5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Many learners opt for online courses because of the number of benefits it provides. So if you are someone who is a subject matter expert and wants to monetize his/her knowledge, then online courses are the best option. 

However, to manage your courses efficiently, you need an automated tool like LMS (learning management system) which makes the job easy for course creators. Using such a tool, you can curate your course, track its progress and do a lot of other things with just a few clicks.

It has a multitude of features that can make the job of every course creator very easy. In addition to this, there are also thousands of LMS WordPress plugins available that allow users to enhance the functionality of their LMS.

But, what if you need more features to manage your course better? LMS WordPress plugins offer you exactly that. Plugins make it easier to add features to the website without writing a single piece of code. 

Now let’s compare the best WordPress plugins available in the market:

1. Learndash:

Learndash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins that makes it super easy to sell courses,  track progress, award certificates, and do much more. It also offers the learners a great learning experience with features like gamification and social learning, etc.

It offers memberships for all the courses on your website.  However, learners can also buy individual courses if they choose to.  It also allows organizers to purchase the license in bulk and grant access to all their staff members.

There are also features like “Multiple instructors” where you can allow other creators to sell their courses on your website and get the benefit of commissions for every purchase.

2) LifterLMS:

LifterLMS is an easy to use solution for creating and selling courses on your WordPress site. You can expand its core functionalities by integrating with powerful extensions, including Stripe, Paypal, Mailchimp, and many more.  It provides powerful features like certificates, social learning, 1:1 private coaching, and many more.

It offers memberships for all the courses on your website and also learners can buy individual courses if they choose to.  You can also sell course bundles to boost your revenue. 

3. Learnpress:

Learnpress is a free LMS plugin for wordpress that comes with many important features. It makes onboarding easy for all levels of users as it comes with a setup wizard. 

You can export and import courses from different websites that use Learnpress. Each Learnpress course can be created with quizzes and lessons as the students move through the curriculum. You can activate a few add-ons depending on your requirement. For instance, there are add-ons for bbpress, buddypress, course reviews, and wishlists. 

Students can add courses to their wishlist. Learners can review the courses which can help in getting better traffic to the website. 

4. Sensei:

Sensei is a powerful premium plugin that transforms your WordPress website into an advanced learning platform. You can create courses, write lessons and add quizzes. User registration is also included and it’s a simple process when adding other Woocommerce elements. 

The Woocommerce integration allows you to instantly charge for a course whether it’s an  individual purchase or subscription-based. It also provides simple reporting facilities that give you an overview of your content, grades and number of students registered.

5. Teachable:

Teachable is a widely used online course creator tool that allows you to build online courses. It comes with powerful tools like quizzes and discussion forums which creates a great learning experience for the users. 

It has features like one-on-one call hosting and booking, student success stories, built-in analytics and many more. 


Before choosing the LMS plugin, carefully evaluate the different options available and understand their features. We have covered the top LMS plugins but the list is not exclusive.

There are still many more options that you can choose from. The only thing to keep in mind is, make a decision based on your requirement and budget.

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