Folding Exercise Bikes For Home Workouts

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected our lifestyles. We have to limit our activities outside our homes in order to be safe from contamination as well as to not spread the virus to others.

For fitness junkies, this can be a real bummer and it will greatly change their lifestyle since they have to limit their outdoor physical activities. To cope up with the situation, many people are trying to find new ways of exercising inside their homes.

With the limited equipment that they have in their homes, people are still finding new and creative ways to perform several exercises.

But we all have to admit that going to the gym and training on the equipment is still the best experience. Luckily for us, there is a new piece of equipment that is designed to help us burn fats and train our cardio at the same time: the folding exercise bike!

These exercise bikes can be used to imitate the motion done when cycling and it also comes with several different features that also trains the other parts of your body. In this article, we will talk about some of the best exercise bikes to choose from today.

1. Slim Cycle

In terms of versatility and innovation, the Slim Cycle is one of the best options for exercise bikes. The Slim Cycle comes with a digital display that records your time, speed, and approximates how far you have pedaled. Also, this comes with resistance armbands that are not commonly seen in most exercise bikes.

The resistance armbands make it possible to exercise your arms at the same time with your lower body.

The seat design is comfortable enough and includes a small backrest to support your lower back, as well as side arm handles for maintaining stability and balance. Truly, one of the most innovative designs out there!

2. Exerpeutic Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic is probably one of the leading bikes in terms of comfort. Most exercise bikes are lightweight and are built for easier dismantling and assembly but this exercise bike is a lot heavier than most bikes.

The weight might be a disadvantage when it comes to the mobility of the bike but it comes with wheels that make it easier to move around. The best feature of this bike is the large seating design that comes with thick padding and its weight limit.

The increased surface area of the seat provides excellent comfort, unlike other exercise bikes that have a narrow seat and causes soreness after prolonged seating.

This bike can also handle heavier people, which is a flaw in the design of lightweight bikes. If you are looking for comfort and stability, choose this one!

3. Funmily Exercise Bike

The Funmily exercise bike boasts the most advanced technological features embedded in its digital display. The LCD display comes with a lot of additional features compared to most exercise bikes and comes with the Qiber Fitness App.

This application is a great help for people who are still beginning to explore the fitness lifestyle and it guides them on different workout programs.

The LCD display also comes with 21 game scenes that make every workout fun and exciting. When looking for an exercise bike with a lot of technological features, this bike can be your best choice!

Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed for people who like the classic way of workouts, no technology involved, just pure guts and determination for the whole workout.

While there are some who like to add a little technological innovation to their workouts and are simply in for the fun and enjoyment of the workout. Whatever your type is, folding exercise bikes are the new companions for fitness junkies today!

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