Best video editing software in 2021

Video has always captivated the audience by providing a holistic view of the content. With the rise of smartphones, ameteures have started exploring the realms of video creation to express their ideas. These days, most people do not restrict themselves to merely filming videos and instead explore the horizons of video editing.

The gradual increase in the demand for video editing has paved the way for the development of video editing mobile applications. There are so many applications available in PlayStore and AppStore that people often find it confusing to identify the best bet. In this article, we simplify matters for you and present a list of the top eight video editing software tools of 2021.


Quik automates the process of video editing by analysing the clip for color and frame detection. The footage is then framed, and you can then take up the editing. Quik is one of the most versatile editing tools in the market and is loaded with 26 theme choices, diverse graphics, fonts, and filters.

Depending on the platform where you intend to post your video, you can choose to have your footage in 1080p or 720p. The tool also allows you the luxury of squaring or editing your videos in portrait mode for sharing on social media. It is one of the few tools to allow AI-powered editing assistance.

Adobe Premiere Clip

If your video editing needs are restricted to the creation of basic videos, then you can use the Adobe Premiere Clip. The tool has an automatic editing function that lets you edit a video in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can go for the advanced customised editing functions where you manually duck the dialogue volume over dialogue, trim and rotate the clips and so on.

Adobe Premiere Clip gives you diverse options while selecting titles, transitions, and other special effects. While this tool is available for free, it seamlessly integrates with other Adobe products such as Lightroom, Capture CC and Premiere Pro.


InVideo is an intuitive editing tool that gives you comfortable access to editing specific elements of your video. The drag-and-drop feature has high precision, and you get a lot of creative freedom. While the tool has more than 3500 templates, you also have the luxury of starting with a blank template and adding elements on the go.

InVideo has a free plan that allows you to export 60 videos every month. However, if you want to work on more videos or are keen to do away with the watermark, then you can go for the premium version of InVideo that start at $20 per month. The support offered by InVideo is a class apart, making it a preferred choice among video editing enthusiasts.


WeVideo allows you the luxury of experimenting with creative elements such as motion effects, texts, and transmissions. The cloud storage feature of WeVideo allows you to work on multiple devices and effectively pick up from where you left it off. WeVideo comes with an easy-to-use interface and is recommended for people who do not have prior editing experience.

Although the tool is available for free, the free version has limited functionality and comes with a watermark. You can opt for the upgrade plans that start at $4.99 per month and get access to a huge library of loyalty-free video clips.


Preloaded in all Apple devices, Clips is one of the best tools to create animated captions or auto-appearing live titles. The Selfie Scenes allows you to choose 360-degree backdrops and automatically detects people in the video. You then get the option of sharing your videos with the people whose faces were detected by the too.

While using Clips, you can experiment with animated emojis and use music tracks that automatically adjust themselves to the length of your video. Thus, if you are new to video making, Clips will help you get comfortable with creating professional-quality videos.


If you are looking for a video editing tool that lets you create professional-quality videos, then KineMaster is the safest bet for you. Here, you can edit the video frame-by-frame and pre-render instant previews to understand what works for you. It is one of the few tools that allows audio speed control from 0.25x to 1.5x without any distortion to the pitch.

KineMaster allows you detailed two-layer video editing and you can work on granular editing. Up to four audio tracks can be edited at a time and you can upload unlimited audio clips. While there is a free version of the tool that comes with a waterpark, you can purchase the Pro edition by merely paying $4.99 monthly.


Mobile journalists and professional video producers are on the constant lookout for a tool that allows sophisticated video editing features and LumaFusion is a perfect solution to them. Here, the video effects include layer effects, several sophisticated titles, five-point color correction editor and a live audio track mixer.

It is priced at $19.99, and you can go for in-app purchases as per your need. The videos created with this tool are of superior quality and can be used for marketing or other professional purposes.


You can create 30-minute videos with PIcPlayPost by adding up to 365 pieces of digital content. Here, you can customise your brand logo, create a personal watermark and tailor your video in any way that you enjoy. The basic tool is available for free and you can go for in-app purchases for the best results.

PicPlayPost allows you to create videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio that are ideal for Instagram Stories. Here y7ou can reverse your videos in addition to changing the speed of the clip. PicPlayPost is compatible with MP4, making it a preferred video editing tool of modern times.

All the eight video editing tools discussed above have their specialities. You need to list out your expectations from a video editing tool and then compare it with the features of the tools discussed above to identify the one that works the best for you. After all, unless you have access to the best of tools, you cannot create high-quality videos.

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