Top 5 Angie’s list competitors for hiring home contractors

angies list competitors

Many people are a fan of a very popular website called Angie’s list for hiring the local business. Here this website is able to offer a portal for the people who want to get all the information and for the people who does not trust the reviews which are given by anonymous people or the websites with free directory.

angies list competitors

All of the review that you will find on this website is given by the people who have paid for the subscription of this website or they are third party verified people who did really hire the company you are looking at. All the reviews that you will find here also do include all the details, ratings which are comprehensive across the key services which are about the contractors of home service. There are some companies that you will find on this website which can also be hired easily through their website. Good this is there is a chance that you might get some discount over here.

This website is one such website which you will find very difficult to use if you live outside the United States of America and this is one of the biggest downside which I found in this website. Also of you want to use this website there, and then you need to pay if you want to use this website. Also you will be able to see that the services that are provided in the basic tier on this website are very much limited but you pay a cheaper amount here. When you go for the tier which is expensive, you will be able to find that you are getting much more.

There is a quite good chance that users might need to go for an alternative for a second opinion or just for a change. For those people we have listed websites like angie’s list in this article. Here we are going to tell you about each one of these websites and we are also going to give all of the information that you may need.

1. Porch


This is one of the best alternatives to the website Angie’s list which do have a specialization in repairing of homes and also the renovation of them. Here first of all you need to fill the details related to your project in the Pouch.  Here on this website you will also need to take some of the photos of your home and the area in which you want to get the work to be done. Then you will have to give the description of what kind of work you want to get done and you also have to tell them about the budget of yours.

After you are done with all this, Porch is going to create a connection between a professional and you who is also using this website and shows his/her interest in your work and wants to do that job. The website is going to further send you emails and also text messages related to the job of yours. You will also be able to have a check on the licensing, the work history, details of the company, reviews given by the customers and much more.

After you are done with all this, you will be able to hire the person that you want. This platform is completely free for both the pros and the customers. This website is currently available only in this United States of America.

2. Thumbtack


This is one such website which is very much similar to Angie’s list. This is a website which does work on personal levels more. Here you will have to answer some of the question on their website and also you will have to tell what kind of work you want to get done. When you are done with that, the professionals that are sitting on this website will have a look at your job and will than send you the quotes which are made by them according to your work requirements which will include the information regarding your business, the estimation of the prices, also the reviews given by the customers who got their work done previously. All of this you will get in a form of personal message.

One you get all of these messages, it is completely up to you that what company you want to choose for your job and you think that one is best suited for your business. This website completely free to use and all the customers can use it. This website is also limited to the United States of America only.

3. Houzz


This website is similar to the website I mentioned above Porch. This is one another company which is quite like Angie’s list which does have specialization in trying to help you find easily professionals which you will be able to hire for the repairing and also renovation of your home and also the property surrounded by you. This website does consist of tools which will help you in designing the areas in your home and also you will be able to discover and then hire the correct professionals which will be suited most for the job you want to get done.

Here you will also be able to buy some of the furniture for your home and also you can view some advices on decoration and caring of home from other users that are also present in this community. This website is completely free for both the professionals and also the customers to use. Good part here is, this website is also available in countries other than the United States of America.

4. HomeAdvisor


This website is also quite similar to Houzz and porch and is another great website available on the web. The sites like HomeAdvisor does focus on the work of home property. This platform is completely free for both the professionals and the customers to use. This website do consist a lot of tools which will help you in renovating your home. This website is good for the people who want to hire great professionals for getting the work done that they need, to find the information and also the reviews of the locals, also it does consist a guide for the people for who what to figure out their budget for their home renovation.

This is a very good website and a good Angie’s list alternative. Here the downfall is that it is only available for the users of United States of America.

5. Consumer’s Check

Consumer’s Check

Consumer’s Checkbook does stand out in the list of top Angie’s List alternatives due to the fact that it is one such project of group of an independent and also non-profit consumer group of advocacy. It does survey the inhabitants of all the various high in population areas in United States for example the Washington, Chicago,  Boston, and also the San Francisco) and also does get the ratings on the directory of their local business, from the health care  to the car repairing to the personal finance and to the renovation of the homes.

This place is a good angies list competitor. Here you will have to get a subscription if you want to see more and then just get some general advice.


So this was the list of top 5 websites like angie’s list.  We hope you like the article and it was use to you. If you have any other good similar website then you can share it in the comments down below.


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