6 Reasons to Outsource SEO

Let’s face it: Modern companies have many things to do to run a successful business. Not every company has enough resources and might not be able to find experts to join their teams. The talent market seems overwhelmed as well, and the situation isn’t getting better.

Whether you run an IT company or SEO agency for SaaS, you may find that your skills and resources aren’t enough to deliver top-notch results each time. That is why the market invented an outsourcing model, where you can delegate part of your job to more experienced yet broader teams who can help you achieve market success.

Being cost-effective and highly practical solutions, outsourcing has long been here only related to development. But did you know that you can also delegate SEO? If not, this article will help you explore how it can benefit your business and if yes, below you will see reasons to do it in 2023. Let’s get to it.

Practical and Cost-Effective

When you start your search engine optimisation, you take on a large project. And this project, like any other, requires lots of resources, effort, time and attention to detail. In addition, it could be hard to find experts in the field since the market lacks specialists, while learning SEO from scratch can take years, and your personnel simply may not have enough time. 

So if you want to achieve results and not break the bank, you need to hire people with years of expertise. Many companies try to do their own SEO management and implementation, but this can cost time and wastes effort for most, making outsourcing a reliable, practical and cost-effective solution.

Quick and Comprehensive Results

When you have a website with some organic traffic that brings you sales, it could seem like an excellent opportunity to invest in SEO and create an authority site to grow your business.

However, SEO usually takes more time than most expect it. It is especially long if your team isn’t experienced with SEO or doesn’t know how to do it properly. So if you don’t want to waste time and give a competitive advantage to similar businesses, consider outsourcing SEO to a reputable SEO digital marketing agency or provider.

To Remove Responsibilities

Depending on the composition and size of your organisation, you may have a lot of technical, marketing, and/or content specialists having a high load and many responsibilities. Modern SEO requires lots of knowledge and functions that go beyond the core aspects of research and implementation of tactics. It can also include content, UX as well as the ability to navigate any legal or compliance issues.

That is why outsourcing usually removes lots of responsibility from the marketing team, which allows them to quarterback more of the effort than to have to become an expert in the specific niche or skills.


Having someone working as a moderator can be a huge plus in various processes and businesses. Since a load of marketing teams is usually really high, they can make human mistakes because of overwhelming. Therefore, having an SEO for marketing businesses as someone who isn’t embedded in the organisation’s day-to-day can help reduce mistakes and lead to higher results.

This team or a person can notice why something isn’t working when your team can’t, can see things that get missed while dealing with other vital tasks, work as a support in case of lacking expertise and so on. It works like a writer proofreading the content before you publish it for higher accuracy.

Create Consistency

Consistency seems to be one of the most common issues for in-house SEO focuses. Unless your in-house SEO team works solely on the optimisation of your website, you may notice that the marketing department has more tasks to complete.

It is a usual practice that teams do not have an SEO specialist who works only for one website without being involved in various aspects of the business. And if that’s true for your company, you lack consistency which is essential for success. Outsourcing SEO allows you to reach that consistency and bring more leads.

Higher Expertise

One of the key reasons for outsourcing something is to benefit from higher or unique expertise. Just like with development, when you outsource SEO processes, you know that the strategy is done by experts in the field. Since Google algorithms are constantly changing and competitors remain strong, you may lack knowledge in specific niches, and your SEO team may not have enough time to stay up to date.

Even the most brilliant in-house SEO has to be able to always learn the changes that Google brings to satisfy its algorithms. In addition, you may work in a specific niche, making it harder for your team to comply with regulations if they didn’t work with the space before. Outsourcing allows you to remove all those worries and always reach results regarding the industry you work in.

Wrapping Up

Outsourcing is a great choice for many companies today. Although it is most common in the development space, some marketing and other organisations now outsource SEO. That is because this cooperation model allows for higher efficiency, cost-effectiveness and saves time for you and your teams.

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