Best Android Selfie Apps to Download in 2021

Capturing movements is quite easy using the latest digital devices. Android devices have the largest number of active users with selfie features. Therefore, we are here with the Best Android Selfie Apps, which offers advanced-level services for the users.

In any digital Smartphone, there are tons of features available in these devices, which people love to access and enjoy. So, one of the best features is to store your movements safely, which is why people love to take pictures using their Smartphones.

What are Android Selfie Apps?

Android Selfie Apps are applications, which are specially developed for Android devices. These applications run only on Android devices and provide better picture-making services for the users. These apps provide the best services to record or capture any movement using your Android device.

Camera feature in any device is quite important and people always want to get the quality of camera phones. You can find tons of devices with a high-resolution picture capturing abilities, which provide the finest services.

The cameras provide better quality images, but in this digital era, only quality isn’t enough. People want to share their movements with others, on social media platforms, and other things. So, getting just a picture of the original quality will not attract people.

Most of the users want to attract others using their pictures. Therefore, using some of the best available apps is one of the best options. If you guys want to Download some new Selfie Apps, then stay with us and know about some of the best apps.

Image of Android Selfie Apps


Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, which provides multiple services for users. The platform provides multiple lenses, which makes different changes in the pictures. So, here you will find some of the best and largest collections of filters.

There are multiple lenses available, which are officially and fans developed. So, here you will get a simple and attractive lens to take selfies. The platform also provides additional services, which you can explore in the application.


Afterlight is one of the most powerful picture editing applications, which provides multiple features and services. Here you will get some of the best and advanced-level tools, which you can use to edit any image on your Android device.

The platform provides multiple tools, wide collections of filters, multiple textures, and many more features. Users only need to use the available tools and make multiple changes in the image to improve the quality to make it attractive.

Candy Camera

One of the best and popular applications to take selfies is Candy Camera, which is quite popular on the internet. Millions of users actively use the platform and make their media more attractive. So, start using one of the finest selfie pictures and enjoy your free time.

Here users will get some of the best and largest collection of free services, but there are also some premium features available for the users. Getting access to premium features isn’t compulsory for the users, which means you can access the app without investment.


Making anime pictures is one of the most popular things on social media platforms. So, with PhotoDirect. You will get simple features to change any image into anime. The platform provides the best animation tools for editing.

Here you will also get simple tools, which you can use in other types of editing services. A photo collage system is also available, through which you can add multiple pictures in one photo. There are more features available, which you can explore in the app.


Retica offers some of the advanced-level camera filters for the users, which users can easily use to take selfies. The system provides a built-in camera for the users, which also supports direct filters and effects. So, you can explore the available free filters and choose the finest one.

Similarly, there are tons of more features available in the app, which you can explore. The app even provides information about your last movements and locations. So, get access to the app and enjoy spending your quality time on the platform.

These are some of the best available apps on the internet, which you can use and make your movements more special. There are tons of more apps available on the internet, but most of those apps affect the quality of the image.

Therefore, we shared some of the best applications here with you guys, which offers some of the finest services. So, if you want to access all these amazing apps, then download them on your Android device and start using them.


With these Android Selfie Apps, through which anyone can easily make their pictures more attractive. So, if you want to enjoy your free time and save your movements in the most beautiful ways, then here is one of the best options available for you guys.

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