Best Tools To Perform SEO Content Audit In 2022

Content is the most important part of your resource. Of course, you have to optimize links, headings, and the code itself. Don’t forget about links to your site placed on other resources. By the way, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can order the most powerful link juice. But even the most effective backlinks can’t help if the visitors won’t like the text and pictures on the pages. 

It’s hard to estimate the performance of your content by sight; that’s why specialists use special instruments for this job. In this article, we’ll review the best free and paid content audit tools you can utilize during the optimization. 

Obviously, the simplest solution is to hire a special person. If you are opting for this idea, read about reputation management basics to select the best candidate. But if you want to do the content audit yourself or prefer to have an idea about the process, learn about the tools that can come in handy.

The Nature of Content Audit

In simple words, this process means frequently checking all the texts, images, and videos on your resource in order to estimate their efficiency. It’s an important procedure that gives you precious information, allows mistakes correction, and improves the texts and media files in time. This type of audit shows:

  • the number of visitors:
  • the time they spend on your pages;
  • the most popular materials;
  • the articles visitors don’t like, etc.

You should also pay attention to data safety. It’s not a direct part of content marketing, but it’s a closely related field. On this page, you can read the detailed reasoning regarding the importance of cyber security. 

The Tools for Better Results

Let’s dive into the topic and see what instruments are indispensable for managing the content of your resource.


This is the complex solution for multi-level analysis of the site. In fact, you can use it for multiple purposes. It can help in link building and evaluating the most important SEO metrics of the site. Regarding the content, this tool offers several valuable reports. For example, it can show you the ranking of the pages from the most popular to the least visited.

With the help of Ahrefs, you can see the keywords you missed in your articles in comparison with the competitors. In short, it’s the best content audit software for web marketing. This app is suitable for planning, monitoring, and correcting content.

Yoast SEO Plugin

This tool is a must-have for any WordPress site. It has many functions helping to optimize the content and links. It analyzes articles and blog posts and suggests possible improvements to headings, photos, and videos on the page, placing the text in a certain category and many other useful factors.

This plugin effectivity grows if you post multiple materials, and it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Valuable sorting options help to show the areas that require more attention graphically. They also give information about especially popular topics.


Perfect grammar is a strong requirement for any blog or site. Mistakes ruin the overall impression and create a poor image of your company. This service checks your texts and suggests corrections. It also shows the proper mire wording and makes the text easier to read.

This instrument may seem simple, but it’s necessary for any resource. Even a free version gives plenty of suggestions and helps to make the articles almost perfect. The full functionality won’t miss even the slightest mistake.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an obligatory tool for SEO content audit. The special value of this service is the analysis from the search mechanism point of view. It means that you see the same reports Google considers while ranking. The dashboard is intuitive and easy to manage, and you’ll easily get reports about your site’s performance. On the graphs and diagrams, you’ll spot the weak points you have to enhance.

The service provides many unique data, for example, the sources of your traffic. You’ll see what backlinks are working and what articles need further improvement. If you were to choose only one tool, we’d definitely recommend this one. It provides all the information you need to make the site effective.

Screaming Frog

This is the app for your PC, and it can be extremely helpful when it comes to content audits. The program shows all the problems with meta titles and descriptions, spots broken links, and finds bad variants for interlinking. It actually can show you the entire structure of the internal links connecting different sections of your resource. This feature is great for increasing retention rate and improving the inner structure of the site.


The plugins, programs, and services mentioned in this article check the texts on your resource from different perspectives. In combination, they create the entire picture, and you can see the weak points and the strengths of the articles. It means that you’ll get clear directions for optimization and improvements leading to success.

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