What is Solana Crypto and Should I Invest in It?

The crypto market offers hundreds of digital assets created for different purposes and projects. Some cryptocurrencies are used for internal processes on exchanges, and others are in-game tokens, etc. Today we would like to discuss the SOL coin.

Solana coin is one of the top traded crypto assets on the Coinmarketcap ranking. It is a native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain that gained widespread use among dApps and other product developers (different NFTs, metaverses, blockchain games, etc). Such products used to be massively based on the Ethereum blockchain, but over time, it became overloaded and too expensive.

Solana is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, and here are its advantages:

  • Solana crypto is not mined but staked. It is a much easier and less costly way to receive SOL coins. Staking does not require equipment and electricity expenses.
  • Solana network asks for minimum transaction fees.
  • Solana enables much faster transactions than the Ethereum blockchain. 

Solana Price Prediction

As of October 2022, the Solana price is $28.7. Looking at the Solana chart, we can see that its peak price level was 258.78 in November 2021. Since this year was “bearish” for the entire crypto market, SOL was not an exception. However, this asset has good chances for growth, and experts believe the Solana price will reach $105 in 2025. 

Where can I Buy Solana Coin?

SOL is available on all popular crypto exchanges. We recommend registering on the WhiteBIT platform. It is the largest crypto exchange in Europe, offering numerous earning opportunities and trading tools, including Smart Staking. There are around 40 staking programs, including SOL coin staking plans. 

WhiteBIT offers a high level of protection for user investments, low transaction feels transparent and user-friendly interface, and customer support 24/7. The platform implements complex mechanisms for ensuring user safety when working on the exchange and offers a reliable and convenient crypto wallet for comfortable trading.

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