Are Live TV Apps Legal to Use?

We have tons of ways to entertain ourselves and television is one of the most common ways. But now Smart technology has made it possible for us. So we can enjoy such programs on electronic gadgets such as smartphones and tablets or even smart TVs. 

However, some of you may don’t know whether they have any kind of legitimacy or not. Because no one wants to investigate such things and just enjoy the stuff. But it is necessary to know whether you can use them or even they are legal or not.

Therefore, in today’s article, I am going to educate you regarding the question. There are so many legal apps such as HotStar and illegal as well such as Pkashoo. But this article will also help you to figure out which is legal and which is not. So, you must give a read to this article.

What are Live TV Apps?

Before we move towards the main topic, I just want to let you know what these Live TV Apps are and how they work. Once you will understand the idea or concept of these tools, then you will probably be able to decide which one has legitimacy and which one has not. 

Basically, smartphones are not only used for communication or games, rather you can watch televisions programs. Sometimes you can do that by simply downloading any recorded video from the internet or YouTube. But Live channels or Live TV apps are different. 

So, they allow users to stream the programs live. There are thousands of such apps that allow you to stream channels on Smartphones. Most of these apps are available for Android and iOS users miss these apps usually because they do not let the third-party apps operate that easily.

Image of Live TV Apps

Further, they have strict policies and do not allow the tools that violate the copyrights policies. However, Android OS is quite open and you can use any app or game on it. Although they are also against such things they do not take such measures as the iOS does. 

Therefore, you get a little freedom on Android mobile phones. Basically, live Tv apps can be divided into two main groups free and paid. Most of the free sources are illegal and most of the paid ones are legal most of the time because they pay for the producers to get authorization to broadcast their programs. 

Meanwhile, the free apps do not bother to do such things and most of the time you cannot come to know about the developers. Because it is illegal to share content without any kind of authorization or license. Therefore, they are most of the time illegal. 

List of Some Legal Apps to Stream TV Channels

Here are so many of them which allow you to stream live TV channels legally. So, they are safe and you can try them on your phone. However, you will have to pay some cash for that. They charge you on a monthly and yearly basis. 

In order to use such apps, you need to pay the subscription charges every month or year. So, they are quite expensive and most people do not bother to try them out. However, there are some people who are allergic to illegal items therefore, they pay and adopt a legal process for entertainment. 

Here are some of the best and most famous Live TV streaming apps. If you are looking for some reliable and safe apps, then I would suggest you have a look at them. The following apps include.

  • YouTube TV
  • Hulu Live TV
  • DirecTV
  • HotStar
  • FuboTV
  • And A Few Paid IPTV Apps

Is it Safe to Use Illegal Live TV Streaming Apps?

No, it is not safe at all. Although you will find some apps that can be safe, however, that is not guaranteed. Therefore, one cannot consider them absolutely safe. Most of the time they display adult and unsafe ads that can damage your phone or data. 

Furthermore, these apps do not provide any kind of age filter while offering adult content. So, from that prospect, these are not safe as well. However, you can also find some apps that are to some extend safe but still one cannot guarantee whether they are completely safe or not. 

Because there you don’t have any kind of information regarding the developers, team, or any other support system. All the details are mostly hidden and that can be quite risky again. Therefore, it is better to avoid the usage of such apps on those devices that carries sensitive data.

However, it does not affect the users of the app whether that is legal or not except for the developers. Because they can get into trouble from a legal point of view. Even they can land in jail for developing and sharing content without the authorization of the producers. 


I have tried to educate you about the Live TV Apps whether these are safe or not. However, in the end, the choice is yours whether you want to use these platforms on your phones or not. The purpose of this article is to entertain and educate you about such forums rest is up to you.

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