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When some people think of video games, they probably think of the hack and slash first person games, or shooter games. It’s true that these types of games are incredibly popular, but video games can be so much more. There is essentially a game for everyone and every taste. Not only that, but for almost every type of game there is also a sub-genre that shares many attributes and components of the parent genre. It can get hard to understand how much variety there truly is.

Searching for what you like doesn’t have to be hard. A video game service like YuPlay can offer everything you need in one place. There’s no need to visit different websites, physical stores, or app stores. YuPlay also offers special discounts and promotions so that you can game within your budget. Here are some examples of the wide variety of games that are available through the service.

Most Wanted

The most wanted section of YuPlay is dedicated to games that are trending upwards in popularity. They are hot, and players can’t wait to get them downloaded and start playing. When you look at what’s currently popular, you can see a wide range of styles and game types. For example, there is Assetto Corsa and Project Cars: Deluxe. These are both fast-paced racing games involving realistic vehicle mechanics and gameplay. Both developed with real professional drivers, they provide an immersive experience that car and racing game enthusiasts will love.

There are also games like Monster Hunter and Borderlands 2. These games take you through various environments to fight creatures and enemies to save the day. They are edgy and violent, and can be very complicated in terms of strategy and storylines. You may prefer your missions to take on a more modern feel, which is what Sniper Elite 5 will give you. This game involves taking your character to exotic locales and tricky situations to eliminate targets and keep the Nazis from taking over the world.

Just Arrived

Just arrived is a section of games that are new to YuPlay. This section is a great example of how much variety there is when it comes to games. For example, you have a Western-themed game in Hard West 2. This game takes you through a darker west than you probably imagine, ghosts and other supernatural entities trying to thwart you at every turn. You will need to strategize and fight hard to win the day.

There is also a narrative game called South of the Circle. This is a romantic game that takes place with the backdrop of the Cold War. As a player, you navigate the relationship between two academics who must make hard choices and balance loyalty, commitment, and love.

Sims 4: High School Years is exactly as the title would imply. You must make your way through high school and deal with the mean girls, jocks, teachers, and everyone in between. You can take control of a character and relive your youth, or give yourself a preview with this family-rated game.

Coming Soon

The coming soon section contains a list of titles that aren’t out yet, but will be in the coming months. One of the most anticipated upcoming games is Way of the Hunter. No, it’s not a game where you stalk and kill humans. It’s a hunting simulation game where you take control of a hunting lodge and work to make it a successful business. If you like hunting, or want to try, it’s the perfect experience to give you a taste of what it’s like. You will get realistic depictions of animals and species, as well as guns and ammo.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is a role playing game that involves going on missions in your mechanized battle suit. You can work with others online, or take on missions on your own. Over time you can pick up equipment and abilities to create an unstoppable character that will take on all comers.

With Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed, you will take control of an alien invader named Crypto. Crypto’s goal is to kill, enslave, and probe as many humans as possible. During this game, you will get to fight, but you will also have to build alliances with humans and strategize every step you make. It is a remake of the 2006 game of the same name, and takes place during the 1960’s. In this adventure, Crypto will be trying to get revenge on the KGB for destroying his mothership. Comedy, hijinks, and grinding humans up into refreshing DNA rations will ensue.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle Deluxe Edition is a fighting game that allows players to select from any of 40 characters. You can take your character through a story to fight your way to the finish, or you can choose to compete against others to take home the prize. This game is based on a famous manga series of the same name, and players can fight in locales based on those from the original manga. This game series has a knack for combining exciting fights with comedy and weirdness, such as poison dart frogs.

Don’t think that just because a first-person shooter or a fighting game doesn’t interest you that there’s no game for you. Gaming is for everyone, and no matter what your interests are, you will no doubt find something that you can enjoy. Besides, there is no harm in giving something a shot that you don’t think you’d  like. Billions of people in the world can’t be wrong. Gaming is here to stay, and YuPlay provides you with an easy and affordable way to get into it.

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