always had to balance the needs of their readers with those of their ad departments to increase player engagement.

Building Matched Communities

For a video game to take off, it needs the support of a dedicated online fan base. The source of steady income draws customers who will eventually become loyal brand advocates and drive expansion. On the other hand,increasing engagement is the first step in building a solid community. This depends heavily on the game’s matchmaking system and how quickly it can find a suitable opponent.

Providing Players with What They Need

When playing a game, your inventory is a must. Millions upon millions of guns, pieces of gear, swag, currencies, and more are available in today’s video games. To give players instantaneous access to their inventory without any hiccups, lags, or freezes, databases are in over their heads with data. Millions of queries may be sent to a database at once, and it must be able to respond quickly and reliably every time.

Adapt the Gameplay to Each Individual by Using Customization

Personalization is the alchemy that lets gamers integrate their own tastes, preferences, and play styles into the experience. It is a potent gaming mechanic that can add a new level of immersion to the experience. There’s no need to delve deeply to understand why personalization is such a critical engagement aspect. The more invested we become in anything, the more intimate the experience.

Leaderboard Adaptive Technique

Now more than ever, scoreboards can be relied on to be accurate and reliable. The sheer volume of information that databases must handle to suit the needs of their users is staggering, especially because millions of users could be signing in from all over the world at once.

Leaderboards for various leagues, player ranks, geographical regions, and more are standard features of any modern online game. Getting specific with the player and focusing on the finer points is vital. In a racing game, for instance, there can be an official top-scorer list for each difficulty tier. This would definitely contribute to increase player engagement.

Motion Graphics Thumbnails

Thumbnails that play the video rather than a still image increase views by 15% and give users a better overall experience on the site. When the player is visible, these 5-second previews will play on a loop without sound, providing an interactive taste of the entire film.

Optimize Content Creation with Analytical Tools

The British publication HELLO! has seen a 123 percent increase in video views since 2020, thanks to implementing a video-first content strategy supported by comprehensive reporting and analytics. This data-first approach could increase viewers and income quickly, even amid the pandemic.

Make Use of Suggestions to Boost Repeat Visits

Publishers can increase their session revenue by consistently employing an effective playlist strategy. Plus, playlists improve the viewing experience by dictating what the viewer will see next. By combining static and dynamic playlists, publishers can organize their content into a logical viewing order. During the NCAA tournament, for instance, a sports magazine might want to compile a playlist of March Madness highlights for its readers.

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