How to Fix Problem No Audio Device is Installed in Window 10


no audio output device is installed

Audio Introduction

Majority of the windows users have come up with the SMFP (Steam Missing File Privileges error) error in Windows 10 as to handle the flaw of no audio output device is installed. As in an attempt to get the steam games updated or overhauled. This flaw message appears along with the file path acknowledged. The error message that may be due to some or the other reasons which may incorporate the software and hardware settings by the user. Most of the times this error is a petty one and can be dealt with some other minor configurations in the setting box.

How to get the Steam Missing File Privileges error solved?

Here we have made a compilation of one of the practical and ideal methods that carry a lot of potential which could be used to take care of such issue of no audio output device is installed windows 10. Therefore suggesting you to go through the entire article thoroughly. This will give you the better view and complete understanding of what method is being considered and how to make use of it, in order to get the issues solved for smooth operations while jumping off the SMFP (Steam Missing File Privileges error).

Method #1 Considering the Reimage PC restoration mechanism (Highly Recommended)

This convenient mechanism will instantly tackle common PC flaws, safeguard a person from the data or loss of important files, hardware failures, malwares, trojans and enhance the computer system to advance for best possible performance Get the issues fixed in 3 simple steps in order to get around the issue where windows 10 no audio devices are installed:-

  1. Open and download the “Excellent” rated tool.

Task manager2. Select the scan option to discover the flaws relevant to windows.

3. Select the Repair All option to get the issues fixed with help of Patented Technologies.

Window task manager

Method#2 Terminating the igfxEm operation

IgfxEm.exe is one the software elements which is incorporated in the Intel common/frequent UI (User Interface). This software is packed with the usual contents along with the implementation of the Microsoft Windows and drivers of the graphics card. This software performs as a mediator software that is between the Intel Graphics and User Interface. This element allows the user to take a glance and reconfigure the settings of graphics card with help of the provided GUI (Graphic User Interface) as and when no audio output devices are installed.

The abbreviation of IgfxEm.exe is Intel Graphics Executable Main Module. However this .exe file is originated from a very dependable website and comes along with a digital signature. Hence it is completely harmless for the computer. As the file is not a core Windows file and sort of invisible, it is therefore present in the (C:\\Windows\System32\igfxEm.exe).

In here we are trying to acknowledge the most accurate location because if the file henceforth discovered somewhere else be careful it can be the most dangerous malware known to Windows. As this procedure is liable for the graphics operation when no audio output device is installed windows 10 hp, it is suggested that ceasing and rebooting the service may help to get over the flaw message one is encountered with.

  1. Push the Windows button + R, and then in the Run command and type in “taskmgr” the press enter
  2. When the task manager is accessed, look for the Tab “Processes” and find IgfxEm process.
  3. Once the IgfxEm process has been located, right click on the process and reboot the steam client while preferring running it as admin and begin downloading the game once more and look if the Steam Missing File Privileges error is taken care of.

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Method #3 Making a Change in the Download Region

A small change like making a modification in the download region is considered as one of the most elementary and convenient methods to get over with the SMPF error in system. The reason behind it is the system that holds content is parted into multiple regions in which the major issue of windows 10 no audio devices installed so how to get rid of that?. Also the steam client mechanically looks out for the searches and unearths the region through with the firm support of the network and then configures the identified region as default.

However sometimes it may result the error as servers in the predefined geographical region which is probably not working well as they might be overladen or it can also be hardware failure. In such a scenario making a tiny change in the download region of steam client is probably going to solve the errors quickly.

  1. Access the steam client and choose settings from the drop-down list which is located in the upper extreme left of window steam.
  2. Select the download menu and steer to the ‘download region’ alternative.
  3. A user can select any region of his choice from the drop down list as compared to the by default region and reboot the steam system and look for the flaw.

Method #4 Restarting PC

At times the most difficult issues can be taken care of by just restarting the system. It really sometimes can be a potent solution as the system may sometimes come across some really petty issues with respect to the technical aspects which is hard to take care directly. As and when the system is updating or downloading the game it simply has more than one process all running at once.

Restarting PC

Whenever it is that you are about to overhaul the updates in steam game. As software parts the game data into minor parts of nearly 1 MB and then compiles it all that they can execute the work accordingly. Steam takes this method into consideration to avert from contagious download files and to take a major save on the bandwidth with respect to the issue of no audio devices are installed windows 10.

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Method #5 Furnishing Admin Rights to Steam

To execute perfectly, Steam needs two permissions which is write and read permission on the desktop when no audio device is installed. It probably may intervene most when computer starts to behave with the steam as a read only application. This means that steam will be unable to write on various files and hence it gets stuck in an attempt to download or update the application which also means writing not just on files but on system as well.

How to grant steam the system rights?

  1. From the default location try to access the steam directory from the by default set location i.e. (C:\Program Files\Steam). Just in case an individual has installed steam in any other additional directory then head towards the mentioned location.
  2. After reaching the steam folder location, make sure to right click on the file select properties and in it there is a tab for advanced options.
  3. In advanced tab grant the first 4 row to furnish steam with full folder control.
  4. For editing a row, select the first 4 row and select edit option. A fresh window will be opened up which will be having various options similar to checkboxes.
  5. Run the steam program by right clicking on it and running as admin.

You can check whether the issue has solved.

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Method #6 Giving full Access to the Affected File

  1. Go to the most precise location of the file, then in the Run application one can steer to the exact location.
  2. Once the file has been located which has been adversely affected by the error make sure to follow the methods mentioned in the method #4.

no audio device is installed

3. Reboot the steam and verify whether the steam has missing files that has no permissions preset.

no audio devices are installed windows 10

Method #7 Reconditioning the Library Folder and Checking its Rectitude

  1. Access the steam client and on its icon click the settings.

startup setting2. Right after the settings has been accessed, navigate to the download tab and choose steam Library folder which according to you are affected.

3. Later to that, a new window will open up all the lists of all the locations in system where it has been located.

4. Exit the settings and access the games library.

5. Perform a right click on the game which has such issues and click on the properties.

6. And in the properties go and select the local file tab and cross check integrity of the game option alternatives.

Method #8 Getting Rid of the Files in Safe Mode (Deleting the files)

  1. Get the computer to restart in safe mode.
  2. After getting the system to restart and entered the safe mode, get to those files which according to you have been affected adversely.
  3. Once an individual may get to the application list of the steam, select the particular folder that is named by ‘’Downloads”
  4. Erase the files, irrespective of its contents.
  5. Once again reboot the system.
  6. Run the steam application as an administrator and do exactly as what is mentioned in the step #6 to cross check library and uprightness of game files.
  7. And for the last time just see to check whether the issue has been solved or not.

Wrapping UP!

Above mentioned are some of the best approved methods that an individual can stick in order to get the steam missing file privileges error of steam and tackle the flaw of no audio device is installed issue. Be sure to go thoroughly with the steps mentioned right before these methods are taken into consideration in order to carry out in a much perfect manner. We are keeping our fingers crossed that these techniques may help you get the steam issue solved once and for all.