Best Online Education Programs To Jumpstart a Teaching Career

Teaching is a rewarding profession. However, you might end up in the same job role for several years if you don’t upgrade your knowledge and skills. And that’s where online programs come in. They are flexible, affordable, and can be completed from anywhere.

With a shortage of teachers, qualified educators are needed now more than ever. Listed below are the education programs worth considering that can jumpstart your teaching career.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Students get to learn general education subjects and exposure to education theory. The course imparts knowledge and techniques relevant to childhood education. Teachers are also taught problem-solving skills and strategies for effective classroom management. Some of the classes to expect are:

  • Education psychology
  • Teaching principles
  • Learning assessment

If you are looking for job security, BS in elementary education is the right degree because it’s predicted that by 2029 there will be an increase in jobs for elementary teachers. Besides, master’s programs or graduate degrees in elementary education are available for working teachers who want to advance their skills and teaching methods.

Education Supervisor Degree

While a degree or college diploma is a requirement for someone who wants to become a supervisor in the education environment, you need a master’s to oversee a specific department. Overall, the supervisor role involves overseeing curriculum development. You must have excellent communication skills and love interacting with other people because the supervisory role requires you to work closely with teachers.

If you are a teacher who also wants to pursue this degree online, you might get overwhelmed with assignments. In such a case, you can send “write my essay” requests to a subject expert. The trick to getting value for money and avoiding falling into the hands of scammers is to hire a qualified professional from a trustworthy essay writing service. Check as they are known to have qualified individuals. When it comes to the steps, you need to become an education supervisor, research, and enroll in a university that will make it smooth to achieve your professional goals.

Curriculum and Instruction Master’s

If you are a certified classroom teacher, you can enroll in a course that considers a teacher’s current needs and profession. Most universities offer a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction as an online course, so you don’t need to travel many miles just to get an education. Once a student enrolls for this course, they will be required to complete around 18 credit hours.

The course aims to impart various lessons, including working with diverse learners, current research methodologies, improving classroom practice, education research methods, and behavior management. Students who graduate have a chance to work in numerous positions such as instructional coordinator, education, and curriculum specialists. Program completion can take 2-4 years.

EdS in Educational Leadership

This is an educational specialist degree program designed to provide theory and knowledge related to education. It’s ideal for teachers who want to take a leadership role in the education environment. The course focuses on leadership for school improvement, decision-making, and much more. 

After graduating, teachers can seek a promotion to become assistant principal, department head, principal, lead teacher, curriculum supervisor, or superintendent.

For applicants to be considered for admission in most universities, they must be employed in a public or private school. Students should expect to combine coursework with performance-based activities. Apart from coursework, this course incorporates clinical practice.

It also links both the theoretical and philosophical framework of educational leadership to actual practice. Overall, through this course, teachers have an opportunity to connect theory and practice and assess professional strengths.

Superintendent Certification Program

Superintendents of education are responsible for the supervision of assigned schools. They use schools’ resources to ensure there is quality education and improvement. The program can be completed in two semesters in an online format.

In such a case, you will be required to take a practicum course to gain job experience and ensure the practical application of theory. Practicum is a valuable component of professional education.

Teachers need the practicum to get direction from someone who is more experienced. It is also a way to get supported entry to the profession where the teacher can practice under the guidance of highly experienced and trained practitioners in a supportive environment.

Apart from an internship, in some institutions, students taking this course have to give a capstone presentation to prove how they have achieved professional competence. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills from other contexts to education. This certification program shows you are ready to take the necessary steps to facilitate student success.

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