Moving to a new home is a big opportunity and helps you to have a fresh start. But it comes with lots of expenses. All the moving costs will be more expensive than the anticipated one.

Though the moving cost depends on numerous numbers of factors and the size of the home. here you will get to know about the costs of moving different types of homes. 

Studio apartment relocation cost

Usually, moving a one-bedroom apartment or studio apartments for rent in jacksonville fl requires around 2 workers and they will require three to four hours to complete the process therefore the charges will be less to move.

On average the cost is around $1200 to $1400 that you have to give to the movers. Though you have to calculate moving cost at Moving according to your move type.

2-3 bedroom set apartment cost 

Shifting a 2 to 3 bedroom requires around 4 people to move and the time taken will also be more than the studio apartments. Around 4 to 5 hours will be taken by them to complete the move. The cost will lie in between $22,00 to $55,00 depending on belongings. It could also be higher if the distance is higher.  

4-5 BHK relocation cost 

Shifting 4 to 5 bedroom set apartment requires around 4 to 5 persons and 5 to 6 hours are required to complete the shifting process. Now depending on the distance and other factors, the cost varies, and also the time is taken to complete the process varies, it only includes the loading and unloading tasks along with the transportation.

You should have an amount of around $5,000 to $7,000 for a 4 to 5 BHK relocation. As the cost is not the same for all the moves, the reason behind that is that every move is unique and certain factors determine it. 

Though it depends on several factors which are: 

Storage Cost

Sometimes you may need to rent the storage facility for different reasons. Perhaps your new house has not been renovated yet, or you don’t have much space in your new apartment, but you don’t want to discard your valuable items.

It is when you can rent the reputable storage unit and keep your stuff stored there safely till the time you want to. Before renting any storage facility, do account for the storage cost charged. Usually, it depends on the size and number of the items you want to store. 

Removal fees

Moving is quite an energy-consuming process, especially when the distance to be traveled is long enough. The inexperienced person can’t carry the moving process by himself. Hiring a professional relocation company is the best option for him.

Removal companies invite bookings well in advance. Therefore, it is better to research and book the right moving company months before the move. many factors will influence the cost to be charged by the hired moving company such as date and time of the transition, size of the home or apartment, the number of trucks rented, required moving services, moving special items, time is taken to complete the entire relocation process, and many more.

Before hiring any movers, get free price quotes from multiple companies, and hire the one falling within your budget.

Insurance fees

Whenever moving your home or apartment to another location, it is better to provide financial protection to your valuable items.

It might be possible that your belongings get damaged or lost due to the negligence of the movers costing you money added to your budget. To avoid such loss you should get an appropriate financial coverage plan by paying the specified insurance fees. 

Utility bills

Utility bills are one of the important expenses that are to be a factor in when calculating moving costs.

When planning to move to the new house, you will either have to get your utility transferred or apply for the new utility services. Your utility bill may include the charges for electricity, water, gas, sewerage, wi-fi broadband, and many other services.

The cost charged for the utility services depends on the size of the current property and the area where it is located. 

Real estate agent fees

In case you want to sell your old apartment and rent or buy a new one in the location you are moving to, you will have to hire a real estate agent for the same purpose. Usually, the rate charged by the real estate agent for his services falls between 1-3 percent on average.

The rate charged depends on the real estate agent chosen by you. The main job of the hired real estate agent is to market your house or apartment to potential buyers at the best rate.

But some real estate agents also provide the service of completing the legal paperwork of the property sold or purchased and thus, additional fees are charged for the same.

Bottom line!!! 

No one can tell the exact cost for moving homes in 2021 but now with the help of this guide, you will have an idea of approximate cost along with the factors that determine the charges.

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