5 Tips on Choosing The Right Cyber Intelligence Company

Constantly looking for new methods to attack your systems, cybercriminals are working hard towards identifying any weak and vulnerable entry points that could make you an easy target. Cybercrime is certainly on the rise, and it is estimated that one attack can cost a small business around $200,000. Quite a large sum, isn’t it? And definitely a sum you don’t want to waste just like that.

What do you do so as to avoid those attacks? You get protected. And, you get protected by working with cyber intelligence companies that understand how these criminals operate and thus know precisely which safety measures to take for your specific business.

Every industry is vulnerable to these attacks, and antivirus software is certainly not enough to keep you safe. Taking a proactive approach towards identifying the threats and preventing the attacks and the financial losses is a much better move than remediating the consequences once you’ve become a target. Thus, hiring a cyber intelligence company is nowadays a must for businesses of any type and size.

With so many different options and companies on the market offering cybersecurity services, though, you may not know precisely how to choose the right one for you. Deciding which firm could be best for your particular security needs can certainly be difficult. But, it can get easier with a few tips aimed at helping you make the best possible choice and be happy with the protection you’re getting.

1. Check Their Expertise

Hiring a company that doesn’t really have a well-rounded cybersecurity expertise can lead to you getting protected in just one area and having an illusion of safety. Malware protection, for instance, is not enough. You need a company that has knowledge in all the necessary areas and that will, above anything else, provide you with real time information on any attacks targeting your specific organization, even when they’re still in their planning stage, allowing you thus to more easily mitigate or prevent the consequences altogether.

Here’s more on why cybersecurity matters: https://medium.com/thrive-global/34-reasons-why-even-small-businesses-should-consider-hiring-a-cybersecurity-expert-4b9025fb1da9

2. Check the Tools They’re Using

Cybercriminals are not using the same old methods anymore, and they are, instead, constantly trying to improve their game. The company you choose will have to do the same, and one way of doing it consists of implementing the right tools to identify threats and help you avoid them. Advanced AI algorithms have been created to detect even hints of threats, so choosing a cyber intelligence firm that uses those tools is definitely a wise move. Real time alerts sent to targets is another useful feature that you want the professionals you choose to be using.

3. Remember Their Reputation

Choosing a company just because it talks of great strategies and amazing tools used to identify threats could result in making the wrong moves. Sure, those strategies and tools are extremely important, but who will guarantee you that they’re actually working well? Well, past clients are the only ones who can make such a guarantee and they’ll express their opinions through reviews, helping you, thus, check the reputation of the companies you’re considering quite easily. Checking their reputation is of utmost significance, because wasting resources on firms that aren’t that successful at providing people with this cyber intelligence is not your goal.

4. Don’t Forget the Prices Either

Speaking of resources, you certainly don’t want to be charged much more than necessary for such services. While your security is imperative, and you’d probably be ready to pay any price for it, there are still reasonable and unreasonable costs here. And, checking the prices offered by different cyber intelligence companies, in an effort to determine if they’re being reasonable, is definitely an important thing to do before partnering up with any of them. Click this to better understand why you need cyber intelligence at all.

5. Have a Few Interviews Before Choosing

What’s the last thing to do before making your choice? Interview the firms you think could be great for you. Doing the interviews will answer any questions you still may have, i.e., questions that your online research wasn’t able to answer. Comparing all the answers and all the findings will ultimately lead to hiring the best firm to provide you with cyber intelligence services.

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