9 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2021

The higher the subscriber rate, the more people know about your business, and, accordingly, use your services/goods, etc. Before figuring out how to gain more followers on Insta, one important step is to fully optimize the profile/account and make it modern.

It might sound obvious, but on this social media, your bio and image help form the foundations of your brand. Also, it’s necessary to renew the avatar picture and the style of posts. Photos must be thought out: add interactive elements, remove background, attach stickers, and so on. After completing the milestones, explore new ways to acquire users this year.

  1. Tell about your Instagram page on other social networks, and also mention links in the comments to other people’s posts. To attract an audience, create intrigue in your publication, write down the benefits that users could receive if they go to your Insta account and subscribe.

2. Engage users to interact with accounts through stories. Offer to ask a question or answer them, arrange a vote, or a game, for example, to find something in your stories published during the day.

3. Insta makes it possible to post long IGTV videos for up to 1 hour. So you can show your product, for example, the entire new collection, answer videos to frequently asked questions, show the insides of business, etc.

4. Using a geo-tag you attract those who are nearby. This means that most likely the neighbors will not pass by and sign. Besides, geotagging allows you to show the publication to interested users. If you took several photos in one place, then when publishing, indicate different geo.

5. Save your QR code and add it to your business cards, your car, any printed matter. In this way, you get an additional audience. Just go to the QR code section, save or print it.

6. Targeted advertising. With this tool, you can pinpoint people who are interesting to you, and who might be interested in your product.

Instagram QR

7. Try to run a contest among your subscribers. Promise to send a gift, and specify likes as conditions for participation. This way increases the engagement of your followers well and will be able to attract new ones. The time of the competition should be optimal: not too short and not too long, so that people do not get tired of waiting for a prize. Five or seven days, for example.

8. Also, you can ask your acquaintances, friends, or clients to tag you in a photo or a story. Do the same yourself. Then subscribers of the marked page are more likely to visit the page.

9. Find bloggers who have a target audience, turn on post notifications to respond quickly, and have time to check in during an active post. Read and write a personal opinion on the topic. Use subtle humor in your own comments, it always hits the audience well. In addition to the message itself, comment on the views of others. Interaction is always a good way to find and keep your audience.

Instagram Post

Last but not least, when you make your Instagram subscribers happy, you see a return in audience growth. There are many tips for brainstorming and content planning, so put them into practice so that your brand’s voice feels real. Instagram continues to grow in popularity with audiences, so using these tips to gain users will help you expand your reach.

 Promotion of an account on social networks helps to add brand awareness, attract new traffic, or simply make money through a blog. The main thing is to work with your account regularly. Good luck with attracting new followers this year! 

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