GetProspect Lead Finder Review

How do you make customers interested in your products and goods? You try to contact them and offer them value. In this regard, marketing teams use various tools and strategies. One of them refers to the application of lead generation software, like GetProspect.

It helps to organize your lead generation process, find leads via database and extract emails having a domain or LinkedIn of the prospects. Sounds helpful, right? 

In this lead finder review, you will know why the GetProspect tool is an excellent option for b2b lead generation, outreach, and even recruiting. 

What is GetProspect Lead Finder?

GetProspect Lead Finder

First of all, GetProspect lead finder is a comprehensive tool that allows finding the information about the leads, mainly extracting corporate emails from LinkedIn and websites. If you have a LinkedIn page of a person, you can get their email with the help of an extension. Simultaneously, you can go to a particular domain, type the name and surname of a person, and add their possible email to the database. 

The main principle behind this free email finder, if you use a free package, is the selection of the possible emails and the definition of the valid ones. It works with open data, and that’s why it is a better solution than buying email lists.

At the same time, it can be used as an email verifier and has an incorporated CRM system that makes it a convenient and effective solution.

How Good Is GetProspect Lead Finder?

GetProspect Lead finder is tremendous and listed among the TOP 10 lead generation tools on authoritative websites. Besides, GetProspect reviews by the users on such platforms as G2 and Capterra underline that it is a reliable and effective software. Why does it have so many good online lead finder reviews? The particular b2b email finder and lead extractor fascinates with its easy-to-use approach, intuitive interface, and flexibility. 

Much praise should be given to the Chrome extension that makes it easy to get email information for LinkedIn or specific websites. Notably, GetProspect works excellent for targeted lead generation when you pick quality over quantity and focus on a personalized approach to each prospect. Notably, the very software allows getting valid emails, granting a chance to have reasonable deliverability rates for your lead generation campaign.


What makes any lead finder software helpful? Its functions or features. Notably, the GetProspect online lead finder can surprise you with the convenient features that would add to the operation of the marketer. 

For specialists who generate leads, the order and organization of contacts play a significant role. Besides, they desire to automate or at least decrease the repetition of time-consuming actions, like transferring the contacts and filling the gaps. GetProspect software can provide it.

Finding Emails 

With the GetProspect tool, you can look for emails in different ways: 

  • In Bulk. Yes, Getpropsect can extract email in bulk. Yet, for this, you would need to import the file with the names, surnames, and companies of the prospects you want to reach. It means you would need to do some prep work and design a list of prospects beforehand.
  • One at a time. Thanks to this feature, the software seems to be perfect for a targeted lead generation approach. Firstly, you can use an enrichment feature to type the name of a prospect and their company. The software will launch the search and find you the email. Secondly, you can obtain the info from the website. However, for it, you would need to download the extension, go to a website and write the name of your leads there.

Chrome Extension: Extraction from the LinkedIn page and from the website

GetProspect Chrome Extension is one of the most beneficial features of the particular lead finder software. Why? It works as a LinkedIn lead finder. Once you install it, you can extract emails of people on LinkedIn in a few clicks with an icon button under the message button (if you obtain emails when doing the search) or next to it (if you are browsing leads profiles). 

It means that you can extract emails in bulk from LinkedIn using the search capabilities of this very social media. Why not call it a social lead finder now?

At the same time, the Chrome extension allows getting emails directly from the websites. When you activate the extension, the panel will appear in the right corner of the page. You can insert the name and surname and then find the result on the GetProspect web app.

That is why you can consider GetProspect very convenient for outreach or recruiting. With several clicks, you can gather info and then enrich it. Due to its extension, it is the best lead finder when it comes to obtaining information from LinkedIn. 

Extensive Database and CRM management system

At the same time, the particular online lead finder has an extensive database of contacts which is over 50 million. It has data on profiles of people and companies. Thus, you can do research based on a firm and target specific positions within it. Notably, the database has very convenient filters. It is worth saying that it can be a very good D7 Lead Finder alternative if you apply email outreach tactics for lead generation.

With GetProspect, you can search for people or their corporate information by keywords, name, position, location, industry, or domain. It is helpful if you look for marketers of small businesses or target CEOs of the big companies of a specific region. In terms of b2b lead generation, such a tactic can bring quality leads.

Moreover, the GetProspect app has a very convenient CRM system to organize all the data you extract. In particular, it offers nested folders and dynamic lists. Besides, you can add notes into the fields within the profiles of the people for future campaigns.

Email Verification

This lead finder allows checking the validity of emails, which is essential for the deliverability rates of the email campaigns. A marketer can verify emails in bulk after importing files with possible emails.

Besides, the lead generation specialists can implement a single email search right in the web app. The accuracy of the online lead finder validation derives from the 12 steps verification process. It includes server, domain, Yahoo, SMTP, and other types of validation. 

Additional benefits

An online lead finder is helpful if it matches with other tools, even the basic ones. Thus, the possibility to integrate Getprospect into other platforms is a huge advantage. 

Getprospect is compatible with Zapier and similar platforms that allow transferring data from one space to another. Also, Getprospect offers an email finder add-on for Google Sheets, meaning you can enrich contacts in the very Google Sheets where you have all the information about your leads.

GetProspect Lead Finder Pricing

getprospect lead finder pricing

GetProspect has various packages, yet, the huge advantage is that there are some great options for those who want to have small or medium targeted campaigns. For instance, they offer a free option. With it, you can discover 100 emails each month, while only valid or accepting messages would count. That way, GetProspect can be an effective free lead finder software if your demands are not so big.

On the other hand, the particular business lead finder has more extensive packages. The Starter package allows discovering 1000 emails, paying $49 /month. The next option, the Basic package, comes with the possibility to discover 5 000 emails and pay 99$/month. Simultaneously, you can have Plus and Pro packages that allow finding 20 000 and 50 000 emails a month, paying 199$/month and 399$/month, respectively. 

So, if compared to other lead finder tools, GetProspect lead finder pricing is not far from the average prices within the industry. Yet, the free lead finder option offers more discoveries of emails than other tools. Besides, considering the convenience and the organization the GetProspect offers, the cost is more than fair.

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