Where to Find React Developers for Your Own Projects

High processing costs and small candidate databases are major drawbacks for mainstream job hunt websites.

In recent years, React has consistently been a prevalent choice for front-end development. Some of the biggest brands like Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and Instagram use the technology. Thus, it is no surprise that the market to recruit expert developers can be quite competitive.

Starting a personal software development project can be intimidating if you do not have an idea of how to hire React developers for the front end. Not to mention, the recruitment process is long, one that requires time and effort. Even then, there is no assurance that you will hire the perfect candidate. So, you can turn into a number of popular job search platforms to help speed up this particular undertaking.

Top sites to look for React developers

For an employer, there are some online pages to hire React engineers.

One of the leading talent search solutions is Upwork, and what sets the site apart from others is that customers can browse freelancers’ profiles and view their job successes, as well as portfolio and completed projects. This further aids in assessing if the software developer has the skills required. Another advantage of Upwork is the payment protection feature through a “work diary,” which collects keyboard strokes and snapshots of the task in-progress. Through this, the employer can corroborate if the invoice provided by the contractor and the work done coincide.

If not, a dispute can be filed. Having said that, Upwork comes with a price, specifically a 3% processing charge after every payment made to your hired React engineer. While Upwork offers a free basic plan, some features of the web application will not be available unless you pay for the premium rate.

 As for Arc (previously known as CodementorX), the platform is different, because according to their official website, companies will be lining up to bid on developers, not the other way around. Furthermore, Arc has a matching functionality—driven by artificial intelligence—that helps organizations find the right candidate.

However, due to Arc’s stringent vetting process, where applicants need to successfully complete a take-home evaluation after an interview, there is only about 1.1% talent available on the platform. This is considerably smaller than other job search websites on the Internet. No wonder competition is strong among businesses searching to hire freelance React developers.

One more contender when it comes to online job portals is Toptal, a portmanteau for “top talent.” Like Arc, Toptal has a rigorous process to screen aspiring programmers who are looking to join the database. However, only about 3% of these hopefuls are ultimately accepted, which does not always equate to being the top 3% of the most skilled React developers.

In Toptal, companies can recruit engineers for both remote and on-site work. Perhaps, the biggest con of using Toptal to hire React developers is that the costs are typically higher than Upwork, for instance. You are also required to pay a deposit of $500, which will either go directly as payment to a project or refunded should you change your mind.

Finally, there is Stack Overflow Talent, which used to be the job board for Stack Overflow, but has now officially turned into an employer branding solution. This means that firms can choose to work with Stack Overflow to promote on a global scale, and, thereby, have access to around a million job hunters.

However, to post vacancies on Stack Overflow is not free. The site itself does not display the prices, only a form, which companies can fill out, and a representative from Stack Overflow can use to get in touch.

In addition, job postings are not advertised on social media, and can, therefore, be limited only to developers who already visit or know Stack Overflow.In the end, it would be best to consult with a systems integrator who can facilitate the process of hiring React developers. What’s more, a company with an expansive selection of engineers with a varying degree of experience will be most advantageous to your business. Furthermore, seek a company who can offer a trial period with a money-back guarantee.

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