Best Video Editor for YouTube (10+ Alternatives)

Are you a YouTube content creator? Do you want to make your videos go viral? Then you probably should start thinking about the tools you need to produce YouTube content that goes viral. Creating content is not easy. It takes a lot of work to make it successful. You need subscribers to like your content. In such cases, working with the perfect video editor tool can be a game-changer to get viewed by millions of users.

Nowadays, video content is much more popular than blogs or pictures. Watching videos is easier and more convenient than reading a long text or interpreting different ideas from blogs and photographs. Therefore, there emerged YouTubers, who knows exactly what they need. Let me tell you something special about being a successful YouTuber. They increase YouTube likes after choosing the right editor. They know the importance of editing their videos excellently, and what they need after, likes!

It’s reasonable to use the best video editor tools available to ensure your videos stand out from the crowd and gets noticed by the audience. To help you in this journey, we have curated a list of 10+ best video editing tools for YouTube that you can use to make your content stand out.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Video Editing Software

Best Video Editing Software

A good YouTube video editor not only has a significant impact on your content, but can also change the impact of the video on the viewers.

As a result, selecting the right video editing software to help polish your videos is essential. Knowing the criteria to choose the best free video editing software for YouTube content can make the difference between mediocre and professional-looking videos. It can help you create stunning content that brings in viewers and keeps them engaged.

After all, no one wants lackluster views or low engagement rates caused by lower image quality or outdated editing tools. So, as we put together this list of the best video editor for YouTube videos, we have highlighted a few criteria to work with:

Budget: Video editing software ranges from free to expensive. You should choose wisely depending on how much money you are willing to spend on a video editor tool.

Skill level: Video editor tools vary greatly in their capacities. Some are high-end, and are perfect for professional-level editors, and can even produce Hollywood movies. Others are less-complicated and great for first-time editors who’re just learning the ropes of editing videos. Your skill level should determine which of these software you go for.

Compatibility: You must ensure that the YouTube editor works on your system. Some editors are fit for Mac users only, and some are for Windows users only. The editors must be compatible with your system for you to use them.

If you are using other devices, such as a webcam, microphone, gaming console, camera, or screen recorder, the YouTube video editor must be compatible with those too.

YouTube Video Editing Software Features

With several free and paid video editing software available to choose from, you must keep in mind some features that are irreplaceable.

Many tools offer you special features that are amazing. While that’s great, don’t forget to check to see that it has the basics before choosing your own YouTube video editor.

Screen Recording

You should have a screen recorder if you are a gamer or you upload video files about online tutorials from your YouTube channel. This device can add a lot more flair to your YouTube content, other than just recording your screen. It should have background replacement functions, live streaming, and webcam capture.

Video Overlay

Overlay means adding “like” or “subscribe” buttons or any emoji or text that you want to put on your video projects. No matter what type of YouTuber you are, you should not work with a video editor that doesn’t have an overlay tool.

Music Stock Library

If you make a video with copyrighted music and sound effects, YouTube will take it down immediately because they are very strict about licensing laws. Therefore, it is best to find video editor tools with a royalty-free music library and sound effects library as well.

Templates on YouTube

If you are an amateur in editing videos, some tools might be easier to use. Tools that come with YouTube video templates or pre-set aspect ratios can give you a setup, so that you do not have to start from scratch. It can save a lot of time while editing, too. However, if you are past the beginner level, you might not need to worry much about these.

The Best Free Video Editing Software for YouTube

If you are looking for the best free video editing software to make videos for YouTube, the available options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several programs available that provide high-quality, professional results without breaking the bank. YouTube’s own editor, although basic and a little tricky to manage, is great to get you started.

Among the best video editing software for YouTube, some have a completely free version; others are paid. First, let’s look at the list of video editor programs that are absolutely free tools.

#1 Shotcut

Windows Movie Maker-like functionality is offered by Shotcut, a free open-source editing software that is accessible on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For example, the program lets you trim video clips to a specific length before converting them, and it has a magic movie wizard that provides filters and effects to give your video file a more polished appearance. Shotcut is capable of handling streaming in a range of formats, including HTTP, RTSP, and UDP.

Although the tool’s interface is simple, it is actually very thorough, and all its audio and video filters may be completely customized during the editing process. Best of all, since working on Shotcut is non-linear, you can add, remove, or adjust your modifications at any time.

#2 VSDC Video Editor

VSDC is the best free software for YouTube vloggers because it lets you record straight from your webcam or import old footage.

The program has a straightforward user interface and offers video editing features for applying “Instagram-like filters,” narration, titles, shapes, and other eye-catching visual and audio effects. Furthermore, VSDC enables direct export to your YouTube channel or some other social network.

You must uncheck the box next to “Use hardware support for encoding video” if you wish to export your videos from the free version. To do this, click the cog symbol in the top right corner and choose “Acceleration Options.”

#3 Da Vinci Resolve 15

Online and offline video editing, color grading, visual effects, and post-production audio effects are all possible with DaVinci Resolve 15. Additionally, the software enables you to collaborate with others while editing, which may be useful if your team includes several YouTube video editors.

The best part is that it provides outstanding SEO-boosting capabilities for your video, such as the ability to automatically categorize and display shaky video footage using Smart Bins based on metadata criteria. You can also add your own unique keywords and tags in your video for YouTube.

#4 Lightworks

LightWorks is the only professional program you need if you’re seeking something very customized. Although there is a free trial available, purchasing the product will provide a far richer user experience when editing videos.

LightWorks provides media production tools for nonlinear film editing with more than 100 special effects. Additionally, it supports resolutions up to 4K and is compatible with both HD and SD formats. Additionally, users can take advantage of a variety of royalty-free music and video content compliant with YouTube’s copyright policies.

