7 Easy Ways To Fix Youtube Videos Not Playing (Complete Guide)

You might be a person who has decided to go on YouTube and watch your favorite content over there which is in the recommended list of but it takes a lot of time to open that content you did notice that the video keeps buffering and in the end, it doesn’t even play.

Today, in this article we are going to show you some ways with the help of which you will be able to know what is the reason due to which the youtube videos not playing and you are not able to watch your favorite content on YouTube? Also, we will tell you about the solution of youtube not playing a problem as well.

There are many people on YouTube who has experienced this kind of problem and we know that it is really frustrating because you don’t know the real problem due of which youtube videos not loading issue is caused.

This is a kind of problem which hand happened to a lot of people and and many of them have managed to fix this issue quickly and we have compiled some of the ways with the help of which you will also be able to solve this problem.

Here is the list of 7 methods with the help of which you will be able to know how you can fix this problem and enjoy your favourite content on YouTube.

List of solutions for youtube videos not playing 

youtube not playing

1. You have to try to restart the Wi-Fi connection of yours

Not having a good internet connection can cause interference in the video.

Not having a good internet connection can cause various kind of problems in the router and if you tried to reset it, it might help you to get rid of this kind of problem.

You can try to restart the of router of yours if you think that the router of yours is causing this kind of problem.

This is a good solution for youtube video loading but not playing.

2. Try to reduce the video quality of the video

There might be problem with your internet connection due to which good speed is not coming and if you try to lower the quality of of video on YouTube it might play.

You can check in what quality the video is running and if your browser is trying to run video in in 1080p then you can try to reduce the quality to 360p or even 240p.

Your video might start to play and and if this works then most probably you have a slow internet connection due to which this kind of problem is caused.

3. Try to close all of tabs

Try to open and further reopen the tab in your browser.

If you are trying to open YouTube video in your cell phone then try to you refresh the YouTube application in your phone.

This most probably is going to solve the issue for you.

You can try this method if your youtube videos load but won t play.

4. Restart the Computer of yours

If a fault is stopping the videos from enjoying, you’ll have to be compelled to restart your laptop.

This is attending to get obviate any glitches that might be inflicting issues with YouTube.

After you’ve turned off your laptop or you’ve turned off your phone, you’ll be able to attempt to launch YouTube once more.

After you’ve done this, you must see that the video hundreds them plays once.

5. Delete all your Cookies, Cache, as well as the Browsing Data

If you want to eliminate this problem completely, you should try to wipe all of the data from the browser of yours in the hope you might be able to play the video.

To clear all of the browser’s data:

  • Go on the browser’s toolbar
  • Select the Settings
  • Hit on the Advanced which is at the bottom
  • Click on the Clear browsing data option
  • In the box of ‘Clear browsing data’, you have to select the button which is for the Cookies and on the other site and also for the plug-in data, Cached images as well as the files
  • Choose the option of All time so that you will be able to delete everything
  • Further you have to click on the Clear browsing data

6. Try to login into another gmail account

To rule out the choices that this downside is going on to your account alone, you’d have to be compelled to log into another Gmail account.

If you don’t have one, you’ll be able to try to produce one very quickly.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to be compelled to load another video and it ought to play the video if the matter inflicting it had been solely happening to your account.

It is easy and very convenient method if your youtube videos load but won’t play.

7. Try to update Adobe flash player

If you’re a person who is using a previous version of adobe flash plaer, this may cause the videos to load however to not play.

In order for you to be ready to update this, you’ll get to move to the Adobe Flash Player web site.

From here, you’ll get to follow the directions provided to you on the page and update your flash player to the most recent version.

Try this if youtube videos load but don’t play.


youtube videos not loading

Many people had this question of why my youtube videos are not playing. These were some of the reasons as well as solutions to your problems with the help of which your youtube videos will start playing again and you will be able to enjoy your content.

If you are a person who is is getting troubled with this kind of problem and you have a better solution for this problem then you can mention in comment down below.

There are also some other solutions as well which will have tried and would. We have tried to compile one of the best and working methods for this problem and we are pretty sure that this will work for you.

If you have any other questions related to this problem or any other problem then you can mention them in the comment down below and if you do have any kind of suggestions as well then you can mention them in the comments as well.