The Role of Cooking and Profession Development in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

WoW is an interesting and multifaceted MMO RPG, which has many mechanics and opportunities, in which each player will find their own area of interest and opportunities for development and realization of potential and earnings.

Professions play a special role because they allow you to earn and farm resources and use them to sell goods that will help your character and other players in exchange for gold.

Professions divide players into three groups – some collect resources, others create items, and the third order all this, or buy WoW gold, so as not to be distracted from PVP, raids and other social activities that the World of Warcraft is full of.

What is cooking in World of Warcraft

There are only two slots for active professions in WoW, and they are often combined between gathering and creating in order to provide a full production cycle and provide for their hero, or put up finished products for sale.

Cooking, as well as archeology and fishing, are on the list of three activities that do not take up a slot and can be studied by everyone.

To produce dishes, you need meat or fish, which can be obtained by fishing or hunting monsters.

Cooks can create dishes that will boost the player characters’ stats and even restore their health while consuming or preparing feasts for large groups of players.

Characteristics for chefs

Starting with the Dragonflight update, all players who are associated with the resource gathering and production professions have stats that help them cook better dishes, do it faster, better and spend less resources.

You can develop parameters with the help of special equipment, which we will talk about later.

  • Overproduction is the first parameter that will increase the overall benefit of the collected resources due to the chance to create more final items than planned for the same amount of resources.
  • Resourcefulness is the opposite effect of overproduction. You create your product, but spend much less resources than the recipe requires.
  • Inspiration is the most important stat, as it gives a chance to increase the overall progression of the profession and increase the final value of the item than originally planned.
  • Speed – simply increases the rate of resource processing and cooking. A nice bonus for speeding up the overall production time, but generally inferior to other parameters in terms of its usefulness.

First of all, pay attention to the parameter inspiration and resourcefulness, to improve quality and save resources, then overproduction, and only then speed for general convenience.

Equipment for cooks in WoW Dragonflight

In the new DragofNite update, the developers in some places did not pay the same attention to cooks as they did to other professions. They have only two items of equipment and no choice of specialization. On the one hand, this simplifies the development of the hero in terms of cooking at this stage, but also deprives the player of additional potential.

The player does not produce both items himself – he will have to buy them at the auction, or arrange production through the order table.

Hat – created by a master tailor and increases the likelihood of the effect of overproduction and the overall speed of work.

Cook’s rolling pin – increases the parameter of resourcefulness and work speed. The item is created by the master inscriber.

Please note that you can independently learn one of the above professions for self-production, but you need to do this only for the sake of global goals, and not a one-time creation of two items.

New interface

With the release of the Dragonflight update, the common interface for all professions has been updated, which has changed dramatically even with respect to the Shadowlands update.

Now you can see not only a complete list of recipes that will be available to you depending on the level of the profession and the accumulation of the necessary items, but also all the ingredients for cooking and how to get them.

Now each product is marked with quality, and the higher this parameter, the more likely it is to prepare a high-quality dish that will have enhanced characteristics.

You will see the process of cooking and when any of the bonuses from the characteristics will work, you will receive a sound and animation signal about this. Several of these buffs can work at the same time. The result can also be viewed in the final description of the craft.

Benefit for yourself and guilds

Cooks are a universal type of profession, since everyone can master it, but not every player is interested in it.

However, all major guilds also have cooks who prepare big feasts before raids in order to increase the combat power of all participants.

The second important point is the preparation of dishes that will give temporary bonuses, or health replenishment, but some of them will immobilize for the duration of their use. This will help you at high levels of leveling, when personal protection will not be enough, and dishes will help you heal the hero and continue leveling.

Basic Cooking Tips

  1. Upgrade your fishing

If you like to fish, then take up this also optional profession, to provide yourself with all the key ingredients for cooking without the need for hunting. In World of Warcraft there is a whole cluster of players who have never really been in combat zones – they are engaged in trade, professions and the collection of resources, without immersing themselves in the plot and global factional battles.

  1. Save meat

During the hunt, you will come across animal meat – do not rush to throw it away or sell it. In a peaceful area, you will find a use for it in the kitchen.

  1. Upgrade your cooking for feasting

If one dish works for one player who eats it, then feasts help feed and strengthen large groups of players. You can also earn gold from this.

  1. Order or buy yourself equipment

To start, you will have enough green quality to equip a culinary specialist, and then gradually upgrade to improved ones through the order table, or master the profession of an inscriber or a tailor. Any increase in characteristics is the potential for development and saving resources, as well as increased gold earnings.

  1. Earn

For a chance to earn more gold, cook dishes that increase as many stats as possible for other heroes, or instantly restore health. The latter will cost less than potions from alchemists, which you can play to get more gold.

  1. Check the order table

Cooks, as well as representatives of other professions, got the opportunity to fulfill the orders of other players.

To do this, you need to have a studied recipe for a similar product that the client requests, demand and the corresponding level of skill development.

Check the overall reward – free study of a profession is not a reason to work for nothing, and cooking is pumped quickly even without completing someone’s orders.

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