Best Cheep Cellphone Plans Right now

Are you tired of paying too much for the service provided by your network provider company?

Well, let me tell you that if you can change your network provider and look for and alternative, than there are other providers too which can provide you service with network plans for even $10 for a month.

cheap cell phone plans

If you want data which is unlimited to use or you might want it at the price which is lowest of all, then the network plan for your cell phone would be the one provided by the companies which are smaller. Companies like unreal mobile, Cricket wireless and Total mobile are some of them at which you can look at.

First of all let me tell you how you can select the network plan which is best for you –

How can you identify that one of the deals that the network providers provide you is good you? Here we give you one of the most frequent questions that are needed to be answered when you try to change your network service provider.

Once you are done with the reading of the points that we provide to you, you will be able to compare between the services and the plans that are provided to you by your provider to the plans provided by the other network providers.

How much about of data you need?

When you go for the plans which offer unlimited data, they do charge you a good amount of money. There is a chance that you might be a person who uses less data as compared to other users or you are a person who has a Wi-Fi connection at both your homes and your office. If you have such kind of facility or your use is very less a than you can go for the plans which offers you data at fixed amount and which lasts for longer period of time. This would help you to get the plans for an amount which is a lot cheaper than the unlimited ones.

Which one is the best network?

Each and every provider of a service which is wireless has a map of coverage on their website. If you feel happy and  satisfied with what kind of network is provided to you by the service provider of yours, then you can also consider a carrier which have the same tower as of your provider’s and offers the same service for a much cheaper price. If you want to do this, then you will have to do a little bit of homework by going on your service provider’s website and checking the map of coverage provided by them.

Family plan or Single plan?

Many people might not know about this but you can also get plans at a lower price for every line if you decide to try to get more lines from the same provider and decides to get a complete plan for 2, 3 or 4 phones. Companies want to sell their network to more and more people and want their network to be used as extensively as possible, so if you have the same network in all of your family then companies offer you a type of network which can be shared between people and it will cost to less than the one which you will use alone.

Postpaid or Prepaid?

Most of the people know the difference between them, but still if anyone doesn’t know the difference between them then let me explain it to you. Postpaid is a type of service in which you will have to pay for the service when you the total amount of time is finished and its time for the billing cycle to end and in the case of a prepaid plan, you will have to pay the charges of the plan before you use it, that is in advance.

Is your cellphone compatible?

Most of the network carriers that are in this business will sell you a phone which is new, but in a case where you want to use the device that you own, you should have the device to be unlocked. You will have to check if the network provider’s website is compatible to you device or not before you go for the sign up.

We are going to give you the best plan in each category of cheapest cell phone service –

Best plan in each category –

1. Best unlimited plan –

Cricket wireless is according to us the best prepaid provider in cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything. Here is what they offer –

Plan – They offer unlimited plan.

Monthly charges – The cost for a single line network wary from $50 to $55 for a month.

Network – (coverage map) T and AT

Use your own mobile – (compatibility check) yes

2. Best 5gb plans for data –

Total wireless is the provider which offers this plan for best price. Here is what it offers –

Plan – Unlimited text, unlimited call and 5 GB data

Monthly charges – The cost here is $33.20 to $35 which is auto renewable. You can also bring your own number and get 50% data more.

Network – (coverage map) Verizon

Use your own phone – (check compatibility) yes

3. Best Family Plan –

In this category the best provider is T-Mobile. Here is what they offer –

Plan – name of the plan is T-Mobile one

Monthly charges – You can get 4 lines of network fir an amount of $140 which has a feature of auto pay. The fees and the taxes are both included in it.

Network – (coverage map) T-Mobile

Use your own mobile – (compatibility check) Yes

So these were 3 best plans in 3 different categories. You can choose any one of them according to your need. All of them offer the best services.

Final Thoughts –

So these were the best cheap cellphone plans. All of the plans that we provided were the best cell phone plans and you can also compare cell phone plans of other company with them.

So if you found this article helpful on cheapest phone plans then let us know in the comments below.

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