Several new social media templates, like YouTube templates, video collage templates for fluid transitions, thumbnails, and much more, are included in the software and might be useful for publishing to a variety of channels.

#5 Magisto

Magisto is a video editing software that makes editing easier for people who are not skilled to handle more complicated procedures. This interface, which was made for inexperienced and rookie video editors, leverages AI to produce videos quickly.

Users simply need to submit video and audio files; the program handles the majority of the work according to the specified video style. On PCs or mobile devices, editors can use its expert auto-editing features, which include face detection, filters, and more.

Magisto’s user-friendly, streamlined procedure provides a productive approach to producing commercial movies and stunning YouTube videos at scale on Android and iOS devices.

The Best Premium Video Editing Software for YouTube Videos

If you’re looking to up your YouTube game, premium video editing software is the way to go. Enabling advanced customization and control over feature-rich media, these top-tier programs will take your videos to the next level.

Whether it’s 4K Ultra HD capabilities, motion capture, or an array of other advanced options; there’s a premium editing solution that can cater to your individual needs and help you realize your creative vision.

With powerful tools at your disposal plus drag-and-drop editing controls all unified in a clean user interface, you can produce professional grade content with minimal effort. Investing in quality software is key when it comes to delivering high-caliber YouTube video content.

#1 Wondershare Filmora

This application, which bills itself as “a YouTube video editor for all producers,” is remarkably simple to use regardless of your level of expertise. Using Filmora9, you can spice up your content for YouTube and captivate your viewers by adding video and audio filters, overlays, transitions, and custom titles.

The program also has audio tools, adjuster functions, key-framing tools, and background music removal features. This is the best video editing software, equipped with excellent tools for layering your clips and mixing multiple videos into one. It allows you import a maximum of 100 material layers.

#2 Movavi Video Editor

With the use of various effects, video stabilization, transitions, and movable color profiles, you may produce beautiful videos with this software. It is simple to use, allowing you to even add voiceovers and music in the background from your own audio files or from Movavi’s collection.

You don’t need any prior video editing skills to start using this video editing program because it makes even the most challenging jobs simple, like split-screen and even motion tracking.

Most importantly, you may have audio-editing options to improve audio quality by adjusting volume and eliminating background noise.

If you’re seeking really high-quality videos footage, you can save files in 4K resolution and export the outcomes in any video format. To further push your final work, you may publish your completed videos directly to TikTok, Google Drive, Vimeo, and YouTube.

#3 Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro, the popular software among professional video editors, YouTubers, TV editors, and Hollywood filmmakers, provides all the artistic tools required to produce professional videos.

The color grading, data visualization, and background noise removal functions are all included in Premiere Pro. Additionally, Premiere Pro now includes Premiere Rush CC, an app that enables you to edit a video for YouTube on your phone before sharing it directly to social media sites.

#4 VideoStudio

Even a novice YouTube video editor can easily operate the superb video editing program, VideoStudio. This program provides all the necessary tools for storyboarding and sound editing for videos up to 4K resolution. Users can gain a speed advantage from using VideoStudio because it contains customizable auto video creation tools that helps you work quickly.

Highlight Reel maker is another tool on the software that makes editing your videos easier. It would be a wise move to launch your Channel on YouTube with VideoStudio’s assistance if you hope to develop your material to professional standard.

#5 Pinnacle Studio 24

Pinnacle Studio 24 is an editing program designed for video aficionados who want to create videos that are distinctive and captivating. Along with high-end key features like motion tracking, color correction, and quick rendering, this software also supports VR and 360 camera footage in its Studio Ultimate bundle.

Pinnacle’s effects library goes beyond the capabilities of the aforementioned functions. It enables users to make frame-by-frame changes for improved video masking or warping of video speed for breathtaking visual effects. Aside from its key features, it may also make screen recording or multi cam editing easier, making it ideal for a range of YouTube series formats.

#6 CyberLink Power Director 365

With new effects, music samples, and general enhancements provided each month, PowerDirector subscribers can experience video and audio applications to make stunning videos for YouTube. This program differs from others in that it gives you advanced features for your recordings that are akin to those in Photoshop.

The easy-to-use interface where you edit videos for YouTube frame by frame also allows you to enjoy generating vector shape designs for appealing YouTube titles and transitions. CyberLink PowerDirector has a steep learning curve, but once you get started, the possibilities are unlimited.


Is Online Video Editing Possible?

Yes, utilizing a variety of available tools—both free and paid—you can simply start editing videos online. These programs let you edit videos from within your web browser, including trimming, cropping, adding effects, changing the background, and more.

Where Can I Find Free Online Video Editing Tools?

Online video editors like Clipchamp, Kapwing, and Adobe Creative Cloud Express let you edit videos for free.

Which Free Video Editing Programs are the Best for YouTube?

Clipchamp, iMovie, Blender, Shotcut, Lightworks, Filmora, and HitFilm are the top free video editing software for YouTube.

How Do I Pick the Best YouTube Video Editor?

To choose a video editing program, first, determine why you want to use one, and then consider your possibilities. To choose the one that best suits your needs, ensure to look at the learning curve and pricing options. Additionally, seek software that provides helpful tutorials and customer assistance.

Which One is the Best Editing Software for YouTube?

The greatest video editing tool for YouTube is Adobe Premiere Pro. For content producers and filmmakers to manage and edit video files, it is supplied with a suite of potent editing tools. The tools help improve and fine-tune audio and image quality as well.

Which Mac Video Editing Program is the Best?

Choosing the best video editing program for a Mac can depend on a variety of factors. User experience, cost, and performance should all be taken into consideration. The most popular video editing program for Mac users is Final Cut Pro.

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