Best 800 Number Services: Some of the Best International Toll Free Service Providers

As a business owner, most of the people would probably see it as a tough call. When it comes to the never-ending search for the best 800 number service online. It is not mandatory that only the conglomerates should get an 800 number service for themselves.

However under any circumstances of using any 800 number services. There are always pros and cons that are concerned with using the 800 service providers. But don’t worry we will help you with some no-nonsense list of ideal service providers. No need for a lock-in period, not costly but rather very effective services to go with.

Some of the well-known international toll-free number service providers

  • WMX Global
  • Real PBX
  • Global Call Forwarding
  • Toll-Free Forwarding

We will see the 800 number services based on the following aspects

  • Number Availability & cost
  • Toll-Free Number countenance
  • Customer Service & Support
  • International Toll-Free Number: Availability & Price estimation

Some of the Distinguished 800 number services



AVOXI has been into global communications for a quite while now. AVOXI has been providing the toll free services not only in its home country, but also in more 119 countries globally. And AVOXI has been able to do this at a very affordable prices over the years.

These prices are affordable but are competitively better than the other services providers, as far as what they say they are. AVOXI is a well-known and reliable VOIP 800 number service provider nearing to provide services for roughly 2000 businesses globally.

AVOXI recalls and contrasts along the top of the line service providers for international toll free numbers. Besides that it figures out the way they rank high on the backlog, estimation, characteristics and services for support.

Ability to provide international toll free numbers for somewhat over and above 118 countries. Along with being able to provide the local number for roughly 2800-3000 cities worldwide. This makes AVOXI a world-class service provider in the first place.

Later to that AVOXI extends support to companies as to get connected with the customers irrespective of the customers’ business locations anywhere across the World.

2. WMX Global

WMX Global

WMX Global is a renowned international toll-free number service provider. As being available somewhere around 100 countries worldwide, shows the accuracy of the service being availed by the people and its customers all around.

Dissimilar to Toll-free Forwarding and Global Call forwarding, the WMX does give an option to buy online. They provide the services a bit differently than the others do. The individual needs to select a number of his choice.

Later to that, need to run a check on the availability of the number and the price or cost estimation

3. The Real PBX

tHE REAL pbx

Real PBX administers toll free numbers for “majority of the nations around the globe”. The list may include renowned regions like Ausralia, United States and Canada.

The Real PBX is able to provide an array of precise combination which perfectly matches the requirements of small and medium enterprises. While going on the thought of which of the services provided on aspects of costing and availability.

The cost estimation needs to be given the first preference while and before purchasing an international toll free service. Hence to get a clear view on which services should take into consideration for future use there is a need to contact the Real PBX.

As the Real PBX sales representative will have a better idea of the various specifications that could not be understood over the website.

4. Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding declares of giving services provided in more than 150 nations. The Global Call Forwarding offers a wide variety of features as compared with different service providers.

The services well, of course, could be purchased using the website, making the site a medium of purchase. Also, Global Call Forwarding cultivates a huge backlog. This represents the opportunity to lay hands on the difficult to procure numbers for various countries like the Gulf nations.

Similar to Toll-Free Forwarding even Global Call Forwarding has made it convenient to buy international toll-free numbers directly online.

5. Toll-Free Forwarding

Toll Free Forwarding

Toll Free Forwarding has been in providing toll free service for a very long time now. As it bids international toll free numbers for more than a 100 nations.

This is provided along with the local phone number services for major cities that is nearly around a figure of 1000 globally. Procurement of international toll free number can be done directly via the official site.

There is a dialog box which runs a check to confirm the status availability of the toll free numbers.

Just in case if the number is not available or there is problem with the availability of the sort of international toll free number you are looking for. Then there is a need to get in touch with a sales representative.

As they have a better insight on this subject/matter they need to be contacted to get the things done. On the website there is a green question mark for more help.

The green question mark could be able to cater to queries like additional information on how an international toll-free number could be purchased.

Apart from that what will be the terms and conditions along with a slight insight for getting the toll free number for different countries.

Cost Estimation


The international toll free service provider giants like Toll Free Forwarding, Global Call Forwarding and AVOXI it is very comfortable in comparing the prices with help of online shopping mechanisms.

An individual just needs to pick the country, choose the sort of number and choose the ring for SIP/VOIP phone number or address and the price estimate for numerous minute plans. AVOXI provides a add on attribute for hosted call recording in monthly, quarterly or yearly packages.

2. The Real PBX

Unlike the various International number providing services we have gone through, The Real PBX does charge on extra charges for some attributes just like extra extensions and call recordings.

