Write an Argument Essay About Illegal Immigration

If you are asked to write an argument essay about illegal immigration, you are faced with several different choices:

  1. You can start by discussing the benefits of immigration, the negative consequences, and the threat that illegal immigrants pose to national identity.
  2. You may consider the role of racism in opposition to immigration.
  3. You can also discuss the societal and economic effects of illegal immigration.

Economic benefits of immigration

The economic benefits of illegal immigration are difficult to measure and politically contentious. But they do exist.

Threats posed by illegal immigrants to national identity

In the United States, there is a debate about the threats of illegal immigrants to national identity of write my essay US. These immigrants have a different language, culture, and religion than native citizens, which can make them a threat to national identity. However, this debate is not limited to immigration policy. It also extends to questions of national security.

Negative consequences

Illegal immigrants are a significant source of low-wage labour in the United States. As a result, the unemployment rate increases, and companies are more willing to hire immigrants than local workers. Despite their low-wage salaries, they still contribute to the country’s economic growth.

Opposition to immigration stems from racism.

Many Americans believe that opposition to illegal immigration is rooted in racism. Yet the problem is not solely with illegal immigrants. Unauthorized entry disproportionately targets Latino and Central American immigrants. This racial bias is found not only at the federal level but also in local law enforcement.

Today, local police departments are becoming more involved in the search and deportation of unauthorized immigrants. One example is Arizona, which is notoriously aggressive in its immigration enforcement, mainly because of its historical relationship with Mexico. This combination of federal and local enforcement systematically discriminates against Latinos through abusive stops, complex searches, and unwarranted detention.

Costs to taxpayers

In a recent report, the Government Accounting Office looked at the costs of illegal immigration to taxpayers in the United States. The report analyzed federal, state, and local government programs to determine how much illegal immigration costs the country for essay writing service. The report found that illicit immigrants increase government costs by approximately seven to one. Each unlawful immigrant adds about $2,000 to the cost of government services, including benefits such as unemployment insurance.

Legal vs illegal immigrants

The issue of legal vs illegal immigrants polarizes Americans. While there are many legal immigrants, there is also a significant percentage of illegal immigrants. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come to the United States for the same reasons as legal immigrants. Many of them are brought to the country by their friends and family.

However, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) estimates that about 50% of illegal immigrants first came to the country as legal immigrants but overstayed their visas. Some even live with legal immigrants or U.S. citizens, but this is not true for all illegal immigrants.

Impact on wages

A study of the impact of illegal immigration on wages found that the wage penalty for being unauthorized was 14 to 24 per cent. The study did not include unauthorized immigrants who have refugee or asylum status. It also did not include nonimmigrant residents, including students and temporary workers for specific purposes.

Undocumented workers in the U.S.

While there is no official count, a Pew Research Center report indicates that there are more than 10 million undocumented workers in the U.S, about 5 per cent of the labour force. Many of these workers are in low-wage industries and lack work authorization of essay writer. According to Pew’s latest report, about 7 per cent of undocumented workers were in work, and 4.8 per cent were unemployed. Of these undocumented workers, almost two-thirds have lived in the U.S. for at least ten years.

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