5 tips for getting the best Watermarking Solution

With the advent of digital photography, there was also the ability to easily “steal” photos from websites and other means. “Wow, that’s a beautiful photo!” Right mouse button. Save it to your desktop. Or save it as wallpaper. A struggling photographer may use someone else’s art to advertise on his website or an image printed at sufficient digital resolution. The idea was that watermarking would prevent this.

Watermarks also have a marketing side.

The watermark displayed is form n. # 1 to protect images from misuse. Watermarks can be added automatically when the photo is uploaded. The settings are on the Watermarkly tab

You can create custom text or image watermarks that apply to your gallery photos. This watermark is removed before the file is sent to the lab for printing and before the file is sent to the client as a digital download.

For the watermark to fit properly in the file, we recommend uploading a photo with the longest side of 2000 pixels or more to the gallery.

Some tips for using the watermark service feature:

Any changes you make to the watermark settings will be applied to all images in the future, but not to previously uploaded images. If you want to watermark some photos and not others, just adjust the settings before uploading.

When selling digital downloads of images, the watermarks we apply will be removed from the photos delivered to our customers. They receive the image exactly as you uploaded it.

If you want to use an image such as a logo as a watermark, use a PNG file with a transparent background. If the background is plain, part of the photo will be dark.

We have taken various steps to protect your photos, but we cannot prevent you from taking screenshots of your images from the gallery. It is becoming a popular medium for customers to take pictures and post them elsewhere online (such as Facebook). Educate your clients that this is robbing your job, and including watermarks is the best step you can take for prevention.

1. Think about watermarks

Writing your name in Photoshop’s default font may not be beneficial to your job or brand. Some photographers create logos, while others simply duplicate their signatures.

The options are endless, but if you’re trying to mark up a beautiful photo that has taken a lot of effort to create, put a little effort into the watermark design.

If you never like to use “common” typefaces like Comic Sans, you may desire to keep away from them. There is a more good looking typeface which you can use for your watermark. This is also a little bit.

2. Size is important

The watermark needs to be easy to read, but it’s not overwhelming. We’ve all seen images (Instagram comes to mind) that have such small watermarks that they can’t be read. This denies the whole purpose.

Many of us have also seen unpleasantly large watermarks that you don’t know what the image below looks like. Choose a modest size.

3. Does the watermark create a new focus?

How can quickly confirm that the image I’m viewing has a watermark? Well, because your eyes went straight to that element, the watermark, which probably doesn’t seem to belong to the photo.

If you add a watermark, especially if it is done incorrectly, you will add focus to the image. Think more about it. You may have created a nice image carefully, but even a small watermark can take the viewer on an unexpected journey.

4. Would you like to add a copyright symbol to the watermark

InĀ Photo Watermarking tool, you can select the Custom Shape Tool (which may be hidden under the Rectangle Tool), which appears at the bottom of the shape list.

5. Try the opacity and position of the watermark

The more noticeable the watermark, the less likely it is that someone will misuse your photo, but they will not be able to see your image.

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