5 Ways in which you can Repair GeForce Experience not Working

The computers have revolutionized our world by an oversized margin since the time they were introduced as personal computers.

At present, we will hardly expect our days to pass in which we do not interact with a laptop or a mobile with a net.

Thus, it becomes very important for all of the individuals who own a pc system to own some basic troubleshooting skills in order that we don’t tend to have to be compelled to look out for a computer engineer or an expert to go to us and fix the problems we tend to face during functioning on the pc system.

GeForce expertise Won’t Open in Windows 10 may be a quite common issue. However, don’t worry as we’ve got four ways to repair it.

By following one of these, you may be able to overcome this drawback.

1: Allow the GeForce experience Service

You should know that the GeForce experience service is chargeable for the running of the GeForce programs inside of a computing system.

Thus, if you’re facing the GeForce experience won’t open error; it’s extremely likely that it’s resulted because of the failure of the GeForce experience service.

To alter the GeForce experience service by your own, you’ll have to use these subsequent steps:

  1. You have to open the Run command by using the key combination of the Windows Key + R.
run ctrlr
  1. Now you have to type services.msc so that you can open the Service Window.

3. Within the Service Window, try to find GeForce experience Service.

GeForce experience Service

4. Now you have to Right Click on the icon and choose the restart button. There are some cases in which the restart button replaces by the start button. Thus, create the alternatives according to that.

geforce experience wont open
  1. Now you have to restart the application so that you can seek out for the problems.

Having re-enabled or enabled the GeForce experience service, the GeForce experience won’t start problem is going to be resolved. If it doesn’t work, then strive one of the strategies mentioned below which would possibly resolve the difficulty.

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2: Use the Windows Repairing Tool

Our tool can quickly repair common PC errors, defend you from hardware failure, file or information loss, malware, Trojans and optimize your  computer to spice up for max performance.

Fix your computer problems by using three simple steps:

  • Download the PC Repair Tool market as “Excellent” on TrustPilot.com.
  • Click on begin Scan button to seek out errors associated with Windows.
  • Click Repair All to repair all problems with proprietary Technologies.

3: Check for Issues within the Hardware

This kind of a problem can also occur because of not using the hardware that is compatible with the program is additionally a big reason behind the errors just similar to the GeForce experience won’t open error that is showing on your computer screen.

To keep up the steadiness of the pc system and additionally to have the great health of the pc that you own, we should always use one and only compatible hardware and the software system.

To repair the GeForce experience not working windows 10 error, you have to check if the RAM is as needed, the graphics card is as required and alternative such things.

This is one of the best methods and usually works for most of the people who are facing this kind of a similar problem.

Having done this, there’s no probability that you simply can face the error GeForce experience won’t open once more.

4: Reinstall the GeForce Experience in Your PC

What you can try is to set up GeForce expertise in your system if you’re not capable to open it in your Windows 10 computer.

For doing the same you have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you have to transfer the newest available version of GeForce experience driver from its official web site.
  2. Now, you have to Uninstall NVIDIA GeForce expertise from your computer. To do that, you have to navigate to Control Panel, then further to Programs and features NVIDIA GeForce experience from that list. Then you have to click Uninstall to get rid of it fully from your pc.
Nvidia geforce experience

3. Then you have to restart your pc then only and install the newest files for GeForce experience in your device.

  1. Once done, you have to run the newest put in a version of GeForce experience and then you have to check if you’re still seeing GeForce experience won’t open error or not.

5: Update the Operating System

Usually using the updated version of the software package isn’t a habit among most of the users.

Whereas because we are using old software which can build the newest driver incompatible and can cause the error GeForce experience won’t open show up again and again.

Therefore, you’ve got solely 2 choices:

  1. The first one is to continue with latest driver software package, for that you would like to update the software. It recommends because it can prevent your computer from variety of different problems in addition.
Check Window update

2. If you want to continue with the obsolete software, what you would have to do is to uninstall the driving force Associate in and then further reinstall an obsolete version of it. It’ll work as a rapid answer with a short fix.

Thus, it’s finally comes to your own choice to which one of the top of strategies you utilize to urge the error GeForce experience won’t open that is showing on your device.


These were some of the ways that may have helped you to repair the GeForce experience won’t open error that is showing on your device.

If you are in a condition in which none of these methods figured out for you, then I think it’s time for you to uninstall and install the software package, however, this should be the last step you can take.

If you have any further queries you can mention them in the comments below.

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