A Sustainable Job in Tech

Ever since the third technological revolution, which involved the rise of digital technology over more analog methods, the entirety of the tech industry has been expanding almost at the equivalent of the expansion of the universe.

With how fast developments have been birthed and the industry constantly fluctuating its focus on different areas within tech, the idea of specializing in a certain niche field may seem cumbersome and unsustainable from a career perspective, yet the gamble just might be worth it for a long term goal

The Current Career Situation in Technology 

Currently, we are seeing high turnover rates in some areas of the tech industry, especially in software and the internet industry. Not only is attrition high in the industry, but there also are high levels of bias present in the recruiting stages, becoming apparent when looking at gender-employee statistics within the sector that shows only 26% of employees are women. 

The high turnover rates can be easily attributed to how drastically demand rises within the sector and how compensation follows suit. There is an over-saturation of top talent within the recruit pool, and the constant new offers create an environment where companies are essentially playing checkers with each other’s employees. 

How to Approach a Tech Job

Keeping Growth in Mind 

The first step to having a sustainable approach to working in the technology industry is to accept that growth will be necessary as well as adaptability. Having such a mindset entails you to want to learn new things and to keep in mind that there is always new information to apprehend. 


Knowing more than one specialization already makes you sought after since you are able to tag in on other projects and become a greater asset to the company. Your own personal curiosity and versatility make it so that companies want to keep you longer as well, especially if they stick to the hire-to-retire model for employee maintenance. 

Remember your Importance

The company you work for doesn’t own you, and embracing the competitive nature of the industry might also mean being open to more frequent switches. Loyalty is of less importance than just getting the jobs done well. If you’re willing to gamble with accepting better offers, this line of work will probably suit your needs.

Take on Harder Work 

You need to keep wanting new projects since this line of work does require a growth mindset. If you aren’t challenging yourself at work or the company you are at isn’t either, you are bound to get bored and seek alternative workplaces.

What to Foresee

We are reaching a completely new chapter in the digital revolution regarding some new software, hardware, and general technologies. From smart homes to implanted NFC chips, we are slowly but surely headed for a futuristic society that will need inventors, developers, and increasingly more employees to work in technology industries, so opting for them is a solid plan.

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