3. WMX

The out of the box attributes pack crosses the expectations that is exceptional and required the standard requirements of most businesses.

It is created for small and medium enterprises that requires a more brief global solution. Hence there is a need to request a quote to get the pricing

4. Toll free forwarding

Toll free forwarding imposes an extra a periodical price to initiating the call recording trait. As these attributes is not included in the periodical charge paid for the minutes and international toll free services.

5. Global Call forwarding

While a standard subset of the features are available in the basic pack. Therefore the call transfer feature is available only when the monthly plan exceeds an amount of 500$


1. Features of AVOXI

Any toll free number purchased from AVOXI is packed with more than 40 world class attributes. As there are no hidden charges for required aspects like call transfers or group calls. The renowned features are as follows

  • Call Recording
  • Call Groups (Hunt Groups, or Ring Groups)
  • Call Forwarding
  • Time of Day Routing
  • IVR

2. Features of International Toll Free Number Service

  • Majority of the international toll free services are packed with a standard set of management for call features.
  • The standard features may comprise differently from one provider to another.
  • Also a handful of the features are applicable only in the premium packs or could be used as an additional add-on

3. Features of Toll Free Forwarding

Similarly just like the international toll free number services providers Toll Free Forwarding makes available characteristics like advanced call management such as

  • Voicemail to Email
  • IVR (Virtual Attendant)
  • Real Time Call Reporting
  • Fax to Email
  • Call Recording*
  • Call Forwarding

4. Features of Global Call forwarding

Any toll free number coming right from Global Call forwarding comes packed with a powerful set of in-built characteristics which are,

  • Transfer of call
  • Improved Forwarding of Call
  • Advanced IVR
  • Recording of calls
  • Call Listing (Blocking as in Black & White Lists)

5. Real PBX

Unlike any international toll free number service provider The Real PBX functioning is done with the help of PBX platform. The Real PBX is packed with multiple attributes which is coupled by all those features provided by Global Call Forwarding and Toll Free Forwarding. But the other features are mentioned below

  • Call Hunting
  • Call Conferencing
  • Click to Call
  • Unified Messaging

6. WMX Global

WMX Global does provide international toll free services with an addition with the below mentioned attributes which are as follows

  • Custom IVR Available in 170 Languages
  • Automatic International Testing
  • Follow Me/Find Me
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Mobile (U.I) User Interface
  • Call Reporting

Customer Support

At present managing the international toll free numbers are very convenient to direct and administer. However if the customer still has further problems which are likely to arise in near future. That is the reason why every product or service are all backed by customer service.


Being slightly different AVOXI does provide a 24*5 customer service and support along with a 24*7 emergency customer support. The customer service provides the service support along with multiple platforms and user interfaces for customer.

These platforms may include the support by chat, phone call and mail. The chat support manages to reach with an online portal.

This ensures a snappy and faster revert to technical issues. Apart from that the AVOXI is able to provide content support and how-to on the official website

2. The Real PBX

The Real PBX also provides all the time and anytime customer service support via various platforms. The mediums of customer service may include phone call, mail, and chat. Besides that it is also equipped with the “Self-Care Access” functionality.

3. WMX Global

The WMX Global do not share the customer service and support on the site. Nevertheless they declared they had an award snagging support and service team. This team is furnished with the “3rd line standards,” which could be explained as any staff executive is well trained. With prerequisite knowledge sufficient to revert to the technical queries

4. Toll Free Forwarding

The Toll Free Forwarding giant does not provide a total 24*7 and 365 days round the year customer support. However it is not so far either. The customer service and support team is available to help which follows the Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

It is completely fine if you have no idea on how the estimate the Pacific Daylight Time, the Toll Free Forwarding has an inbuilt notified on support page. This indicates when the support team is available to help you out and be of assistance.

5.Global Call Forwarding

However as compared with the Toll Free Forwarding they usually provide a 24*7 customer service and support.

The organization has two head offices. One of them is located at Delray Beach, Florida, US and other one back in Wattana, Bangkok. Besides this the Global Call Forwarding also has a page which addresses the FAQs on the site.


Hence that justifies that even the small business owners and small organizations should have an 800 number service. But on the internet when everyone has got something similar to sell to you when you are looking for something.

This may lead to a confusion. And sometimes may lead to a decision which may directly cause a wrong purchase. Which no one wants to happen? There is always a question that comes to our mind when purchasing an 800 services.

Which among all of them is the best, simple, and affordable service? A small business may just need a service that they could almost completely rely on and that is it.

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