Bookcases for the Home Office

With so many people working from home these days, the need for a home office has sky-rocketed. You need a quiet space to jump on zoom and conference calls with your team members. Some have turned their bedroom or dining room into that space. For others, the extra guest room or den has been converted into a home office. 

No matter what space you’re using, the need for additional storage has come into play. Now that you’re keeping paperwork at home, you’ll need somewhere to store your files. Big binders and reading materials need a home also. That’s where a bookcase can save the day and keep all of your work organized.

Smaller bookcases provide additional surface and storage space in your home office. They can sit right next to your desk or be placed in a corner, so they’re out of the way. The open shelf allows you to easily spot and grab items you may need while on a call. Keep reports and notepads handy as you talk to other members of your team.

Mid-sized and tall bookcases are able to handle more items if you need storage space. They typically come with four to five shelves and provide ample room for your office needs. If you need something bigger, try looking at executive bookcases. These are much larger pieces with six or more shelves, like the Brayton Manor Jr Executive Bookcase. 

Executive bookcases with more than six shelves aren’t touching your ceiling; instead, they are widely made up of two shelving units sitting side-by-side. These are great if you have the room for them and will hold anything you need them to keep. 

If you’re limited on space and using a bedroom or dining room as a multi-functional area, a corner bookcase is a perfect fit. Corner bookshelves don’t take up much room and will add décor to a corner that’s probably not getting any use, much like this corner bookcase by Coaster. 

Tall bookcases also work well in smaller areas as they take up more vertical space than floor space. Get one with an open-back design like the Barritt Antique Nutmeg Bookcase to give the space a clear line of sight. It will help keep the room from feeling crowded.

If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary, try an asymmetrical design like the 801169 by Coaster or the Cappuccino Bookshelf. Both have eye-catching unique styles that will bring a touch of modern class to your space. 

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Choose from a 12, 24, or 36-month plan and have your furniture delivered as soon as possible. You can begin organizing your home office and pay off the bookshelf in small monthly increments.

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